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I’m at a critical point finishing one of my books just now and I don’t have any brain cells free to do a lengthy article today. So I thought I’d share some artwork. Recently I needed to move a bunch of older images I’d created onto an external drive to free up space on my computer, and I ended up looking over some images I’d created very early on when I started on my path of fooling around with digital art.

These images are all three or four years old, and they reflect my early experiments with science fictiony themes and abstract, futuristic stuff. These are still themes I explore in my art today, but back then, my images were a bit more clumsy and incomplete.

But one thing I’ve noticed whenever I “do” art is that I’m usually in a light, trancelike state, and if I’m in a good mood, more “happy” stuff seems to show up in these abstract images. And if there’s any weird shit or darkness percolating in the background of my thoughts, or my emotions are a bit more unsettled, completely unconscious things with a more sinister feel can end up in my art. Keep in mind I’m just fiddling around with different brushes, patterns, and filter effects, doing abstract stuff. I don’t usually try to construct an actual “scene” unless I’m working with one my favorite shapes, the orb or sphere, which I use a lot. Much of the time my style is to sit down and PLAY and make a mess and see if anything interesting happens.

Just for shits and giggles I’m going to share some of these older images with you. And then I’ll get to one which has a hidden “entity” within it, that I just located.

These are sort of spacey, portal or “gate” type images like you’d find on the cover of a science fiction novel.


For a little while I was discovering that Photoshop has some cool filter effects which can end up producing what almost looks like alien skin or reptilian skin (perfect for a deep, “exploring the Dark Side of the Force” type of post.)


Here’s a view of an ice planet, plus some mysterious ice crystals.


And then we get to a very abstract image of nothing in particular. But when I looked at this other day, I got the sense that there was some type of “artifact” within it. So I zoomed in to get a closer look.


See that figure I’ve outlined? It looks like a damned gray alien sitting sideways. You can just see the head, part of the torso, and one arm hanging down. Yikes!

This is NOT what I intend to do with my artwork. Yucky entities are not allowed.

So let’s cancel out that yucky, anti-life antimatter energy that gray type of critter has and drown out his ick with some flowers and leaves.


How to Clear Out Gray ET Energies and Other “Antimatter” Critters

Whenever you have creepy energy trying to take hold of your life, whether you’re being troubled by bad nightmares, “abduction” type experiences, or just generally chaotic people, one of the easiest ways to clear that energy out is to surround yourself with nature. House plants, pets, and photos or images of wildlife and plants can be very helpful. Earth energy or Earth “chi” is organic and healing to our bodies; the stuff that the negative critters exude goes against life, it seeks to drain us, really they’re parasitic “life” forms.

The trick is to notice when this stuff is creeping around the edges of your life — or your artwork! — and shift gears the moment you notice it trying to come in. Go outside and hug a tree. Visit a garden or a park. Spend some time meditating with your house plants or pets. Look at nature photos or nature documentaries.

Since I’m a shamanic gal who tends to walk between dimensions a lot, keeping one foot in the esoteric realms and one in the physical realm, I’m a bit of a traffic monitor about this stuff. My job is to help you recognize energies and influences which are life-affirming, progressive, and which connect you with love and creation, and I’m also here to point my finger at the bad, inverse, life-destroying stuff, so you can avoid it.

Thanks for letting me share these images with you!



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