Psychic Powers

Want to know the truth about psychic powers? They don’t work the way you might think.

I get a fair amount of traffic to this site based on search terms like “psychic powers” or “awaken psychic powers.”

This always makes me chuckle. People are using the word “psychic” like it has to do with being a superhero straight out of a comic book. Like they’re going to stumble upon a magic ring or an Aladdin’s lamp that will give them magical powers.

Nobody has “psychic powers.” “Power” implies using something to manipulate, force, or gain control over someone. That’s black magic territory, the path of the psychopath. It’s also known as “batshit crazy” territory. “I’m a tenth level power wizard of the dark arts! Feel my wrath!”

Yeah, right. That’s not how it works.

I’ve known loads of real black magicians and practitioners of the dark arts, and some of them also had strong psychic abilities, but none of them had “powers.” That’s Harry Potter thinking or a Marvel Comics worldview.

Understanding Psychic Attacks

Someone can only affect you with their “psychic powers” if you are weakened or vulnerable in some way. If somebody puts a curse on you or casts a negative spell on you, if you’re healthy, you will sense this as an energy attack. You might first sense it in a lucid dream where something yucky and sinister is happening to you or you’re fighting off snakes or something nasty. And this is your nervous system’s “first alert” system kicking in, warning you that somebody is intending you harm and might be using psychic energy to try to weaken you or drain you or frighten you.

Some other symptoms of psychic attack, where someone is trying to OVERPOWER you with their psychic energy, can be feeling physically exhausted for no apparent reason, being emotionally out of sorts for no reason, or feeling a sense of compulsion or fear about a certain person in your immediate circle. Almost all psychic attacks come from somebody you know, and a lot of them happen on a subconscious level. People can be projecting an immense amount of negative energy at you without ever casting an actual “spell.” And they might not even realize that they’re doing it.

There are also a wide range of esoteric influences affecting everybody on the planet right now. These energies and entities fall into the “ghoul” category or demonic category. Think of them as energy parasites, some with a great deal of strength and intensity, but most of them with a low level “vampire” quality to them. They suck the life and the positive energy out of a person or a physical space if that person isn’t careful to keep their own energy levels up. (By the way, this is a HUGE subject which I cover more in my courses and books.)

We become less susceptible to psychic attack the more we strengthen ourselves. This involves eating right, sleeping enough, and doing things on the physical plane to take care of our physical body and build up physical immunity to disease. And it also involves thinking right, feeling right, and doing things that enhance your spiritual well-being. This creates “spiritual immunity” and keeps your aura clear and strong and impenetrable.

If you’re searching on the Internet to find out how to awaken your psychic powers, you’re clueless. You’re already thinking, “Gee, if I can become more psychic I can use my powers to influence people and things.” And that’s the wrong way to go about it. If you approach the process that way, you will be drawn into all manner of silly practices like doing the wrong type of magic, working at stupid spells to manipulate or force people to conform to your will, and other stuff that will rebound on you and make things much worse in your life. (By the way, stepping into your power as a spiritually sovereign creator to create specific events and effects in the physical world, possibly using power prayer or “white magic” to do it, is a GOOD thing. I’m talking about the average “Spell a Day” crap you find cluttering the bookshelves which doesn’t teach you how to use your psychic energy in a healthy and balanced way. Avoid that stuff until you fully understand the energies involved.)

The Differences Between Black Magic and White Magic

But if you want to develop your psychic senses or enhance your natural psychic ability, that’s great. This is the authentic spiritual path of self-healing and self-awareness that all of us are on, whether we’re conscious about it or not. Think of it as a gradual process of unfolding, something that will take you your whole life to master — and possibly many more lives. Align with energies like laughter, generosity, love, joy, humility and appreciation and gratitude. These are the opposite of the black magic fundamentals of anger, force, manipulation, fear, revenge, greed, and crime. The black magic path usually involves acts of “crime” like spiritual violations which are intended to harm others — like stealing energy, lovers, or money through using psychic energy in an inverted and evil way.

Black magic techniques can work for a brief time and give you a few addictive glimpses of personal power, and this enhances your ego, and if you’re not careful, you’ll soon be thinking you’re a hot wizard who can do anything — like Professor Snape of Harry Potter fame, without the hidden moral character.

But the very nature of black magic means you will soon have many failures and horrific setbacks. I’ve watched people do black magic work on others and seen them briefly get what they thought they wanted. And then they very quickly experienced near fatal accidents, romantic setbacks, and financial bankruptcy.

What you put out into the world WILL return to you. It’s all about resonance.

Put good stuff out, project kindness and love and helpfulness, and your psychic gifts will open up naturally, on their own schedule, at the perfect time for you. And this will be a peaceful process, a fun and wonderful process.

Put out hatred, project fear and greed, try to take from others or force a result on others, and that energy will coil up like a nasty snake and turn around and bite you in the ass — sooner or later, it’s just a matter of time. When that happens, a lot of black magic practitioners don’t get the message. They use that failure or that horrible event and invite even MORE chaos in to their lives, projecting MORE hatred and force and anger out at others. And it becomes a vicious cycle, a downward spiral of reverse spirituality and de-evolution (reverse evolution.)

So speaking as a veteran of many, many psychic wars, and speaking as someone who has survived countless black magic attacks and knows the territory, stay away from any technique that promises to help you master your psychic powers or awaken psychic powers. Because that very phrase, “powers,” shows you that the information is going to be oriented toward teaching you manipulation, “shortcuts,” and other stuff that will send you down the left hand path.

And you really want to be embracing light and expansion and creativity, which fuel the soul and make it happy. That comes under the category of “opening up your psychic talents” or “awakening your psychic senses” or “learning how to use your psychic gifts.”

Approaching things that way will be much better for you in the long run.



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