Please Don’t Make An Orgone Device — Instead, Build a Relationship with the Nature and Crystal Devas

Lots of different orgone “splinter groups” arose over the past decade, composed of genuinely nice people who think you can just construct an orgone device and embed a bunch of poor crystals and metallic components in it and somehow magically “fix” energetic trouble spots in a certain area like unbalanced ley lines, cell phone towers with their nasty radiation, and so on.

For a while a very nice woman was posting some links back to my articles last year at one of these forums, which allowed many folks who were on the verge of creating orgone devices to find my various warnings about this and develop much safer workarounds to balance and heal ley lines in their local area.

People on that forum occasionally like to take pot shots at me, maligning my character, my motivation, and most recently, my book (while not actually quoting excerpts from my book, which would help people see context, content, etc.)

So the other day I went back and made a post to attempt to clarify things. I had posted at that forum many months ago warning about the dangers of orgone, which is a thankless task, rather like hitting yourself in the head with a piece of wood lined with nails. However, I will fully admit, after all my experiences dealing with the Inquisition and withstanding massive amounts of torture in past lives, I have NOT rid myself of my latent sado-masochistic tendencies. :) So sometimes, I will go back to forums where people have tried to eviscerate me and post a response or two. Here was my latest:

Hi there, Lipstick Mystic, Jennifer Shepherd, checking in.

Here are the pages of my book, 72 – 74, referenced by the original poster. My book is The Lipstick Mystic’s Guide to Time Traveling, Healing the Time Body and Finding the Best Possible Timeline (While Others Do the Apocalypso Dance) – available at

Orgone Devices Are Bad News

By the way, I don’t recommend creating an external tool like an orgone device to try to influence weather because about fifty percent of the orgone devices I’ve examined are completely misaligned and they actually open up horrific, negative “antimatter” vortices—please don’t do that, folks! If you’re energy blind and can’t directly see and perceive energy, making these devices is especially dangerous because this stuff can’t just be followed from an instruction manual; you have to constantly tweak and adjust things on an energy level to construct an orgone device correctly. And here’s a big hint: if you yourself, spiritually, have pledged allegiance to, made contracts with, or are still subject to past life agreements involving the custodial types of “gods” (really negative ET’s or interdimensional travelers)—those same energies will become incorporated into your orgone device. And again, you’ll do much more harm than good. The crystalline and metallic components in the orgone device will amplify this relationship with these beings, giving them super duper strong permission to operate through your orgone device and infect an entire area with extremely inverse energy. Please, don’t be a Typhoid Mary spreading energetic illness and toxicity! It makes a lot more work for those relatively few of us who can see the damage that’s been done and correct it. Lose your reliance upon external “tools” and props and realize that your own nervous system is the ultimate tool for bringing healing energy to a space.

Years ago, one significant player in the “orgone movement” insisted on sending me an orgone device he had constructed, and not only did it make me physically sick from the moment I picked it up at the post office, but everybody in the neighborhood immediately started having negative experiences with albino/Nordic-type ET’s, which, as it turned out, were part of this guy’s spiritual “posse.” Only he thought they were spiritual guides or helpers. No, they were negative interdimensional beings of an “antimatter” polarization, completely inverse to our polarity and extremely unhealthy to be around. I had to immediately learn how to deactivate and neutralize his device, which took a lot of work, and then I had to correct all the damage that had been done to people and animals and plants and devas in our area.

There are a lot of orgone makers making negatively polarized or “inverse” orgone devices; this includes the wife of the biggest player in the orgone movement at this time who is massively involved with the “dark arts.” I had been naïve about this until I had to directly deal with these people because earlier I had been fortunate to receive some orgone devices made by truly loving “white wizard” types who sent me really lovely orgone pieces that were positively charged. There’s a huge difference between the two! One spreads healing, love and peace, the other spreads chaos, illness, and tremendously negative emotional energy. Again, orgone devices are not neutral tools that can simply be constructed by following a manual. They are “magical” tools with all their crystalline and mineral components, and depending on the spiritual alignment of the person who is making them, you can get intense variations in how these orgone devices perform.

And you know what? The crystals that people permanently embed within the resins of an orgone device don’t like to be stuck in there. So be nice and honor the crystalline kingdom and the hard-working devas associated with crystals, and don’t make an orgone device out of them. Ask the crystals to help you in other ways and take time to build an appropriate, loving and respectful relationship with them. If you befriend the little nature deva connected to a crystal and give the crystal love, sunshine, and the occasional hot bath in some nice hot water, you’ll be on the way to building a proper relationship with these amazing beings. By the way, just like trees, plants, and animals, crystals are fully self-aware and sentient! So try to keep that in mind and be respectful of them.

Stick to Simple, Safe Healing Techniques

When it comes to doing metaphysical work, it’s always best to do simple, safe, reliable things that directly connect to reliable forces. Sound energy is one such extremely simple force. I usually do some shamanic drumming as part of my work that sends sound vibration through many dimensions to clear out yucky entities and bad energy.

If you’re gifted at summoning up specific emotions on command, and you are confident with bringing different types of energy in and through your body, you can also “blast” outwards with these frequencies to clear an area and balance the ley lines. Emotions are another extremely powerful psychic tool. Besides using sound through shamanic drumming, I also usually energize a dangerous storm system or a vulnerable geographical location with creation energy, love energy, or the powerful color of electric violet.

Electric violet is a deep, beautiful violet with electric gold sparkles zapping through it. It’s the “exorcism” color, the banishing color. Try to get a strong visual image in your mind of deep violet with golden sparkles going through it, and connect the violet color with a profound feeling of banishing evil for good, get really clear about this feeling and intention; and along with the gold sparkles try to incorporate a feeling of dynamic

(end excerpt)

If anybody has any questions about my experiences with orgone, which I only briefly outline here in my book, you are also welcome to read my past writings about orgone which go into my experiences in greater depth:

About Orgone Devices and Honoring the Crystal Devas

And you can also view my earlier comments in page two of the discussion about orgone here:

My Posts at NobleRealms About Orgone

Personal attacks on my character, motivations, or whatever aside; please know that the crystals are self-aware, sentient beings, as are the metallic components used in orgonite; and they do NOT like being confined for thousands of years to an artificial construct like orgone. If you want to try to clear out a ley line or cancel the negative effects of cell phone towers, I encourage you to work with the local minerals, devas, trees, and animals to find the best way to “tweak” that particular location. This requires humbling yourself to really LISTEN and develop your “Earth speak,” and this is easier if you embrace shamanistic/Earth-based forms of spirituality.

Also, if you have further questions or comments, I’m not exactly an elusive figure; contact me through my website or business office.

Jennifer Shepherd aka Lipstick Mystic

PS: I don’t know who Wendy is but I appreciated her past posts where she linked to some of my articles; many orgonite creators found my work thanks to her and were able to disable the negative aspects of their respective devices, and to correct their violative relationship with the crystals (forcing the poor crystals into these devices without their permission); and then they found other, safer, ancient and time-tested ways of healing and balancing the ley lines in their area. So, thank you again, Wendy! You rock! :)

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