Some Secrets About Sagittarius You Might Not Know

Just when you thought I wasn’t going to continue with my ongoing Secrets of the Signs series, I’m posting this new article about the secrets of Sagittarius. This is a fun sign to write about because I’ve NEVER known a Sag who wasn’t fascinating to observe and interact with.

If you know somebody who is devilishly clever, who has an impish smile and an ageless, almost elf-like quality to their face and demeanor, it’s likely that he or she has Sagittarius in a prominent position in their chart. This means that their sun sign, rising sign, or moon sign is probably in Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is represented by the symbol of the centaur — half man, half horse. And there IS something half human and half OTHERKIN about people born under this sign. It’s like they are playing a game, spending time down here with us mortals here on Earth. They seem to have their own mysterious agenda. You wonder if they are just here to amuse themselves. (And the more evil Sagittarians will amuse themselves at YOUR expense and take perverse, even sadistic pleasure in making you squirm!)

Other, more light-hearted Sags have a playful, comedic bent to their personality. At dinner parties, you’ll want to hang out with a Sagittarian because people born under this sign ALWAYS have the best gossip. They are a hoot to be around and are great storytellers. Sagittarians truly are old souls, and they easily see through the many games humans are always playing with each other. So they are good at assessing groups, cutting through political crap, and ignoring fakery and playacting.

Sagittarius Is One of Three Fire Signs

Sagittarians are Fire signs like Aries and Leo, but in their sign, Fire energy is less about exerting the SELF (as with Aries and their intense willpower and self-direction). And it’s not like the way Leos use their inherent Fire, either. Leos are more driven by self-expression and the need to get a reaction out of an audience in one form or another.

Sagittarians are more strategic, more calculated, in how they express themselves. When they shoot fire from those sparkling eyes and command attention with their clever banter, they always have an agenda. They want a certain RESULT from what they are doing. Maybe they just want laughter, as with the many clever Sagittarians comedians who have blessed our planet. Maybe they want to seduce you (and if a Sagittarian is focused on seducing you, you WILL be seduced, by golly!) Or perhaps they are maneuvering groups of people around like chess pieces for some hidden, mysterious motive. They don’t do anything without a reason, and they rarely waste energy on people, situations, or goals that aren’t going to provide them with their intended payoff. A Sagittarian is the ultimate political operative.

Beware the Evil Sagittarian

Darker Sagittarians (those who are aligned with the Dark Side of the Force — and you know who you are!) can be terribly smug and seem very superior in their social interactions. If you have poor self-esteem, it can be easy to fall for the more obvious sensual charms of a sassy Sagittarius without realizing that the “evil” ones are major manipulators and the worst types of users. Don’t let the evil type of Sag chew you up and spit you out, because you will feel horribly hurt.

Fortunately, most Sagittarians aren’t aligned with the VOID. They CAN get impatient because they are often the cleverest person in the room, and slow people and dull social situations annoy them. But if you can offer a Sagittarian an intellectual challenge, engaging them in verbal repartee (and NOT just agreeing with everything they say,) you could find yourself with a wonderful new friend, business partner, or lover. A Sagittarian will not waste time with you if he or she doesn’t respect you. And they will “test” you early on in your relationship, whether it’s friendship or love, to see if you are worthy of their time and energy.

Like other Fire signs, Sags are good with kids because they have a childlike side to them that they enjoy unleashing in the right situation. And as friends, coworkers, or romantic partners, they are deeply loyal (once you have passed all their tests and met their personal requirements!)

They are also great advice givers — although you probably won’t want to listen to what they have to say! The Sagittarian centaur is always pictured with a bow and arrow raised, ready to take aim at a target. They speak in a pointed way, and sometimes, when they hit the mark with an observation or suggestion, it can leave a sting. That’s just their manner of expression.

As Sagittarians age they usually get softer and become kinder about how they speak, but even if your favorite Sag is still at the sassy, often bitchy stage of life, never take what they say personally. Know this: Sagittarians don’t say anything at all to you if they don’t care about you. So if they have bothered to insult you, tease you, or make an uncomfortable observation, it’s because they care about you on some level — or they see you as a worthy opponent.

Words in the hands of a Sagittarius can penetrate deep into the psychic bone, because they are extremely honest and are tellers of truth. In a society that tends to value boldface lies, fake butts and boobs, and public relations teams, the Sagittarian’s frank manner of expression can be a bit shocking. But if you heed his or her words, a Sagittarian will almost always steer you in a good direction and guide you in becoming more aware of things that you have been ignoring.

Positive Affirmations for Sagittarius

The life mission for Sagittarius is to find outlets for that fiery creativity and self-expression, often with a secondary motivation of bringing groups of people together to pursue a common goal. They are good cheerleaders, organizers, and visionaries.

Some helpful affirmations:

“At all times, in all ways, I am able to assess the situation and find the best words to create harmony.”

“I enjoy quality interactions with friends, family, and coworkers. Social events are fun and peaceful.”

“I take pleasure in expressing myself in bold and smart ways, and others appreciate me for who I am.”

“I align with groups and individuals whose energy is compatible with my intentions.”

If You Have a Sagittarian Moon Sign

If you have a Sagittarian moon sign, this gives you a genuinely optimistic and progressive outlook on life. Even in the midst of terrible events, you’ll usually be able to look on the bright side and also act as a natural cheerleader to others around you. If you have a “shy” type of sun sign (like Pisces, Cancer, or Virgo) the Fire of this moon placement will help you to be more outgoing in social situations, even if a part of you feels like you are acting or putting on a mask. My mother had a Cancerian sun sign and was shy at her core, but her moon in Sagittarius allowed her to work in a atypical field — as a successful saleswoman — which wouldn’t normally be easy for an empathic and quiet Cancerian. She also was the most positive person I knew and she had a magic, quiet way of making you feel like everything was going to be all right.

If Your Rising Sign is in Sagittarius

Rising sign Sagittarians are real social butterflies who create an aura of drama (sometimes melodrama and conflict) around them. Relationships are NOT easy for them because they have excess energy and need to always stir the pot one way or another. They don’t just sit still. If your rising sign is in Sagittarius, work on finding physical ways to release excess energy. Get involved with a demanding physical fitness regimen and you’ll find it much easier to relax — and enjoy quiet, peaceful time with your loved ones — at the end of a long day.

Overall, a Sagittarian’s magic is one part fiery wit mixed with equal parts passion and play — a winning combination that can be intoxicating to be around!

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