The Real Deal About the Easter Holiday

So today is the Easter holiday in the Christian tradition, which is really a hijacking of the celebration of the spring equinox, which in turn was often linked to the Celtic goddess Eostre, elsewhere called Ostara. Eostre was the hare goddess (the European form of rabbit, which is more like an American jackrabbit, built with long and lean lines). She was the harbinger of the spring, the bringer of good tidings, and a messenger of spiritual renewal.

The notion of a savior god who dies and is born again is very ancient, and it carries over from earlier religious traditions like the cult of Mithras and the Egyptian worship of Osiris. (The cult of Mithras worshiped a savior god who was born of a virgin, had twelve disciples, died on a cross and ascended into heaven. His followers slaughtered bulls ritualistically at their religious services and drank the blood to unite with their god. Does any of this sound familiar? ? ? Communion, anyone?)

Despite all the muddy and murky stuff now associated with the man known as Jesus, he WAS a real being. Over many years I’ve been able to regain bits and pieces of personal past life history from a lifetime in which I briefly met Jesus, and I can tell you, his incredible energy, sweet sense of humor, and amazing “white wizard” powers (of a type the Bible barely even begins to describe) left a powerful impression on me.

So on this day, let’s focus on the positive energy of spring (or the coming fall if you live in the southern hemisphere). And maybe we can also honor the loving energy of a great spiritual teacher who walked this planet for far too few days.

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