Why Do You Call the Earth “Mother Earth?”

Dear Jennifer,

You talk about the Earth a lot, and that’s great. Ive been reading stuff I’ve never thought about before. You refer to it as “Mother Earth,” which I think is a pretty common term. So, at the risk of sounding like I’m coming from a masculine dominant perspective, why is Earth associated so deeply with maternal energy? Why is it a woman? Does the Earth have any paternal qualities, and what would you consider to be something as powerfully paternal?


– M.

Dear M.,

Good questions! The Earth self-identifies as female. Yes, planets apparently do have genders! It took me a long time on my own path of learning more shamanistic ways of accessing energy before I could learn to occasionally HEAR her and receive information from her.

I think one key aspect of her feminity is her wonderful water, since many planets don’t have water. Think: emotions, nurturing, life-giving, soft stuff. Planets with a lot of water often have more feminine qualities, and if you can learn to listen to the Earth, she really DOES communicate with us and self-identifies as female.

I tend to call her Mother Earth but you could also call her your gal pal Earth if you wanted, or maybe Ms. Earth! (You’d have to ask her what she prefers!) Others names commonly used for her are Gaia and Sophia. She never gave me permission to use these names for her so I don’t. I think that’s because a lot of internal reference points humans have for various “deities,” gods, goddesses, etc. aren’t really helping them access what they think they’re accessing, and psychic wires get crossed. So I’ve always been guided that the safest way of working with and communicating with the Earth is by simply calling her by the name we use for her. And when honoring her as an ancient being of great wisdom and loving energy, I like to add “Mother” into the mix because of its positive associations.

It’s important to remember that EVERYTHING is self-aware. This includes crystals, rocks, and minerals, plants, trees, animals, insects, birds — you name it. You have to learn how to be very still and open to learn how to “hear” or empathically access these various beings, and it has taken me a long time to even begin to develop this type of intuitive communication. This is common, people tell me; and living out in the country for over a decade has really helped me with this.

The GOOD part of rural living is that your sensitivity to more subtle energies and delicate forms of communication increases, so you can start to “hear” trees and animals and so on; the BAD part is you get so damned sensitive because your psychic radar is so strong that when someone suffers halfway around the world (as with the horrible recent typhoon in the Phillippines) you can be incredibly disrupted physically, mentally, and emotionally. I felt like I wanted to crawl out of my skin for the two days before the typhoon and I didn’t know why. Turns out it was because of a killer, manipulated weather event that was getting cranked up. (I talk about the weather wars and the very real technologies that criminal types are using to create “unnatural” disasters in my book. Plus I give you simple shamanic techniques for helping to stop manipulated storms and balance out the “ley lines” or Earth energy in your local area.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get advance warning about the typhoon, so I was unable to lend a helping hand in that terrible situation. Sending love and healing energy to the area is always a great idea, though! And everybody can do that in their own way.

You also asked about sources of more masculine or paternal energy. Well, our sun is male. He’s very outgoing and affirmative and sort of. . . SPIKY. . . in how he has all this strong energy shooting out. He identifies as male. I’m not sure about any other stars or suns and how they self-identify. And I’m not sure about the other planets in our solar system, either. You’ll have to ask them! :)

Both Earth energy and solar energy are very good for powering up your spiritual battery (and physical battery.) Earth chi is both loving and enveloping, plus it does a great job at cleansing and regenerating our physical cells. Solar chi is good for spiritual and emotional nourishment and for clearing out psychic toxins, that muck and mire that we acquire through trauma or times of discouragement which makes us “droopy.” The penetrative energy of the sun is really good for driving that out of your system.

I have a series of articles about how to access the grounding energies of Mother Earth that might help you:

Mother Earth with Some Messages About How to Get Grounded

And I need to write some information about the sun at some point!

Hope this is helpful.

– Best,

– Jennifer aka Lipstick Mystic



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