Some Secrets About Virgo You Might Not Know

I’ve been way behind on publishing my continuing series of articles talking about little-known or poorly-understood aspects of each astrological sign. But it’s finally time to talk about some of the cool qualities and hidden mysteries involved with the sign of Virgo.

Soon I’ll also post about the fun vibes of the sign of Libra since the sun is moving through Libra right now.

Virgo is called the “Virgin” in astrology. You know why that is? Most Virgos shiver at the thought of being typecast as hopeless, sexually clueless types. But the metaphor of the virgin has nothing to do with celibacy or lack of sensuality. In fact, far from it! :) Virgo is the lustiest of the three Earth signs (the others being Taurus and Capricorn), and people born under this sign are very touchy-feely and supremely sensual in how they go about connecting with others.

Also, the word “virgin” was always meant to be associated with Virgo in an ancient, historical context. For much of the years before Jesus was around and even for hundreds of years after that, temples devoted to the spiritual adoration of various gods and goddesses proliferated throughout the Old World. And many times, temple priestesses or temple virgins tended to these temples.

And basically, they were sluts for god. :)

Many of these temples, especially the ones devoted to worshiping, say, a love goddess like Aphrodite or Venus, had a strong sex-healthy focus to the worship that was done there. The “virgins” who tended to the temple would take in lost, wounded, or down on their luck men and offer them sexual healing, channeling healing sexual vibes straight from Spirit. These ladies were called virgins because they did not marry and exclusively devoted their sexual energies in service to healing. This wasn’t a rare thing, either. Sexual healing was very integrated into many spiritual traditions throughout the ancient world.

It wasn’t until the sex-hating, repressive Catholic types with all of their mixed-up beliefs and stodgy programs about sex took over much of the world that the sexual component of spirituality became largely divorced from mainstream spiritual practice, with a few exceptions like tantra in the East and some of the more sex-healthy pagan groups like the Celts in Europe. (Did you know that the Celts had a neat little policy whereby, if a husband failed to sexually satisfy his wife, she could instantly divorce him? Pretty cool!) :)

The core metaphor of Virgo the Virgin describes someone who reserves his or her sexual energy to engage in very intense, very pure, very spiritually connected sensual union with others — whether they sleep with somebody new every night, as in the case of the temple virgins, or they remain partnered to the same person for 40 years.

Because Virgos have this somewhat unusual quality to their sexuality, people who make love to a Virgo often feel a sense of great healing. Virgos have an ability to wash away spiritual toxins and emotional poisons with their love and their affection. Most do this unconsciously and don’t have a clue about how powerful their sexual energy is.

And since Virgos are Earth signs, they have very strongly-developed senses of touch, and they bond almost psychically with others through touch — especially intimate touch. But even a Virgo who is single will usually find great release in touching and cuddling a pet, engaging in contact sports, or doing other things that allow them to touch and share skin with others. The Virgo sense of touch is acutely sensitive. This is why, if they’re dating a clumsy, oafish type, they can end up recoiling from that person’s touch; they need a soft, sensitive type of lover because their nerve endings in their skin are so sensitive.

If Your Sun Sign is in Virgo

So, if your sun sign is in Virgo, keep in mind the following ideas:

* Sex for you is a POTENT force; you probably won’t want to use it casually; instead, try to find quality lovers who can help give you as much healing as you are providing for them if you want to truly stay balanced;

* At some point you might need to make sure you’re in a relationship with someone who matches your style in the bedroom; you won’t handle it well if someone isn’t as grounded in their body as you are and you can end up being incompatible to less sensitive partners in the long run;

* Make sex special; combine it with love whenever possible; and don’t do that young person thing if you’re a restless twentysomething, wondering why you’re miserable just casually dating or hooking up with random people; THERE’S A REASON WHY THAT FEELS WRONG TO YOU. You’re meant to combine that lovely spiritual energy of yours with being with somebody special, not casting your “pearls” before figurative “swine!” :)

* If you’re single, get out in nature, get involved with a fun sport, or spend time with pets or other animals. You’ll find it very grounding and healing to TOUCH beings in the natural world; this includes hugging a nice tree once in a while!

If Your Moon Sign is in Virgo

If your moon sign is in Virgo, there will be an aspect of you that is always trying to dig to get to the truth of things, to shine a refining light on problems, flaws, or inadequacies. This makes you a good therapist type, a natural analyst, and a great troubleshooter. Sex isn’t so much your focus as is purification through thought and right action. Unethical people will REALLY bother you; you just won’t get their motivation since you’re such a kind and noble type.

If Your Rising Sign/Ascendant is in Virgo

If your rising sign or ascendant is Virgo, there’s a part of you that can be a bit cranky and picky, and if you’re feeling worn or tired or burned out, you might need to check this aspect of you so as not to slime others with your negativity. Try to turn that attitude of “EVERYTHING IS WRONG! NOTHING IS WORKING! EVERYBODY AROUND ME IS AN IDIOT!” into, “Let me make a list of things that need tending to, and then let me come up with a strategy to work together with others to make things right.”

Virgo as a sign is all about cleansing, healing, purifying, and illuminating. Whatever place Virgo might fall in your chart, you’re likely to experience a core need for these energies of transformation and insight throughout every aspect of your life.

And for sun sign Virgos, SEX is an important tool that can bring you extra levels of healing, satisfaction, and spiritual connection with others — as long as you are with the right person in a situation that feels right to you.
Don’t settle for second best if something isn’t aligned in your love life!



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