The Meanings of Different Types of Dreams — Dreams Are Messages from Your Energy Body

I thought I’d start a series about the meanings of various types of dreams. I was inspired to do this as someone who has had to spend most of the past week on her back — and not for fun reasons, either! It’s because I’m fighting off lyme and its coinfections and am completely wiped out. Eight hours of sleep feels like a half hour of sleep. Yuck.

Between the “die off” of the bacteria, which I’m going through as I self-medicate, and the exhaustion and mental fog I was already dealing with — I think yesterday I slept about 18 out of 24 hours. The good news is that I’m already noticing MUCH more clarity this morning and I know I’m on the mend. Still, this process takes a lot of time, clear intention, and energy. I’ve been repeatedly exposed to lyme over the years and usually succeed in keeping it at bay, but about once a year I seem to have to fight it off again. And it uses up ALL my resources, emotional, mental, and physical. Clearing it out usually takes about three months of hard work. No fun!

With all the sleeping I’ve had to do, I’ve been very busy in my dreams. And I realized that I experience a more complex and varied type of dream life than many people do. Well, many people with psychic abilities DO experience some of what I experience, but they might not yet have words or categories to help them understand the various things going on in their dream life.

I’ll be writing this series gradually over time, and today I want to talk about what’s really going on when you go to sleep.

When You Sleep, You Journey Out of Body

When you sleep, you’re actually disconnecting from your physical body for a while and taking a trip in your energy body. We’re dual beings. We’re both an energy body and a physical body. And actually, we have a bunch of different energy bodies that are layered together — including a little known one called the time body. I write about how damage can happen to your time body, creating situations where you tend to attract abuse, difficulties, and problems, plus I teach you how to start healing your time body, in my new book.

Our energy body is the part of us that connects with EVERYTHING instead of just concerning itself with immediate, physical concerns. It contains and receives a HUGE amount of information, information that’s very important. But most of the time, we go around very blind and don’t know how to listen to what our energy body is telling us. We call those rare moments of conscious connection with our energy body “having a gut instinct” or experiencing a “moment of intuition,” as if it’s some exotic and rare thing, like the arrival of a text message from Jupiter. But it shouldn’t be this way at all.

As you develop your psychic abilities you’ll figure out how to use techniques like meditation, shamanic journeying, psychic readings, and so on to access the messages and energy data that your energy body is always trying to communicate with you. But it takes work, dedication, practice and time.
In the meantime, dreaming becomes the default way for most people to get a few messages from their energy body, from their spiritual self. We need dreams so we can reconnect with this energy aspect of our being.

As you get more confident on your spiritual path and your psychic abilities become a more natural part of your life, you don’t think of them as “psychic abilities.” They’re just the tools that allow you to LISTEN and PAY ATTENTION to what your ENTIRE BEING is telling you. So when your energy body has picked up bad vibes about someone, instead of ignoring this very important message that could have a huge affect on your potential future, you act upon it and examine that person more or avoid them. Or if your energy body is trying to tell you about some wonderful new idea or project that you could pursue, and it’s trying to tell you that there is a lot of lovely creative energy from the Universe available to support this new project, you don’t just ignore it or miss out on accessing this inspiration. Instead, you roll with it and follow that inspiration.

If you can communicate better with the energy aspect of your being, which we like to call the “spiritual part,” life takes on more sense and flow and “luck.” The energy body helps you navigate through life in a more optimal way and it also constantly picks up energy data from your environment, telling you what’s REALLY going on with your ex-husband or your kids or your coworkers so you can make use of this information.

But if you don’t have a consistent and reliable way to communicate with the energy aspect of your being, the only time you’ll usually be able to get messages from your energy body is through your dreams. And then you have to REMEMBER your dreams so you can review the information in them when you wake up the next morning.

So dreams are VERY important if you want to learn about the spiritual aspect of your being and what it’s trying to tell you.

As you work to develop a reliable method to access your intuition or psychic nature, your dreams will often become more powerful, revealing, and interesting. So please continue to focus on doing some type of spiritual work each week, preferably several times a week.

The Main Ways to Access Your Spiritual Nature — How to Do Psychic Work

The basic techniques of psychic work are simply:

* Meditating — stilling your mind to allow messages and insights to come to you

* Visualizations/power prayer/affirmations/”magic” — where you are setting intentions for something to happen or for healing to occur

* Shamanic journeying — using sound like doing drumming or using a rattle and then mentally journeying through something like a nice tree to visit various guides and teachers in the lower and upper worlds

* Psychic readings — tools like palmistry, runes, tarot cards, tea leaves, anything that you feel is a fun cue to get your intuitive mind working and giving you information

* Healing work for others — stepping into and manipulating etheric energy for someone so that they can experience clearing and healing

* Creative activity — anything that engages your creative mind that doesn’t involve “rules” or a linear schedule — art, music, playing with your kids or pet, word play, writing, singing, improvisation of any kind

All of these things, when done regularly, open up your psychic gifts. They connect you with the energy part of your being and allow you to build a stronger “bridge” of communication so that that part of you no longer feels alien or “way over there.”

So if you want to have a richer, more vivid dream life, one that’s easier to remember, find some type of spiritual activity to do on a regular basis, or try different ones.

There are also some steps you can take in your regular, waking life to make your dream recall stronger.

Ways to Enhance Your Dreams

* Take Vitamin B6 — creates more lucidity in dreams; most people are very deficient in B6

* Avoid very stimulating STUFF right before you go to bed — no video games, no violent or loud TV shows or movies; this puts you in the wrong energy and you won’t sleep very well; you’ll tend to have just a light sleep instead of a deep, dream rich sleep; reading or meditating before bed is better

* Avoid eating a big meal right before you go to bed; your body will be so busy digesting your food that the energy needed for a rich dream experience will be diverted to your digestive system

* And don’t forget to keep a dream diary, which can be SUPER helpful as you work to decode the unique language of your dreams. Even if you just jot down a few simple notes each morning, it will help you as you refer to it later.

I’ll talk more about how to understand YOUR special dream language, which will be different from other people’s, in my next article.

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