Repost: The Stuporbowl and How Spectator Sports Drain Your Energy

Every year around the mini-equinox/mini-solstice period of Imbolc (or Groundhog Day) we have the Superbowl football game here in the US.

Also known as the STUPORBOWL, because there is so much horrific mind control and societal hypnotism done around this time period.

If you feel a weird sense of non-specific anxiety right now and through the weekend, it’s because there is an intense “loosh” harvest going on surrounding this huge event.

Then we have the winter Olympics starting in Russia shortly thereafter, which will be another intense period of mind control, energetic manipulation, and dreamspace/multi-dimensional manipulation.

Try to chill out and NOT GIVE THIS SHIT any of your energy, because it’s all just silliness.

And for more info about what’s going on with the yearly Stuporbowl, check out my post from last year about this:

The Stuporbowl and How Spectator Sports Drain Your Energy

Oh, and a couple other quick thoughts: You can always tune in to the Puppy Bowl, to be broadcast on TBS here in the US, or the first annual Kitten Bowl, which will be broadcast on the Hallmark TV channel. Watching cute animals flop around and play is a MUCH better use of your energy! :)

And don’t forget — Imbolc or Groundhog Day (February 2nd) is one of the mini-equinox “power times” of the year, so use it to focus on manifesting GOOD things, doing healing, and so on. You’ll want to push and access as much progressive energy as possible because right after that we’re headed into another annoying Mercury retrograde period, when energies can become slow, chaotic, or just plain confusing.



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