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Dear Lipstick Mystic®,

I have a couple of questions:

* Why did Jesus come here in the first place, knowing what a bunch of barbaric wretches humanity is and how it would twist anything he said and start murderous wars over it?

* Did he die the way the Xtian Bible portrays?

* If not, why was his life here so short?

– G

Dear G,

Mr. JC’s very lifetime here shifted things for humanity in a more positive direction. I know that simply having known him for a short time in one of my past lives permanently changed MY path, and in many subsequent lifetimes I’ve been a healer. So he reached a lot of people, they in turn reached a lot of people through various lifetimes and timelines, and slowly but surely we’re all bringing better energy to this place and to our species.

Also, since he can help people from the etheric he wanted to let people know that there IS help available to us from higher beings. Plus, he as a spirit is on a path of occasionally incarnating into denser realities to truly spread love and kindness, no matter how “tough” things end up for him on a human level when he’s doing it. He knows the drill by this point; places ruled by evil will tend to stomp on those who attempt to bring spiritual liberation, tools for self-healing, and peace. It’s not really any shock because he’s seen it over and over again.

He’s really the most altruistic being I’ve known, other than the angels, but because of his human empathy he even radiates a more readily accessible type of love than the angels do. This is because he understands what we’re going through in a unique way from having been human. He’s always working with other beings to get more help for us here. He’s a great advocate for humanity, even when others have pretty much given up on us and said, “Humans are hopeless; if they can’t get themselves out of the mess they’re in by making the SMALLEST of effort, then why should we bother to help them?” Jesus is always like, “These are good beings waylaid by horrific, sneaky, systemic evil, and they need encouragement and tools to work their way out of it.”

He has always been very “mum” with me — not talking about it at all — about the whole death/dying/crucifixion thingie. So I haven’t been able to view that event if it did happen or get the truth about whether he went to other places and escaped death, which many cultures in India and even Japan believe. He has also always been mum about the love life/was he married stuff, although I personally remember seeing how devoted he was to Mary Magdalene when I briefly met them both in that one past lifetime of mine in which I helped organize informal gatherings of people, who would happily spend time with him, often in a network of fascinating caves.

Jesus’ Mom — A Virgin? Well, Sort Of. . .

Okay, I’m just going to share this, because I am always 100% honest about the things that I’ve been shown psychically.

I have been repeatedly shown that Jesus’ mother was a “vestal virgin” type of priestess. The carryover of the word “virgin” was a bastardization of how the term was originally used. It originally referred to temple priestesses, usually connected to female energies and goddess worship, and many of these temples operated as sex cults where, if someone made an offering to the goddess, one of the priestesses would help that gentleman with some “sexual healing.” Think: massage clinic with the option of a happy ending. :)

So the “Virgin Mary” was actually a member of a female sex cult/temple (I’m sure that sharing this untidy bit of information is going to go over really well!), and also Mary Magdalene was part of that same group. Both of them were very lovely women who genuinely helped heal men with their sexuality. They were not “prostitutes,” they were real sex priestesses.

The Jews and Romans, of course, being so fucked up about women and sex, injected the words “whore” and so on to describe Mary Magdalene. And they left in the “virgin” part when describing Jesus’s mom without explaining what was really meant by that word as the story of Jesus’ life became conveniently edited and bastardized over time.

Mary (Jesus’ mum) was impregnated by a powerful and mysterious man who might have been a traveling white wizard type, and she knew that she needed to leave the temple to have her baby and get married so she could be a steward for this special child who was bound to have an unusual life. Joseph was friendly to the women at the temple and was happy to take on the role of hubby/dad/custodian. He also knew about many metaphysical mysteries as Mary did, so when they were raising Jesus and he was beginning to display psychic abilities, they could guide him and help him to flourish.

The Truth About Virgo the Virgin

Sidenote: There are many mysteries bound up in the word “virgin.” “Vestal virgins” of ancient Greece were said to maintain chastity so as to direct all their energy to whichever god or goddess they served in a temple, but this wasn’t true; they actually took a very interesting path. They pledged to ONLY give of their sexual energy for purposes of healing, to people who came to them for healing at their temple. There were many virgin temples and virgin cults; some descended into true houses of prostitution, but this came later. The original intent of these places was to provide “sacred sex” to men and women who needed sexual healing. This tradition was widespread throughout Europe, Babylonia, and Asia until the Romans and other invaders came along and stamped them out. (They still wanted sex from strange women, only they preferred outright rape and pillaging. And they founded what would later become the mainstream Christian religion. Is it any wonder Christians are so fucked up about sex?) :)

The origins of the sign of Virgo, said to be the “sign of the virgin” in the Western zodiac, has always been misunderstood because of these misinterpretations. Virgos are Earth signs and are HIGHLY sexed; most of the rampant sex addicts I’ve known have been Virgos! But what they really crave is a spiritual/sexual union with a partner; whether that happens with brief encounters or long-term relationships, a Virgo wants something very spiritual and special from sex. And expressing themselves sexually this way is vitally important to their health on all levels.

I’m a Virgo, and getting things sorted out so I could be with a bull shaman and express higher dimensions of spiritual energy within the sexual experience was a key part of my youth; happily, 14 years into our relationship, that part of my life is — thankfully — right on course! I think things would be much more difficult for me without that part of my life in balance.

So anyway, there you have it — Jesus’ mom and girlfriend ENJOYED sex and utilized those energies in the best way possible — for healing and balancing and creating. There are so many layers of truth wrapped within enigmas surrounding Jesus, mostly because thousands of years of lies have been overlaid on top of the truth of what he originally lived, breathed, and taught. The real stuff about him is MUCH more interesting than the “myth!”

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