I debated with myself about whether I should post a list of my credits and press stuff here or not. This debate became quite intense and heated, with each of my multiple personalities threatening fisticuffs.

You see, I don’t have a conventional “resume,” and I hate bragging about all the stuff I’ve done. And as a shamanic type of gal I’m also someone who lives fully in the present, because the present is the only place where we have power and strength. The past is done, the future has yet to be created.

But yeah, I understand you might pass by the site and want to find out more about me, what I’ve done, who I’ve slept with, what credits I have, how many kids I have, etc. We live in the age of the overshare and all of this information is somehow supposed to provide “social proof.” (Although what we’re trying to prove I have yet to figure out.)

So here goes.

The Performing Arts Opened Up My Psychic Abilities

As I was finishing up high school I was already working professionally as an actress, singer and pianist. After becoming extremely horrified at how my various college professors (I was majoring in theater at the time) had never actually earned a single dollar working professionally onstage, I left college to continue working professionally in live theater, doing lots of stuff like Shakespeare, dinner theater musicals, children’s theater tours, and more. Eventually I did some bit parts in TV and film. Then I was shown time and again that if I wasn’t willing to submit to the casting couch, my acting and performing career was only going to go so far. I still managed to work a lot, but since my psychic abilities were already very open and I had already given loads of free readings to people, I began to charge for my services. And I made the transition into working as a psychic who was always in demand.

I tried the party thing for a while, doing psychic readings for large groups of people, and then I moved into one on one work with an actual office. I also did readings over the phone and via email. I became a regular doing psychic readings on several different national FM radio morning shows, and I was also asked to do guest appearances as a professional ghostbuster for the Sci Fi Channel’s Sightings and Fox’s Real Scary Stories. (And yes, throughout my life I’ve been a professional ghostbuster, although mostly I do this work automatically now for free anyplace I go, clearing out any stuck discarnates or traumatized spirits in the places I visit.) I did about 10,000 paid readings from about 1989 to 1998.

In 1998 I was getting very burned out from my counselling work. People too often wanted to know about “their future” instead of realizing that I could help them find ways to overcome obstacles, work through blockages, and assume greater control over their lives……so they could create a BETTER future for themselves. And I also was giving away too much of my time and energy for free to crisis cases from all over the world, which was starting to make me very physically ill.

Becoming a Magazine and Newspaper Columnist

I made the transition into writing full-time. Initially I was writing material ranging from humor pieces to sex advice columns to holistic health information to fiction to fun lifestyle type quizzes for teens. I was a columnist for loads of startup websites and magazines as well as some more established magazines. For a while I had some “big fish” types of clients like the Showtime TV Network, which hired me to write sexy astrology material and short stories for the website for their sexy Red Shoe Diaries show. And I was writing for teen magazines like Girls’ Life and YM and the first magazine for gay teens, a wonderful magazine called Joey. I also wrote for health magazines like Spa, Bally’s Total Fitness and It’s Your Life. My columns also appeared in lots of funky specialty publications like Lotto People, The Driver, and Skirt.

Then the market crashed, around 2000 or so, and loads of wonderful publications ran out of money overnight. It became a very tough environment in which to make money as a full-time writer, so I moved into syndicating my own columns and taking charge of my writing destiny. My Lipstick Mystic® Stars column ran in lots of city arts weeklies and gay weeklies like Las Vegas City Life, Philadelphia Weekly, and Access Atlanta. The column I wrote incorporated snarky commentary about celebrity culture with genuine astrological information; it was like writing 40 jokes a week. The pace of keeping that up started to get to me after a few years, so I gradually moved into doing other stuff, too. I was already learning how to design and build websites, so I started doing something called affiliate marketing, where you are writing about interesting subjects and recommending related products people might buy, in exchange for a small (or sometimes large) commission on each sale.

Writing Ebooks, Courses, and Regular Printed Books

My success with making money online led me to write several successful technical manuals, Ebooks, about how to do various things with websites. The information in these books is unfortunately out of date at this point or I’d still be publishing them. Some of them had to do with seriously techie stuff like coding and link building and those methods to enhance websites are now obsolete.

I was still heavily involved with shamanic healing and psychic work, but doing it more on my own time, in my own way, as I made the transition from town living to living in a very rural area. I loved spending each day allowing the Earth, the sun, and the various animal and plant lifeforms around me to teach me and entertain me.

In the world of humans, I found I really liked working with fellow business owners who had a “pro-money,” “pro-sovereign-creation” stance. Creation is such a key energy to navigate through this universe, whether that comes from creating a business, a work of art, a child, or a healing endeavor. I really resonated with people who GOT this and were passionate creators of one type or another.

Along the way I published an ebook and a 21 lesson self-study course teaching people the easy, results-oriented way of doing affirmations to REALLY create good situations in their lives, as well as showing people how to heal energy issues related to poor self-esteem, negative financial programming and more. This material is being reworked with some new information to become a book or maybe a course which I plan to release at some point. It will be released as The Lipstick Mystic’s® Guide to Healing Money Problems and Overcoming Negative Financial Conditioning.

In 2013 I published The Lipstick Mystic’s® Guide to Time Traveling, Healing the Time Body, and Finding the Best Possible Timeline (While Others Do the Apocalypso Dance). You can download the first 25 pages for free and find out how to order the book off of Amazon and other sites: Shop.

The book contains my real life adventures as a full-time professional “time traveler” (when I had my psychic counselling practice.) I teach you how we each create our own future or “timeline” and how those “end of the world” prophecies are all completely bogus. Not only that — they’re spiritual poison!

Mother Nature is the Best Teacher

Over the past decade I’ve continued to do lots of sneaky shamanic healing work on behalf of the land, while living out in the country and sort of “going back to school” to learn from Mother Nature. I found I needed to pretty much UNLEARN everything I had learned before to reach a more clear and open state of mind.

In doing this, my psychic abilities got stronger. I am fortunate that I have an incredible honey dude/partner person who kicks ass shamanically, too; we have lots of fun adventures together.

And I gathered loads of material for more books, Ebooks and courses.

While you’re waiting for my next book to come out, you might be able to find my weekly Lipstick Mystic® Love Forecasts in a print publication near you. Or if you live in New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania, look for my mini-horoscopes in my Cosmic Informer column, published these past 14 years in the Bucks County Herald (a free newspaper distributed all over the place.)

I’m gearing up to be publishing LOADS of material after a “down” period where I sort of went dark for several years. So please sign up for my free Lipstick Mystic® News so you can download free reports and book excerpts, which you won’t be able to get anywhere else. And you’ll be the first to know when my new stuff goes out.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks very much for reading!

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