More On Stuart Wilde and His Ayahuasca Journeys

I’ve been riding Stuart Wilde’s ass lately about his heavy promotion of ayahuasca, the dangerous, mind-bending drug, as basically an instant “switch” to turn you on and make you “enlightened.”

And I will continue to write about this because what he’s promoting is so terribly dangerous. (See my recent article here: Again with the Ayahuasca Crap.)

A lot of people have written to me about ayahuasca. Many of the themes in their letters are similar. Many people say that taking aya appears to create an addiction in many people who take it, almost hacking into their minds like an alien being, demanding that people “return” to it. Others talk about how the trips they went on with this dangerous drug were very dark, and afterwards they had real problems with mental issues like disassociation, inability to focus on their earthly life, and even schizophrenia or bipolar disorders.

Their stories never reach the masses because, for the most part, Stuart Wilde still has a strong hold in the metaphysical community, and he presents an entertainingly quirky persona in his published writings.

In 2009 he was promoting an April trip where people would be joining him to take ayahuasca in Ecuador.

In a blog entry called “Perception and Safety” he writes the following:

“We chose Ecuador because it is a very safe place compared to other South American countries. Our gigs are at a very up-market private resort. They have been playing to rave reviews for some time now.”

Notice how there is no mention of an earlier trip which he led people on in 2005 where participants were robbed at gunpoint right after they took one of the most powerful mind-bending drugs in the world. NO mention of that past incident at all. Like it never happened, and you should just trust him that this time, you’ll be safe.

Wilde used to allow comments at his older blog, and here are some comments on that entry:

“Aya completely changed my life. I see everything differently now. The resulting clarity was almost like dying, going beyond, and then coming back with the knowledge intact. Only without the dying part… I think the fact that it is not allowed in most western countries is simply a component of the Matrix, a way to keep us in the dark. After all, a few months back in the matrix and you start losing the clarity…and need to go back. Definitely worth selling the piano. — Lark”

Notice that Lark reflects what many aya drinkers experience, the idea that they need to take it again because they’ve spent too much time back home living in “the Matrix.”

“I have experienced Aya many times, beginning in 2001. While I can vouch for its wondrous awe-inducing experiences, I must say many of mine have been extremely deep, dark and troubling. The recurring apocalyptic visions were too much for me take and I just told the vine “Enough!”

I feel I have been going through my own version of apocalyptic hell for the last several years. Lately, though, it’s gotten much more intense. I feel like crap, fearful, I am almost totally broke and without a home, depressed, even suicidal at times. So I wonder, did Aya bring this up or was it here all along. Are my Aya experinces making this time in my life worse or would it be much worse without my acquaintance with the vine (hard to imagine, though). I’d like to think that this breakdown is leading me to a breakthrough. It just seems to be taking forever…

I know I’m not alone with this as I’ve known others who have tread this same path who have been through or are now going through similar experiences. I’ve often talked with trip coordinators and others about whether we are even doing the right thing in exposing others to this medicine, seeing how it can go so incredibly deep in its ability to cleanse us of our detritus. It doesn’t seem to care that we still have to operate, for a little while longer, at least, in 3D. Sometimes I wonder if I’m acting out a little bit of the “canary in the coal mine” so I can better able to lend support later on.

With all that, I still would encourage people to experience the vine. On some level it seems to be working with our DNA. Goddess knows, we need it. Mine must be more tangled than others who have posted.” — Effie

So after Effie took ayahuasca and had a deeply disturbing “trip,” she became suicidal and plagued by Apocalyptic visions. This is very common. Aya pries open the third eye in a very violent way, doing real damage to it. And when this damage happens, a person’s psyche also gets shattered, and their natural psychic immunity or spiritual shielding is shattered, too. This means that low level astral beings can start giving a person dark, tormented “visions” and fake prophetic visions. Also, the person’s psyche is essentially ripped in half, causing that person to question the value of their physical life, and as the ego goes through a collapse, the Apocalpytic/end of the world visions intensify. Stuart Wilde has taken ayahuasca so many times now that his main published work on his new site is absolutely RIDDLED with end times prophecies, which never result in anything happening. (Okay, if you predict earthquakes and war enough times, eventually, you’ll get a few predictions right. Because earthquakes and war happen! The rest of his prophecies are absolute bullshit, the signs of dementia and the fracturing of his ego, brought on or made worse by ayahuasca.)

In that blog entry Stuart encouraged people to sell their piano if they have to to free up cash so they could take the ayahuasca drinking trip, since the end of the world was coming anyway. Many poor rubes fell for this crap.

“Dear Stuart,
I just sold my Steinway on Ebay and my apartment in Berlin to a Greek lawyer (no kidding) who moved in today. The funds for both arrived safe and sound and judging from your last two articles, just in time!
See you in Ecuador in April… Much love and best wishes, Diane”

Stuart Wilde does a very good job operating his little side ayahuasca vacation business. Just this week he held another one of these gatherings in Holland.

I HOPE you didn’t attend. If you did, please see my article series on ayahuasca, explaining what it does to the third eye. The third article in the series talks about how to heal the damage which ayahuasca does to the third eye:

Ayahuasca or Ayawaska

Ayahuasa of Ayawaska – Part 2

Ayahuasca or Ayawaska – Part 3 – Healing the Damage to the Third Eye



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