Random Puppies Are the Best Puppies

It hasn’t been ALL doom and gloom around here lately. (In fact, I’m recovering quickly from recent events and should be back in action again–hopefully–early next week. So if you’re waiting for a response for a consult session, you’ll hear from me then. Thanks for everybody’s patience!)

Sometimes, there are RANDOM PUPPIES. And that’s the best kind of puppy–puppies when you least expect them.

During a trip to the bank yesterday, a mom and son had a brand, spanking new baby Labrador, just eight weeks old, rocking a fabulous green sweater. All the bank tellers were cooing over this fabulous creature, and rightly so. I asked the son if I could take some pics of his little friend. (Well, I didn’t ask quite like that. That’s sounds a bit creepy.) Anyway, that’s when I learned that this pup’s name is Bentley–of course–and that he was dropped at a shelter by some dog breeders who, I suppose, found that poor little Bentley didn’t quite meet their pedigree standards. It’s definitely THEIR loss! These kind folks who adopted him have big hearts and loads of love for this teeny weeny doggie.

Random puppy sightings are a wonderful thing!



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