The Lipstick Mystic’s® Guide to Time Traveling, Healing the Time Body, and Finding the Best Possible Timeline (While Others Do the Apocalypso Dance)

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Are you ready to release negative programming like those “End Times” fake predictions or Mayan 2012/2013 End of the World scenarios?

Do you realize that beliefs in Armageddon, Earth changes, alien invasions and other disasters are harming you?

People are being spiritually poisoned by this stuff. And believing that any one particular “future” is destined to happen is absolute BULLSHIT.

I know, because I was a professional, full-time time traveler for over a decade.

In my new book, I share my many adventures in time. I describe my work with over 10,000 people, when I’d help them detect different timelines that they were creating through thought, habit, and action. I give you the fascinating teachings that the time guardians have shared with me. And I tell you about the various forces, some human and some not so human, that are conspiring to herd humanity along the worst possible timeline.

Change your energy, reclaim your spiritual sovereignty, and you change your timeline. It’s easy!

To help you do this, I also give you a powerful self-healing technique to heal your time body, one of the many subtle energy bodies that surrounds your physical body. Most people who are having problems in their life have major damage to their time body, only they don’t realize it. The good news is that with some very simple work, done over a series of weeks (or months if you have a lot of damage) you can fix this!

Throughout the book you’ll also learn how important it is to “fire your gods” and expel spiritual poisons that have conditioned you to believe that you need to ascend in your light body (that’s DEATH, people!) or sit around waiting for bad things to happen just because some ancient prophet who couldn’t afford clean underwear made a crappy prophecy thousands of years ago.

You’re MUCH more powerful at creating positive outcomes for yourself — and for this planet — than you realize.

So let’s get going! Join me on a sometimes shocking, frequently humorous, and passionate journey through time.

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You can also order it at Barnes and Noble’s online store.

****** Read the First 25 Pages of the Book for Free ******

You can also read the first 25 pages of the book for free. This includes the juicy Table of Contents.

It’s a PDF file. You’ll need a program like Adobe’s free Reader program that will allow you to read PDF files.

Grab your preview of the book here:

Click here to instantly download the First 25 Pages of The Lipstick Mystic’s® Guide to Time Traveling

When you click on that link, the file will instantly download to your computer. The file is named The-Lipstick-Mystics-Guide-to-Time-Traveling-Excerpt.pdf Remember to save it somewhere on your computer where you’ll remember — maybe just save it to your desktop for easy reference.

Listen to Me Rant About the Book on Youtube

I’ve uploaded a 20 minute audio giving you some of the juicy scoop about my real life adventures as a full-time professional time traveler, plus I read you an exclusive excerpt from the book. Listen to the audio here: Lipstick Mystic on Youtube. Be warned – there are some four letter words about half-way in, since I’m reading directly from my book!

Kindle, Nook Versions Available Soon

I’m also making the book available on Kindle and for the Nook — I used to say “soon” but it’s taken so long, a more appropriate prediction would be — “eventually!”

Thanks so much for all the incredible support my readers have been giving me as I worked to get this book out! I know you’ll love it.

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