Psychic Empathy and Picking Up Bad Vibes

Have you ever been somewhere that had really bad vibes? It wasn’t just your imagination.

We’re all “psychic sponges,” picking up on a huge array of frequencies, emotions, thoughts, and energy data from the world around us. Humans are constantly projecting lots of complex stuff, and unfortunately, a lot of it isn’t very pleasant. Most people are unaware of how they give off yucky energy and put out “psychic pollution” into the environment.

For example, if somebody pulls up behind you in the car and has a lot of road rage, even if they don’t honk their car horn at you or ride your bumper, behaving in an obviously aggressive manner, that person will be projecting a lot of hatred at you. And our aura is a little thinner in the back of our bodies than in the front, so it has less natural protection. So when all this hatred is beamed at you from behind, you WILL feel it, even if you don’t see this person coming up behind you.

Places can have a lot of complicated energy, too. For more information about this, and for tips on how to clear negative energy out of a physical space, you can check out my four articles about this:

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How to Know if You’ve Been Psychically “Slimed”

People who are used to monitoring their physical energy levels and their emotional energy will tend to be faster at noticing when something is wrong and they’ve pick up some heavy energy somewhere. But even people who aren’t so consciously aware of this going on will still pick up on it subconsciously, and it will usually end up manifesting as either physical tiredness or emotional disruption, like low level crankiness or depression which hits you out of the blue.

To build up your “psychic immunity” to these things takes a little practice, but the first step is learning how to NOTICE how you respond to people, places, and things. Remember, we’re all creatures of energy, so we interact and communicate with our world on many different levels. Are there certain places you visit regularly which bring you down? Are there certain people you dread having to talk to because something is just “off” about their energy? If you have any of these thoughts, this is your nervous system’s “early warning” system or first detection system. Your body and your psyche are trying to tell you that the energy of that place or person isn’t ideal, so you might want to minimize how much time you spend in that place or with that person. Or if it’s a physical space, you might want to try some of the techniques I talk about for space clearing in that series of four articles I list above.

An Example of a Place with Bad Vibes

My honey dude and I like to go out to dinner about once a week, and we usually try to pick a place that has a really pleasant feeling to it. If possible, we like to dine outside on a nice summer evening. We tend to have our usual “haunts” where we feel most comfortable, but we try to be open about trying different places.

Last week we remembered that there was a restaurant in town that had sort of casual cuisine, like chili and nachos and sandwiches, and it’s a good people watching spot because it’s right on the main street in a thriving, artsy little town. This restaurant had for some reason been off our mental radar for a long time even though we drive by it all the time. We hadn’t eaten there in a couple of years.

We decided to go there and have an early dinner outside, in their patio area. I did a little clearing of the space before we went, as I always do, to try to set up some “good vibes” for our meal-time.

But I only cleared the OUTSIDE of the restaurant space, not the indoor part or the kitchens.

The patio has seating on one side and a little bar on the other. We’re not big on hanging out at bars, especially sports type bars where people are hanging out drinking margaritas or whatever, but it was early in the evening and the bar is way off to one side, so we didn’t think it would affect us.

We were both in a great mood with very clear energy when we sat down to dinner. But there were problems almost right away.

Our appetizer took a long time to come out. My main meal tasted terrible — like, it upset my stomach almost immediately. It was a crabcake and it was really yucky. (And I usually love crabcakes.) Meanwhile, the people watching part of the evening was just “off,” and it seemed like all we saw were a few decidedly creeping looking guys, men with goatees, shifty postures, and dark sunglasses, roaming the boulevard. Where were all the nice young shoppers and comfortable, middle-aged couples you’d usually see in town? It was like they were all on holiday somewhere and there were just these furtive and strange men wandering around, looking like they were waiting to do a drug deal or something. Not pleasant.

A creepy vibe was definitely seeping in to our evening, so we were eager to leave the restaurant. And the server had wandered off to Afghanistan or something and couldn’t be found anywhere, so it took forever to get our check.

Even though the energies around the evening were starting to degrade pretty quickly, we were pretty aware of this happening, so we tried not to let it affect us too much. After all, eating out is one of those “rich people problems,” right, not something you should bitch about, since it means we’re affluent enough to have some discretionary income and try fun things, so we shouldn’t bitch, right?


We were still both in good spirits when we got home, and since the sun hadn’t set yet, I wanted to go outside and sit with some of our cats for a while. But I showered and changed first before I went outside.

Meanwhile, my guy was working on some projects inside the house. He had purchased a sonic toothbrush and was working on getting it out of its container so he could use it the next day. Plus he was monitoring some of our cats who were inside at the moment, who are always terribly curious about anything Daddy Cat is doing, gathering around him and sometimes getting into mischief.

This was all within a time span of 20 minutes after we got home.

And simultaneously, we noticed a couple of things.

As I stood outside watching a beautiful sunset, I noticed this strong, stale, yucky alcohol smell come off of me. But it was more of a psychic smell, not a physical smell. I hadn’t had anything to drink that night, and I had showered and changed clothes after we came back from the restaurant, so where was this yucky, dense, alcohol feeling coming from? It was sort of around me in a psychic cloud. And it just felt like old, nasty, dense bar energy.

Meanwhile, my guy was finding that he was getting terribly angry and cranky as he tried to get his toothbrush out of its packaging material. It had really been sealed up tight with loads of plastic and he had to take an Exacto blade to it to cut it out of its container. He was growing more and more cranky, bitching about how he didn’t even have space to put the toothbrush (it sits in a little stand to recharge its battery,) and the cats were always making it difficult to put things in one place without it being knocked over, etc. etc. He was growing crankier by the minute, and I could hear him bitching from where I was outside because the windows were open.

I went inside to check in with him, and we realized that I was covered with alcohol goop that wasn’t mine, that didn’t come from me, and he was having a minor nervous breakdown about his toothbrush. We caught ourselves, and he joked, “Me so angry at my toothbrush! Me so angry at cats!” in his best imitation of the growling Hulk.

So we knew that we had picked up some “Klingons” (bad vibes, negative elementals, and ghoulish energies) from the restaurant we’d visited.

So we smudged each other with some sage leaves, lighting them and using the smoke to smudge through our auras, and set the intentions together that we were expelling everything we had picked up at the restaurant.

And then we were fine. He was smiling and laughing again, and he was no longer mad at his toothbrush or the cats, and I didn’t smell like an entire drunken football team and their yucky stale beer smells had followed me home anymore.

We decided that we were NOT going to be in a hurry to return to that particular restaurant. It has too many yucky, dense energies these days.

Notice Your Reactions to People and Places

If you come home after visiting a place and you find yourself weirdly, strongly angry at your toothbrush (or anything really!) or you return from a place and feel like a cloud of weird stuff has followed you home (and maybe you even experience a “smell” that is more of an intuitive smell, not a physical smell) then you’ve definitely picked up some Klingons.

Some quick fixes include:

* Take a shower; water energy will dispel negative elementals and most lower vibrational entities you’ve picked up

* Get in the tub and put some nice bath salts in there; the combination of water and salt (especially sea salt) is very powerful to cleanse both your physical body and your energy body (aura)

*Use a spray bottle (mix some water and some of your favorite cleansing type essential oil like sage, lavender, frankincense, or sandalwood) and spray through your environment, or spray around your body

*Put on some essential oil, just a few drops at the wrists or other pulse points

*Light some sage or sweetgrass leaves and “smudge” yourself with the smoke

There are a LOT of toxic environments that we interact with on a daily basis, and sometimes, even the nice people who work in a store or a restaurant can’t quite keep the energies clean and clear, and you’ll notice a real drag on your energy and emotions after you spend time in that place. So take action to either clear the space itself (see my earlier articles) or at least learn to practice good “spiritual hygiene” and clear yourself out after you’ve spent time in a dense environment.

You’ll know that you’ve successfully cleared yourself out when your high spirits and high energy return — and you’re able to declare a truce with your toothbrush. :)

PS: You’ll find part two of this article here: More About Psychic Empathy

And for more about the psychic sense of smell, which is the extrasensory version of our physical sense of smell, check out this earlier article of mine: The Psychic Sense of Smell, Plus Empathy and Telempathy



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