Things I’m Pissed Off About Today — Part One

(Because I have the sense that this is going to become an ongoing series, I’m calling this “part one”. :) )

#1) Two more people died on me this week, so I’m still processing all the intense energies from that. My last surviving Great-Aunt, who had been ill for some time was one — and many folks check out around the holidays, so her deciding to die now wasn’t THAT much of a surprise. Still, she was a really great person and also had a huge impact on my father when she helped to nurse him through a terrible illness as a child. So my dad, who unfortunately is still reeling from the loss of my mother just a few months ago, is going through a hell of a lot. While visiting him at Thanksgiving I was processing 1) his grief about losing his aunt, which he dumped on me like a pile of poo (this can’t be helped, that’s the way it is when you get two empaths in a room and they are grieving) 2) my grief 3) me trying to tune in psychically and figure out if it would be appropriate for me to do some clearing/ helping my aunt after she died during her transition 4) my dad’s continual grief about losing my mother, which is still very intense, and when he projects it, I get triggered into my own grief again, and all my energy gets sucked; yuck. I had to sleep for two days straight after coming home just to be compos mentis again.

While I was still visiting my dad I received a phone call from an old family friend of my parents, whose sweet wife had been sick for some time, and I learned that his wife had just died a day previously. So then I got to break that news to my dad, deal with his grief being compounded by a factor of three (dead wife, dead favorite aunt, dead close family friend, oh, and his last surviving brother-in-law also died earlier this year, as well as a beloved uncle), and handle my own grief on top of that.

My dad and I lost four family members this year; for me it was my mother, one great-uncle, one great-aunt, and my last remaining uncle. This has been a BIG year for oldsters checking out. I don’t think a lot of them can handle the energies that are starting to flood the planet right now — a mixture of intensely GOOD energies and intensely INVERSE energies, which makes for quite a bit of chaos in the psyche and in the cells. Add that to a body and/or mind that’s already frail, and you’re bound to encounter problems. I have four other elderly extended family members who are doing poorly right now, and I doubt that they’ll be around much longer. It should be an INTERESTING winter (in the sense of that ancient Chinese curse: “May you live in INTERESTING times.” )

I tell you, the whole twisted game of death just sucks. There’s the violative spiritual amnesia that the archons posing as our gods and angels foist upon us; then the forced process of reincarnation with complete loss of memory, which goes against universal law (but when you’re an entity who comes from an antimatter universe, and you control the Earth, you conveniently don’t have to obey the laws of this universe). And then there are the complexities about trying to heal, help, and guide souls in the afterlife so they can regain energy, possibly regain sovereignty so they don’t have to lose their memory and get recycled, and a whole bunch of other painful and complex work you have to do to help somebody who has died. At least that’s what I get to do. So whenever death is going on, it keeps me very busy.

That is #1 of what I’m mad about today.

#2) I noticed that at the excellent Facebook page where the owner has culled posts from around the Net which are critical of Stuart Wilde and Kris Krepcik and their associate Tom (including one of my past articles), the Facebook page has been receiving new comments from advocates of the “ostrich” New Age /sewage philosophy (that is: “bury your head in the sand when somebody is hurting others and blame the victims or blame the people who try to warn others about what is happening with that individual or group.”) Wilde and Company have operated quite lucratively and comfortably in the shadows for quite some time, doing damage to thousands of people (EVERY WEEK I receive new letters from people who are recovering from bad experiences at the hands of Wilde and Krepcik.) And yet pretty frequently folks wander by that Facebook page and say that, just because Krepcik didn’t attempt to manipulate THEIR vulva remotely during a ceremony or in the astral, blasting them with weird sexual energy, or just because Tom or Kris or Stuart Wilde didn’t try to separate THEM from their boyfriends, telling them that they were beautiful, special, and that their male romantic companions were evil, that Wilde and friends are beyond reproach. So we’re just being “negative” posting damaging information about them.

Fuck that shit. Do NOT blame the reporter for reporting on the massacres going on. Do NOT faux “criticize” people for bravely giving voice to their terrible and terrifying experiences at the hands of Wilde, Krepcik, and the ayahuasca that group casually prescribes as sacred “medicine.”

One woman recently told me about her nearly dying from her last round of taking aya with this group, and when she miraculously survived, nobody was REMOTELY interested in hearing her talk about how she nearly died! I’m not making this up, people; I get five to ten letters a week from people sharing their frightening stories about what they experienced with Stuart Wilde and Kris Krepcik. I WISH I were making it up; then it would merely be a fantasy, and it wouldn’t keep me awake at nights wondering what the fuck to do about it all.

#3) I reposted my earlier comments debunking the myth of the healthy obese person at at their latest article about fat shaming. I promised to keep doing this on every article that arises there promoting the dangerous “You can’t criticize fat people because it’s fat shaming” idea. The reason why I will keep doing this is because Jezebel’s editors focus just on the “fat shaming” problem (which is real; you should never be nasty to somebody else about how they look, that’s not cool) while missing the point that there IS no “healthy obese” person. Even if your vital signs are great TODAY, the sheer damage to your spine and joints WILL fuck up your mobility prematurely; if not now, then later; and I KNOW ALL ABOUT THIS BECAUSE IT IS WHY MY “HEALTHY OBESE” MOTHER DIED. Of course, my commentary was met by the usual combination of *crickets* and/or attack.

When did attacking the messenger become SO FUCKING POPULAR in our society? Does anybody have an exact date? Oh, maybe it was back when a few folks tried to warn people while Hitler was rising to power: “Um, sorry to disturb you comfortable Gentiles while you’re having a nice Christmas dinner, but, um, I have some evidence to suggest that when the Nazis are taking the Jews away on those nice scenic train trips, it’s not ending up too good for them.” “Shut the fuck up!” reply the sheeples. “How dare you sully our enjoyment of our mashed potatoes with your vile accusations?”

We constantly seem to revisit that unfortunate stage in human history, one way or another. Bleah.

#4) “Obamacare” or the “Affordable Care Act” is going to bankrupt not just America, but it will drive the world economy down to new depths within the next three years. I’m talking end of the world type financial depression, and it’s already very bad for many countries now, financially speaking. So as much as you can work on becoming abundant now and developing multiple streams of income (as well as increasing your savings and paying off debt), please make this your number one priority starting right now. I’m deadly serious about this, whether you live in the US or not.

Unfortunately the shit we are going to be experiencing here, which will be a huge depression, will pull everybody else down. It will also result in us being able to give less aid to other countries to resolve their own debt problems. And employment opportunities will disappear everywhere; you are best off becoming self-employed and developing several ways of receiving income. If you can provide a good service of some type to multiple demographics, or you can provide products that are reasonably priced and in demand, you will be okay; but government workers, mainstream corporate drones in administration type jobs (easily downsized in a depression because your position isn’t considered important) and retail type jobs will see their hours drastically reduced (this is already happening in retail) or worse.

This is because so many Americans will be paying so much more for quality healthcare. We were sold a false bill of goods when Obama wanted to pass this new law; we were told it would bring down the costs of INDIVIDUAL INSURANCE POLICIES, not just expand the enrollment of Medicaid patients and funnel more people into that program. Most people do not qualify for Medicaid or subsidies. So the average person will be seeing their premiums go up a huge amount.

The average person will see their monthly premiums go up for a lot of different reasons. Keep in mind that Americans were told that they probably wouldn’t be paying more than about $200 per month for health insurance after the Affordable Care Act passed. And we were also told that people who were really poor would be able to afford insurance. What’s actually happening is a lot of people are very poor, but they are not poor ENOUGH to be able to apply for Medicaid, one of the social healthcare programs that supplies healthcare to the poor. And people who make just a little bit more than that are finding that even if they purchase a healthcare plan on one of the many state-run “exchanges” that the prices they are quoted are still very high….AND….MOST of those plans have a $6500 yearly deductible, only pay a percentage for each doctor visit or prescription…and dental care is still not provided. Not many people have $6500 sitting around to spend on that deductible, should they run into an expensive health problem.

The problems with Obamacare are numerous, but another problem is that doctors are refusing to take on patients who are signing up for Obamacare, and because Obamacare also kicked a lot of Medicare Advantage patients out of the system, those people are ALSO desperately searching for doctors right now. The Medicare program serves the elderly, and Medicare Advantage is one program within this larger program.

Then there are folks in the self-employed category like me who have always paid for private insurance, and our policies are being cancelled (to conform with the new rules that come with Obamacare, which include things like maternity care, discontinuing of lifetime caps on payments, and cancelling their prior policy of not letting people with pre-existing conditions receive new policies…..all of which sounds good, right?) Problem is, many of these companies self-employed types were working with, like Aetna, are withdrawing ALL coverage to certain states, so you can’t even enroll in a new plan with them; and/or they will be happy to sign you up for a new policy at a huge increase from what you were paying before.

People who go, “Okay, I’ll just sign up for a cheaper policy on the health exchanges” are going to be discovering that it’s harder to find “in network” doctors and hospitals and specialists who will accept the type of coverage they are signing up for through the exchanges, and the doctors who ARE accepting these new patients are going to be horribly backlogged with new patients. So even getting to see a primary care physician for your first check-up is going to be a mess.

That might be okay if you don’t have serious health problems. But what if you’re elderly, and your doctor is no longer able to accept your Medicare Advantage plan? And you have to find transporation, and you have to work to get your new doctor up to speed on your various ailments that you’re being treated for? Even physically GETTING to your new doctor could be a big problem for many of the elderly who are no longer allowed, by this new law, to see the doctors they used to visit.

But the biggest problem, the problem that will destroy what is left of America’s economy, is what will happen in the business and employment sector. Low wage workers are already finding their working hours reduced below 40 hours a week, with no more options of working overtime. I just spoke to friends of my dad’s whose twentysomething son, who is autistic and very challenged in many ways, was overjoyed to find late night shift work stocking shelves at the Giant grocery story, and this job had been working out well for him. He had been able to put in overtime and earn some decent money. But now, as is happening with many low wage workers, he is being forced to reduce his hours to 35 hours a week because of Obamacare. This is because by law businesses that have over 50 employees, as of 2015 (it used to be 2014 but it got pushed back) are going to have to to provide health insurance to their employees. And the costs are just not built in to their budget; and the costs of providing new insurance policies TO many employees under the new system are going to be FUCKING EXORBITANT. This young man, who is hard-working and getting his life together after years of struggle, is making just a tiny bit too much money to qualify for Medicaid, but he doesn’t have enough extra money to pay for a healthcare policy on one of the exchanges. He’s just one of many folks “falling through the cracks” with this messy, punishing law.

Businesses will be reducing salaries and limiting hiring after the employer mandate kicks in in 2015 and companies have to pay a lot more to provide health insurance for their employees. As a business, you might have once been able to provide health insurance for your employees under a group plan for as little as $100 – $300 per person per month; but with insurancerates bumping up across the board, how are you going to afford, as a business owner, to pay as high as $1000 per person per month (or even more) for all your employees? Answer: you won’t. Not in this financial climate where there is zero job growth, bad recession, and companies aren’t in a position to take that type of risk or invest that amount in employees.

There are many other problems with the new health care system, but the bottom line is that the average American will be paying more to receive LESS healthcare, and the average business will have to pay more to insure its employees, which will result in layoffs, businesses shutting down, and more job insecurity than ever. This will get especially bad in 2015 when people who think they are perfectly “safe” from any problems realize that they suddenly aren’t getting raises, or their salaries are being reduced, if their employer continues to pay for healthcare insurance for them to account for the huge increases in their premiums. The average family where two parents are working decent jobs with health insurance being provided by their employers WILL see money problems kick up immediately in 2015, problems most people aren’t anticipating right now because the media isn’t breaking these costs down for them and showing them how it will shake out.

The coming increased cash freeze for the average consumer, the average employee, and the average business owner WILL result in a chain reaction of less American spending on foreign labor and supplies, and less investment in other countries. And, with the dollar sinking to new lows, investments in US bonds will crap out, and if a country has its economy too heavily linked to US bonds (as so often happens), THOSE economies will go down, too.

There is going to be a LOT of pain across all sectors, all countries.

For a few months I’ve been seeing this blackness, this financial cloud, that is going to come out of this situation. It can be DIRECTLY TRACED to the Affordable Care Act, which is in its earliest stages and hasn’t been implemented much yet. But it’s going to be a huge problem.

People who live outside the US might not understand that if you’re an American citizen you will have four not-very-good choices as the various sections of this law come into play:

1) If you’re very, very destitute, go onto Medicaid — but if you’re that poor, health insurance isn’t really your biggest problem; it’s everything else; and there will be MORE people forced into abject poverty as they lose jobs, suffer from reduced hours, and worse under this plan;

2) If you’re self-employed, see your health insurance premiums go up drastically, often to such a high degree that they are the equivalent of three mortgages (that’s what my honey and I are looking at);

3) Don’t have any health insurance, pay a tax penalty on your income for not having health insurance, and still suffer the risks involved with that;

4) Go onto the exchanges and if you can, sign up for a new plan; but realize that you will have a yearly deductible in the thousands of dollars to as high as $6500, NONE of the plans pay 100% for doctor’s visits, and you are going to find it difficult to find doctors who will be willing to work with you; also you run a serious risk of being taken to an “out of network” hospital, should you fall ill, and then you will still have to pay 100% of costs for your stay at the hospital. If you have a complex medical history, you would probably prefer to keep your old doctors and specialists, but depending on where you live, this could become difficult or even impossible.

This is just a brief outline of some of the problems, but they are much worse than this.

In short, the shake-out from the effects of the implementation of Obamacare are going to negatively affect EVERYONE, wherever you live in the world; and the world’s economy will most likely dovetail as a result.

Be VERY VIGILANT about developing an abundant state of consciousness, multiple skill sets, and multiple streams of income — I’m talking DO THIS NOW. Do NOT wait around. You WILL be affected by this stuff, even if you don’t live in the US.

I’m not a “doom and gloom” type of gal; this isn’t one of those “Some ascended master has warned me about World War Three” types of predictions; instead, this is unfortunately a VERY HIGHLY PROBABLE scenario that I keep seeing, over and over again, as I look out into the near term and farther term future, and it keeps becoming MORE SOLID as a timeline, probably because the ACA did pass and it is finally starting to be implemented.

We can set our intention to have the law repealed or to have parts of the law changed, which might help; so we should focus on positive outcomes.

But the best way to have a positive outcome is to ensure YOUR positive outcome; with multiple streams of income, greater financial education, and none of this “money doesn’t matter” or “I live in a socialist country and we’re fine here so why should your petty little American problems affect us?”

As IF the US doesn’t send you loads of money, loads of business.

As IF our economies aren’t intimately linked at this point.

Dream on, my Aussie friends or whoever else thinks this stuff won’t affect them!

Being passive about money issues is going to beat you in the ass, wherever you live in the world, at this unfortunate time in human history. My hope is that we can shift things before too long, and that each of us can develop sufficient abundance and creativity to survive and thrive during any challenging times —

But EXPECT SOME CHALLENGES. Don’t be a fucking ostrich hiding your head in the sand.

PS: Here’s a terrible look at how much it costs to visit an ER at a hospital in the US; keep in mind that even if you sign up for a healthcare plan offered under one of the exchanges, NOT ALL HOSPITALS OR DOCTORS will be “in network” to you, and you could STILL end up paying 100% of any ER hospital visit, just like the commenters in the comments section describe beneath this New York Times article:

As Hospital Prices Soar, a Single Stitch Costs $500

And if you want to witness a painful exercise in futility, see these comments where I attempted to share the very real concerns a doctor neighbor/friend of mine and another GP/primary care doctor shared with me this summer, which led to loads of “bingos” from cult-indoctrinated “liberals” or whatever they think they are (more like obstructionist, mind-controlled assholes in this context): I would love to hear from any doctors in the house. Since when did being “liberal” move from “being a humanist and caring about others” to “You can’t criticize a Democratic President’s disastrous policies, even if those policies are going to bankrupt and harm millions of people?”



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