So Here’s What Jesus Told Me – Part One

So I was talking to Jesus the other day . . . I know, I know, how can that be, right? I mean, this is a woman who posted a cranky, cussing menstrual rant the other day and is obviously FAR from perfect or enlightened.

Wait a minute. Did I ever say I was perfect or enlightened? I think not! :)

Seriously, I consider it my job to just relay information that I receive from a variety of cool sources ranging from Mother Earth to my cats to a local tree to some nice nature devas who stop by with some teachings to, yes, even Mr. J. himself (and who is quite lovely and horribly misunderstood). Because sometimes when I’m sitting down to meditate and clear myself out and connect with healing energies, he stops by as a guest teacher with some helpful information.

My relationship with Mr. J. is a long, long story. I’ve been carefully collecting his teachings in what I hope will become a really helpful and inspiring book for you to read one day; plus I’ve been posting information about him on discussion forums on and off over the years. But here’s the Cliff Notes about him if you’re interested:

* I’ve been able to gradually gain conscious recall of a past life in which I briefly knew and worked with him, helping to organize some gatherings where he was teaching people in caves; I was a woman in that lifetime and his energy and incredible, loving spirit and humorous intelligence made an enormous impression on me; I saw he was the ultimate white wizard or white sorcerer, truly amazing;

* In ensuing lifetimes I then tried to reconnect with his energy in more primitive ways, often ending up in a church situation like a monastery or a nunnery, where his original teachings had unfortunately been so twisted and perverted, resembling nothing that the original Gnostics or first students of Jesus followed, that sometimes I went off track spiritually in those lifetimes due to absorbing misinformation from the church about what he was and what he wasn’t;

* In this lifetime, having grown up in a loosely Christian but non-church-going family, I sat down at the age of 16 and sincerely asked to know the “truth” about him, to really learn about who he was and what his energy was; I wasn’t sure if I should be going to church or if there was something I needed to be doing regarding him to be a truly good person;

* This meditation led to a surprise visit by him, and I was given such an enormous glimpse of his vast, advanced, altruistic love, filtered through the human empathy of a being who had incarnated as a human (compared to the angels, who are also pure love but most of whom have never lived in a physical body) that it immediately reconnected me with my OWN ability to tap into Great Spirit/A Higher Power etc. Jesus was clear that I shouldn’t be praying to him but be accessing something even higher, more infinite and loving than him, although looking back on it, he didn’t call this “God” as you might have expected; in retrospect, given all I’ve learned since about how we need to be “firing our gods” and banishing our twisted notions of needing to enslave ourselves to a Lord or a Master or a clinical psychopath like Yawheh/Jehovah clearly is, this makes perfect sense; he was encouraging me to connect with the creative energy of the universe in a different way, without those old, crusty, religious filters;

* After that my psychic abilities opened up enormously, I spent a year living in a cloud of truly altruistic love, and life changed for me. I also began to attract a lot of attention from various dark entities like grays, the military industrial lodge complex, and worse, and I had to fight off that stuff for the next 27 years; often I called in Jesus, and I also learned how to work with the protective power of Mother Earth’s energies and the nature helpers. Also a Celtic shaman came into my life to offer loads of help and teach me psychic street smarts and kickass psychic self-defense, which I’ve also tried to teach to other people over the years who are under psychic attack from dark beings. There are dark beings in the lower astral planes who “police” psychically gifted people, especially when their hearts are very open and their minds are very vulnerable and they haven’t yet learned how to discern between dark beings and good beings; that’s when they get into a lot of trouble!

* From time to time in the years since then Jesus sometimes stops by to teach me things or share information with me; and it’s always lovely to reconnect with him. He’s also quite heartbroken about all the garbage and lies associated with him, not to mention the millions of people who have been slaughtered in his name. He also can’t believe that people are pretending to drink his blood every weekend in the gory ritual of Communion, which is black magic, people! Blood letting, ritual sacrifice of people or animals, and also PRETENDING or emulating blood drinking as you do in Communion are all classic black magic techniques connecting you with nasty lower astral beings. Go into a church with your psychic eyes open and it’s a fucking nightmare; usually lots of grays standing near the altar, sucking energy off of people as they come up to the priest to get their Communion wafers and ritual blood/wine; some Nordics hanging around draining people’s energy, sometimes some snakes or reptilian beings, too. Nasty stuff. A minister or priest should offer psychic protection to his congregation, he shouldn’t be setting them up to get vampirized. But everything good and real that has to do with true spirituality is always hijacked and distorted by organizations and religions who have set themselves up as sole custodians of these religions. So most people haven’t a clue that they’re pretty much doing Darth Vader stuff instead of Obiwan Kenobi stuff when they go to church. It’s very, very sad, and so disrespectful of what the real Jesus taught and practiced.

Since this is getting kind of long I’m going to break this material up into three sections. In Part Two I want to talk about the hijacking of the Yule holiday and how Christmas was artificially inserted as an ill-fitting overlay on top of a very specific time for energies that have NOTHING to do with celebration, sharing gifts, running around like a lunatic trying to travel and visit with all your family, going broke from buying presents, and all the usual jazz that most Christians fall victim to at this time of year. Then in Part Three I’ll share what Jesus taught me the other day, just some interesting insights about stuff, things I myself am still learning about.

You’ll find part two of this series here:

So Here’s What Jesus Told Me — Part Two

And part three will be posted on Christmas Day. See you there!



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