More Artsy Fartsy

I thought I’d take a quick break today from posting longer articles and give you another dose of my art. After I made my last Artsy Fartsy post, a kind reader asked if I’m selling prints of my art anywhere. I had to tell her that no, at this point, my art farts are not for sale, but they might be at some point in the future!

This is something I’ve thought about before since most of my creations are built around sacred geometry or “mandala” type shapes, good for things like meditation and (hopefully) bringing in some positive energy. I haven’t yet set things up with an outside service where people can order my art, but if more people express an interest, I might try to do that this spring. I’m thinking about having postcards, posters and also prints available for wall hanging. If anybody out there resonates with my abstract art, let me know, and sign up for my mailing list. If I decide to sell prints up ahead I’ll announce the launch to my newsletter subscribers.



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