More About the Dead, Ghosts, and Are Ghosts Merely Visitors from Another Time?

There was a discussion going on at a forum where the original poster was wondering if the phenomenon that many people experience as seeing a ghost is really just glimpsing the activity of a person on another timeline or in another time frame. I chimed in to clarify that when that happens, you’re not seeing a ghost, and I shared a few things from my own experiences working as a ghostbuster and psychopomp and medicine woman for over two decades.

Here’s what I said:

When it comes to the dead you can have many things going on. Off the top of my head:

1) A psychic with natural mediumistic abilities can act as a medicine man or medicine woman and bring IN the spirit of a dead person to talk with them, gain information, attempt to provide healing for surviving family members, and so on. This is communicating with a soul that doesn’t have a body down here anymore but who obviously survives death, going on to hang out in another dimension most of the time. This is what’s going on when someone is communicating with a “spiritual guide,” for example.

2) You can have the recently dead, who linger with a metaphorical “foot” in both the physical and etheric realms for exactly three days or 72 hours after death. During this time, even people who don’t think they’re psychic will tend to have a heightened sense of that spirit being “present” in a very tangible and strong way, having dreams of them, feeling that the dead person is around them saying goodbye, etc. A psychic will be able to actually communicate with the recently deceased, retrieving last minute messages and so on. A healer or shaman will also be able to provide healing and cleansing to the deceased, who almost always went through a great deal of trauma leading up to their death and can use healing. I do a lot of this work these days and it can be very emotional and sad because the person is usually sad about leaving loved ones behind.

3) There are ghosts or spirits who have an aspect of their spiritual self, an astral shell, still “stuck” in this dimension. Although in my experience even a ghost isn’t in our dimension ALL the time, just from time to time. Usually ghosts manifest in our dimension when there is heightened emotional energy in a location, or there are lots of living people in a space giving off a lot of energy. It’s easier for a ghost to come in at those times. Hotels, theaters, churches, hospitals — these places are almost always haunted by multiple ghosts who come in from time to time, drawn to the vibrant energy of all the living people who move through those spaces. Ghosts usually have emotional trauma that made it hard for them to make a peaceful passing to the higher realms, and sometimes they don’t even know that their body is gone, so they can be quite unhappy and sad and angry. Dealing with them is a little like trying to communicate with someone who is a bit “high” on something or drunk or out of it. You need to be very clear, calm and loving to break through their psychic haze.

About the “time travel” idea — I don’t think your average ghost encounter is a process where you’re just observing someone from another time doing stuff in that time frame. That doesn’t resonate with what I’ve observed and worked with regarding the dead. To me, a ghost is something very different.

At this point I worked as a professional ghostbuster on several dozen cases and have worked for free helping the spirits of many thousands of dead — humans, animals, and even trees. And the only reason I “believe” in ghosts is because early on I developed the ability to chat with them, to gain information from them that was highly specific and could in NO way come from my own consciousness or experience. This was always verifiable stuff that proved to me this was genuine communication. Also when you’re an empath you pick up on a great deal of emotional data, it really feels just like a very emotional and vibrant living person is right there with you, often a bit desperate to share their story, make amends, give information to their surviving family members, and so on. So when you have this communication, there is really no doubt that it’s real.

Some “haunted” locations sit on very powerful crystalline mineral beds and other types of geological strata that create strong “ley lines,” and energy sensitives will find a lot of heightened stuff going on in these places — ranging from demonic activity to angelic activity to ET/interdimensional stuff; and also there can be natural and positive devic energies, and there can be ghosts. These are all completely different types of beings that too often get lumped together. So it FEELS like an entirely real and vivid experience, not something being generated by your own imagination.

And sometimes spirits are quite “dull,” too, and they’re obsessing about weird stuff like wondering if the new occupants of their home will dust the staircase banisters properly — you can tell this information isn’t arising from your OWN consciousness when you yourself aren’t particularly interested in the subject and certainly don’t share the interests or obsessions of that particular dead person! (This goes back to the “old lady ghost syndrome” I recently wrote about, a common situation you find in older homes where there was an elderly lady who lived there for a long time.)

PS: I should clarify that what the original poster in this discussion thread and some others are talking about, where there is a dimensional rift and you can observe activities of people seemingly going about their business, and this is stuff seeping through from another time or dimension — this IS a real phenomenon. There are times when the veil between dimensions is thin and you can see what is going on in alternate realities, alternative timelines, and so on. I’ve most commonly seen this when the veil between our realm and the elven/faerie realm is thin several times a year and I can go out in a summer evening and look around the field outside our home and see the outlines of buildings in the elven realm and see elves and faerie folk walking around a town; this property sits where an elven town sits in THEIR dimension, and sometimes there is overlap and communication between our realms. Sometimes I’m just an observer; sometimes I visit there in my etheric body at night and have interactions there in my dream body; and sometimes elves and faerie folk and dwarves and gnomes from their realm actually “stop by” here for a chat, which is always quite humbling and amazing and cool!

But this type of event, where things are going on in another timeline or dimension and you’re observing them, is quite different in my experience than talking with a ghost who is very much clinging in a dense way to THIS dimension and appearing to people who are living in this dimension. That is a real ghost who is existing in a kind of half-dimension, not quite elsewhere, and not quite here — usually quite an uncomfortable thing for these trapped souls.

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