Repost: Are Psychic Abilities Real?

I’m still on a huge time crunch here (made worse by the power going on and off about six times throughout the day yesterday). But I thought I’d remind folks of a post I made earlier this year back when I relaunched this site.

In this article, Are Psychic Abilities Real? I debunk the notion that psychic abilities make a person special or “better” than anybody else, but I also talk about how they are horribly misunderstood. Since many of my readers have strong, naturally emerging psychic abilities, yet they’re not particularly comfortable using the word “psychic” since it has so many negative connotations, I wanted to repost this article. Check it out. I think there are some ideas in it that might help you if you’re starting to have some extrasensory type experiences or “otherworldly” intuitive impressions and you’re seeking to make sense of them, without having to retreat from worldly society to a mountain top with a bunch of goats to meditate for the next forty years. (News flash: those things aren’t required if you’re simply interested in perceiving life in a more nuanced and fascinating way.)



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