Giving You a Homework Assignment: Let’s Prevent Mayhem in Boulder, Colorado Next Monday

Dear Jennifer,

Is there any way you can check into the Bolder Boulder race coming up? I have a bad feeling, and there have been several events this past week that point to it being a potential target, like the Boston Marathon.

1) This Monday there was a bomb scare at Fairview High School in Boulder. It turned out to be a “science experiment” according to police. The item concerned was a bag, left on a school bus with pipes and wires and a battery. This is very similar to an incident another week previously. Also, someone I know who attends Fairview said no one searched the students’ bags as they packed them into the auditorium. Here’s the “offficial” story: Boulder Police – Device Discovered on Bus at Fairview High

2) At Centaurus High School, in nearby Lafayette, a bomb was found, a teacher carried it outside, the school was evacuated, it was detonated, and they arrested a student. The device was described as a pipe bomb with a 9v battery left in a bag on the school property. In both instances other bags at the schools were first discovered, then denied. Official story: Lafayette Police Evacuate Centaurus High After Report of Bomb

So, there have been two incidents the past two Mondays. The Bolder Boulder is, of course, scheduled for next Monday, another patriotic holiday — Memorial Day here in the U.S.

3) Furthermore, there was another suspicious incident last Friday with a large amount pepper spray released into the center, the area called the Student Center, of Fairview High School, which spread throughout the school and sent several kids to the hospital. Pretty much everyone was coughing, but the school is calling it an accident. Official story: Four Taken to Hospital After Accidental Dispersal of Pepper Spray

4) Lastly, in Colorado a bunch of Sheriffs have got together this past Friday to oppose the new gun control laws. Official Story: Majority of Colorado Sheriffs Bringing Lawsuit Against Gun Control Laws. Hence I could see the PTB (Powers That Be) trying to bring Colorado in line with an incident at the Bolder Boulder. Even in uber-liberal, peacenik, hippy Boulder, guns and ammo are flying off the shelves.

My psychic sense is of these being various “tests” of some sort, but I admit any or all of them could be coincidences or misbehaving kids. I am already trying to do energy work to help protect the Bolder Boulder, but I would really love and appreciate any insight, tips, or help you could give me.

Right now I am really concerned about this coming Monday. I am grateful for all you have shared and done. If you could spare some time to look into the Bolder Boulder, I would really, really appreciate it.



Dear K,

I’m so sorry to hear that all those freaky incidents are happening, especially surrounding kids in your area schools.

I would recommend blasting the heck out of the immediate area with electric violet energy; also invoke Michael the archangel to bring in super duper strong protection — he brings in squadrons of spiritual warrior angels, but you have to give them permission to come in and help; as a resident of the area you’re more than perfect for the job!

There is definitely a build up of negative energy happening out there, but I wouldn’t say it’s MORE than in other big towns or cities, necessarily; it’s still not very calming, I realize!

Remember, even if some bad guys have bad things planned, as a resident of the area and as a powerful spiritual warrior, you have the power to change this. Keep stepping into your role as a spiritual guardian of your area. Also, keep in mind that sometimes various negative “players” don’t really have things planned, it’s more that bad energies operate THROUGH them, and they give in to those lower emotions like hatred and anger and fear and end up doing stupid shit without a lot of advance planning. It’s more of a response to the general chaos frequencies already percolating through a region. So cut THOSE down a few decibels and negative events are far less likely to happen.

I would say every night before you go to bed and every morning visualize the immediate region bathed in electric violet, like that whole area of the map just covered in it. And picture all that divine golden energy within the electric violet sparkling through the area, throughout all dimensions. This just takes a few minutes; you don’t have to overdo it.

And with it invoke Michael and the spiritual warrior angels to bring in super duper strong protection to knock anything negative out of the potential timeline.

Also I recommend that you set the intention for generalized fear, paranoia and anxiety (which always add to gun folks getting trigger happy and having accidents or disputes) to be cleared out of the area.

I would also recommend invoking the healing power of the mountain devas, who are VERY lovely and powerful in your area. They are the nature spirits connected to those gorgeous and pristine mountains of yours. Ask them to come in and protect the area, like silent stone giants standing there and blocking bad things from happening. You’ll feel them as an immensely quiet, strong, HEAVY energy moving in to block out negativity.

And also, of course, do some extra invocations for protection at your area schools and the university, too; young people are too often targets for dark things and they don’t need to be, don’t deserve it, and can be protected a lot more.

As a resident of the area your intentions will be SUPER DUPER powerful. I will also send some good energy to your area. And I will make a post in my blog about this, too, asking for strong intentions of peace for your area from my readers.



Your Homework in a Nutshell

Please join in our shared intention to stabilize peace and expel potential violence and all negativity from the Boulder, Colorado area, especially surrounding this Bolder Boulder marathon event on Monday.

The quick Cliff Notes of energy techniques you can use:

* Blasting the area with protective, negativity-expelling electric violet (deep violet with divine gold energy sparkling through it; powerful exorcism frequency)

* Invoking Michael and the spiritual warrior angels to clear out chaos and negativity from the area

* Getting in touch with the mountain devas in the area to block out or stomp out negative stuff

* And generally set the intention to expel all violent intentions, chaos energies, and other troublemaking energy frequencies from the area.

You can also use these same ideas to protect your OWN town, region, or city. Generally the effects will be most powerful when people who live locally to an area are stepping into their power as guardians and spiritual protectors of an area. But you can also be powerful when you send protection and healing intention to others, like the residents and students of the Boulder, Colorado area. In your local area you can connect with the local nature devas of water, mountains, trees, and the Earth and ask them to add protective energy to your home region. The more you bravely step up to the plate and claim your role as a spiritual guardian of your area, the more the guardians of nature will help you.

That’s your homework for the week, boys and girls! Now get to work! :)

Update: At the same time, let’s send healing energy to everybody in the UK, and especially London, where a UK soldier was brutally murdered by some supposed Muslim extremists. We’re still being manipulated to hate each other — black vs. white, Muslim vs. Christian — isn’t it all getting tiresome and old? I mean, what if they gave a war……and NOBODY CAME? :)



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