More On Angels Without Wings Plus Eagles as Powerful Spiritual Messengers

The other day I wrote about how angels don’t really have wings, we just EXPECT to see them with wings since we’ve been conditioned by religion and religious artwork to believe that they have wings. See here: Do Angels Have Wings?

This prompted an interesting discussion with a friend that touched on the topic of angels. We also talked about how eagles can be very positive spiritual messengers.

Dear Jennifer,

I wanted to let you know that years ago my friend saw an angel at the hospital where she worked and she said he did not have wings. She saw streams of energy coming from out behind it. She thought it was how they connect to Creator and we connect through our crown. She also was very firm that humans do not die and become angels. They have a different job than we do, is how she saw it. Like they are separate beings. I think you know this, too.

I had a dream once where I was in a crowd and somebody said “Look at that eagle.” When I looked at the eagle it transformed into this radiant angel (no wings except when it was an eagle).

I discovered when I did an internet search that Seraphiel, the right hand of God, that sings the world into existence, travels as an eagle. Years later I was also listening to this Cheyenne grandmother talking about how her father always told her eagles were angels.

At all these protests that have been happening there are many reports of the eagle flying over. That is good. There seems to be a connection between angels and eagles. It just occurred to me that an angel with wings might be a sign of an imposter being?


Dear S.M.,

That’s cool that your friend saw an angel in a hospital; I’ve found hospitals to be loaded with them, lots of angels around bringing comforting energy and healing energy to people who are in pain. I usually see them manifest as streams of sparkies, golden sparkies or silvery ones, occasionally light blue, dancing in the air. And that’s interesting that your friend didn’t see that angel as having “wings.” Because as I mentioned in my article the other day, to my perception, angels don’t have wings; just streams of energy or vibrating bands of energy like your friend saw around that angel at the hospital.

And your friend is right; humans don’t become angels after they die. And except in EXCEEDINGLY RARE CASES, angels do not incarnate into physical bodies. Their evolutional path is different from ours. They exist mostly as pure waveform energy and they are essentially additive, loving energy — they say “YES!” to our creations and are the ultimate cheerleaders and broadcasters of vast, unconditional love.

Humans aren’t at that level of altruistic love, not even the most advanced ones that we’ve heard about like Jesus and Buddha. If you’re on path of being in a physical body, you’re choosing to create in a more tangible, physical way; that’s your evolutional path. And that’s why human spirits enter into physical body, to get deep into the game of creation. Angels don’t create in the same way; they exist as more of a diffuse energy that helps create an ENVIRONMENT that allows us to create in a more optimal way. So they can be powerful helpers when we create, but they can’t create for us.

By the way, someone very sweet who has been exploring his own complex spiritual path recently mentioned he had visited a psychic healer type of lady a while back, and while his experience with her was pretty pleasant, she claimed to be the archangel Gabriel’s “other half.” HARRUMPH. Where did I put my sharp stick? I know it’s around here somewhere. I need to knock that clueless psychic over the head for a while until she comes to her senses. Angels don’t have boyfriends or girlfriends; and no human is their “other half.” All these folks going around saying, “I’m an angel in human form!” or people who look at their own drooling, pooping, and goopy-looking child and go “Isn’t she a perfect angel?” — I have a sharp stick picked out for you, too, and I’m coming for you! WHACK! :)

People have SO many stupid delusions about the true nature of angels, it’s astounding sometimes. BLEAH. I also think that you’re right in that angels with wings are imposters; many negative “ET” draco-reptilians are said to have wings. It’s all just the same old critters of old playing their usual mind games with us, leading into more false belief systems.

Eagles Are Incredible Power Animals and Also Symbols of Very High “White Wizard” Energy

And anyway, yes, eagle is VERY potent medicine or a “power animal.” It represents spirits of incredible integrity like Jesus or Buddha or White Buffalo Calf Woman.

When you see eagles it’s powerful “white wizard” energy coming to work with you or acknowledge the work that you’re doing. It took me a long time on my own path before eagles appeared to me in the wild. After that, it was kinda funny — my honey and I were suddenly seeing them ALL THE TIME. It was like they had been hiding from us before, but now we were apparently “cool” enough to deserve a materialization! :)

And it turns out that there are loads of bald eagles and a few other types of eagles out in the country where we live, but after ten years out here, we only started seeing some at a certain point last year. Then it was truly weird. I saw one bald eagle; my guy saw a bald eagle; we saw a bald eagle together; and then on one drive we saw something like three bald eagles together; and then there was an eagle in the woods not far from our house — eagles everywhere! Keep in mind that I’ve been a huge animal watcher for some 44 years and it wasn’t until I was about 43 that I saw at least a dozen eagles in different locations all within a short period of time.

I always feel a very powerful transmission of animal spirit healing energy from them whenever I see an eagle. The only other animal I’ve experienced that strong of an energy with was when a black bear once appeared for me out in the wild and I felt this rush of intense power course through me — I think I must have been in a bear clan at one point in a past life.

In your dream where you saw an eagle that transformed into an eagle, that makes sense to me. I could see angels and eagles working together — to present one image to the “masses” and then, if you have eyes that can really see, you might see that it’s really an angel. So I guess if you have a dream or vision of an eagle, check carefully to see if it’s really an angel in disguise!

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