So Here’s What Jesus Told Me – Part Three

So yeah, sometimes Jesus tells me stuff. This doesn’t mean I’m a) perfect b) enlightened or c) special. It just means I’ve gradually developed both my psychic “listening” skills (because whenever a cool teacher is around, it’s my job to LISTEN and get out of my little monkey mind and PAY ATTENTION)! And it also means that I’ve become familiar with his wonderful energies, for a variety of reasons. For more about this, see parts one and two of this article series:

So Here’s What Jesus Told Me – Part One

So Here’s What Jesus Told Me – Part Two

I have loads of cool stuff I’ve learned from him over the years and have collected about a gazillion of pages of notes which one day I PROMISE to publish for you in their entirety. In the meantime, I think I’ll get in the habit of sharing up-to-the minute teachings I receive from him so that you can enjoy these now.

As with all information a psychic type of chick shares with you, measure this stuff through your own “truth filter” and discern for yourself what bits and pieces might be useful to you. Don’t set me up as your prophet, your guru, or your channeler (’cause I don’t let entities take over my body, thank you very much, that’s psychic possession!) And don’t make me your god because you WILL be disappointed. Most people can’t embrace the idea of a spiritual teacher who farts on occasion and has angry menstrual rants and a variety of her own STUFF to deal with; so rather than set up an impossible dynamic of “ME ENLIGHTENED SPIRITUAL TEACHER, YOU CLUELESS PEON WHO MUST LICK MY TOES” let’s just do away with that nonsense, shall we? And let me get to the point. Because, believe it or not, I do have one. Or two. I’m bad at math.

Jesus Doesn’t Scream at You Like a Demon Holding a Hissy Fit – Just So You Know

Whenever I’m meditating and asking for teachings or guidance that might be helpful to me (and hopefully to other people as I publish them), I’m amazed at the very cool range of teachers who will come through. It’s like a rotating cast of guest characters doing cameo appearances. I never know who is going to pop in with some ideas for me to ponder. I try to set the intention that any rambling, ongoing questions I have going on, stuff that has been rattling around in my brain lately, is sort of the main theme of the meditation, and that I’d appreciate any help in getting clear answers and insights on these topics.

Jesus’ presence is always incredibly sweet, soft, gentle and non-intrusive. He sort of comes around and says, “Hey, I have some ideas for you if you want to sit down and talk for a minute.”

The whole thing is very different from the deceptive entity that once posed as Jesus and told poor Helen Schucman that she HAD to IMMEDIATELY write everything down, with this disembodied voice essentially SCREAMING at her, and the ensuing notes became the horrific Course in Miracles. That “Course” has led to so much chronic diassociation, schizophrenia and dysfunction in its students that I’ve lost track of how many nice spiritual seekers I’ve known who went bonkers from studying it after a while. Helen Schucman herself spent the past two years of her life cycling into increasingly paranoid and depressive schizophrenic states. Hint: the real Jesus don’t make you nuts; he makes you happier, opens your heart up (even if that means you have to cry a little bit to get it open again if it’s gotten crusty and closed shut) and gives you helpful, protective energy. Just thought I’d mention that. There are a lot of deceptive entities posing as Jesus in the lower astral.

Put it this way: if it shouts at you, if it induces a sense of panic or fear, or it induces grandiosity and mania, THAT’S NOT JESUS, okay?

Anyway, Jesus and I usually go into a shared place together so we can sit and chat; he likes to revisit the garden of Gethsemane, which was and is a real place; in his day he loved to watch the birds and small mammals who would come and eat the fallen fruit coming off the trees (in these visions I mostly see sweet, ripened dates and figs on the ground.) So we sit in the lovely ambiance of the trees and animals and chat.

Some Things Jesus Shared

We talked about a lot of things and although I took notes I’m afraid I’m going to forget the larger contexts of some of the subjects we discussed, so I’m going to go through my notes and just give you the bullet points from our discussion:

* This universe was apparently created by ANOTHER universe. This universe was designed as a place for creator beings to come and create. Everything in this universe is sentient and alive; and we’re all connected by something called the golden fractal, which is a multidimensional way of looking at how we are all both INSIDE each other as well as EXTERNAL to each other. I don’t understand the golden fractal stuff all that well yet; he first began telling me about it within the past year. He says — to keep things very simple — that if you’re feeling disconnected from the idea of love, feeling paranoid or closed off to other people, or you’re feeling a little “lost” spiritually (perhaps because you’ve been letting go of old notions of a bearded, psychopathic God in the sky and are trying instead to connect with a loving higher power or Great Spirit or Force,) if you invoke the golden fractal and ask it to guide you or heal you, you’ll feel lovely energy come in and your soul will immediately brighten up as you remember how connected you are to the other kind beings of this universe.

* As I’ve been shown many times over the years, this universe unfortunately has problems with periodic incursions from an antimatter universe which does NOT belong here; it’s actually trying to overwrite this universe like rogue code; its energy is INVERSE to creation; anti-creation, anti-love. The antimatter incursion has been a problem in many dimensions in this universe and on many worlds. Humanity has been horribly affected by various beings who are themselves controlled by antimatter energy at this point (like the “archons” or negatively oriented grays/reptilians/Nordics). But even THOSE beings (grays and whatnot) are basically secondary patients who were overtaken by the antimatter stuff. It’s all very complicated and very much like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings — that’s where all those stories and myths come from, they’re based in memories surfacing of what’s really been going on for a long time.

* You can invoke the golden fractal energy as a way of casting out the antimatter stuff and the beings who work with antimatter vibrations.

* The shamanic traditions of the native Polynesians or Hawaiians, lumped into the word “Huna,” offer some helpful ideas to assist us with connecting with the golden fractal. One of the main principles of Huna involves something called Ho’oponopono; that’s another idea I’ve explored from time to time over the years but still need to fully work at understanding. Ho’oponopono means “to make right” or to correct unbalanced energies, which is a core concept of all the world’s shamanic traditions. Basically the idea here is if you want to heal something OUTSIDE you, say, like all these horrific school shootings and violence in the outer world, focus on healing it INSIDE you. Because we exist as a hologram, with the larger world echoed inside of us. A basic Ho’oponopono prayer to heal violence in the world might be: “As I heal the wounds that cause anger and hatred and murderous feelings inside me, so are they healed in the outer world.” If you want to focus on healing something in your family, like if your parents are fighting all the time, a prayer might be: “I heal my parents tendency to fight by healing my own tendency to take offense, act out, or enter into a rage.”

The idea being that you focus on how the MACROCOSM of outer events is mirrored in the MICROCOSM of what’s going on INSIDE YOU. Because it’s all connected. Those relatively small psychic battles you’re going through internally are also going on in a larger way in the broader, outside world.

You can approach any global issue this way. Heal economic problems outside you by focusing on healing the core or the root of poverty consciousness inside of you. Start by healing whatever inside YOU doesn’t allow YOU to value yourself; and then perhaps others outside will start to value others more. There’s a link, an interconnectedness. It’s very much a “macro” way of working on healing the world but at the same time it also addresses the “micro” or the personal level. Jesus says that bound in the traditions of the Huna shamans (and sadly there are very few alive today teaching their wonderful traditions to outsiders) are many authentic and wonderful healing traditions that can really help us, and Ho’oponopono prayer and the golden fractal weave together in mysterious and beautiful ways.

Jesus always gives me really cool stuff to think about as my latest “assignment!” Although he’s far too cool to say, “You have to study this or do that.” It’s more like he ignites my own enthusiasm to study and discover MORE and then I go off and explore on my own and check in with him again about it later on when I’m ready.

* As part of the many unfortunate psychic wounds humanity has suffered from, including a lot of psychic “miswiring” that has been done by antimatter energies and the beings who work with antimatter/antilove/anticreation vibrations, humans have lost the sense of who they are. Animals don’t have this. I remember when we adopted M, our beloved and fierce little bobcat, whose persona and mannerisms I just couldn’t figure out until I asked her one day, “What’s up with you?” And she explained to me that she was a bobcat trapped in the tiny body of a domestic cat in this lifetime, and she was PISSED about it. As I learned to always honor the wonderful bobcat who had come to live with us, she taught us a lot. Mostly I learned to see how she held her energy in a very different way than even my other domestic cats did. She still had so many strong memories of being wild, of being sovereign and free and independent in her lifetime as a bobcat, that she was more HERSELF than any other being I’ve ever known. It’s hard to describe.

But I understood what Mr. J was saying when he said that humans have lost a vital sense of who they are, of groundedness and clarity and confidence in some primordial way. Because M the cat HAD it. She was confident and lived without fear. She lived without neuroses. She lived with clarity and balance. Unfortunately we lost her to sudden kidney failure just a few months after we adopted her, but she didn’t really want to live out her retirement in this house with so many other cats, so I had to say goodbye to this precious bobcat way too soon. She made it to about 15 years of age.

Why Humans Don’t Know Who They Are and Are So Uncomfortable with Themselves

* Jesus explained this idea a bit more. It’s like we have an inverse force field that we carry within our auras, manipulated by the various negative archons and their influences (which have poisoned humanity for thousands of years and shaped our physiology and psychology in terrible ways). So instead of being like M the cat who fearlessly and confidently walked into new situations, without fear, without adjusting or changing who she was, always FULLY BEING HERSELF, humans go into a new situation from a position of weakness and self-attack.

Instead of being ourselves 100%, without apology or concern, we instead AMPUTATE and ADJUST who we are to fit the situation. So we minimize parts of ourselves or edit them out in an attempt to fit in, to avoid social taboos, to avoid attack, to maximize chances of finding or attracting a mate, to avoid social censure or scolding from our parents or our “tribe.” And this happens completely unconsciously and automatically, without us even thinking about it. It’s ALREADY HAPPENING the minute we interact with another person. This can be a person we already know and love or it can be a stranger. It doesn’t matter. We amputate parts of our vital being out of fear. This fear comes from thousands of years of war, of religious oppression, and tribal “policing” of its members — i.e, don’t do this or that or you’ll be thrown out of the tribe.

The bobcat, on the other hand, has no tribe and doesn’t worry about being thrown out of the tribe. The bobcat is 100% authentic about who she or he is. This is how wild animals are. It’s how we SHOULD be and could be and perhaps, originally, once were — until we became a terrified little weasel race of chickenshits. (Forgive the confusing metaphor, but how many times are you going to get a chance to put weasels and chickenshits into the same sentence? :) I had to seize the moment.)

Humans have lots of implants, which can be physical technology and also “esoteric” technology that sits in your auric field, transmitting feelings of disruption and fear and displacement from self. And we also usually have negative entity attachments we’ve picked up various places, as well as loads of cultural and religious mind control and negative conditioning from our tribe. All of these things act as a mechanism that ends up making us AFRAID to be who we are; then, when we attempt to figure out who we really are, the tribe immediately attacks and polices us and usually gets us to feel shame, self-doubt, and self-criticism, so we shut down and shut up and stop the process of spreading our wings and becoming our true selves in this world.

I’m told we’re here to CREATE and to expand our consciousness and our awareness and to embrace new ways of being that arise from a genuine sense of fun, play, invention, and joy. But life on this planet, controlled by so many antimatter influences, conspires to lock us down and keep us suspended in vibrations of fear and lack — which totally aren’t necessary since this planet is so richly abundant in just about everything we could ever want or need.

So. . . try meditating on the idea of expelling everything and anything that is keeping you locked into fear, locked into feelings of impossibility, or locked into the belief that being YOURSELF (that’s YOU, not what other people want you to be or need you to be) is somehow wrong or bad or inappropriate.

Examples: “I expel all non-organic entities, implants, influences and programs. I bring in energy to enhance and expand my vital self, my true self, my authentic self.”

It’s a complex web of influences that keep us from being the brave, confident, beautiful wildcats that we were meant to be. Humans have adopted a false doctrine of assuming that natural instincts, natural creative drives, natural expression are somehow BAD and in need of repression. But, other than those psychopaths who walk among us, most people, if allowed to be who they REALLY are, and if permitted and encouraged to expand and grow, would end up being healthy, powerful, and good beings, who could contribute great things to a rich society.

Connecting with the idea of the golden fractal isn’t just about connecting with others; it’s about plugging into a vast energy and the collective wisdom, kindness, and evolutionary force of this wonderful universe. We need to spread our wings, not let society clip them before we’ve even tried to leave the nest.

These are some of the main concepts Jesus was talking about with me. I know I myself have loads more to discover and experiment with regarding some of these ideas, and I invite you to engage in your own explorations.

Maybe if we can lose our fear and our garbage programming together, we can start our own Bobcat Club in honor of M the Cat and the incredibly vibrant energy she had. She was, in a word, more ALIVE than any other being I’ve had the privilege to know, grounded in her body, at peace within herself, and filled with courage, humor, and a sense of balance. I was very lucky to know her, and what Jesus shared with me the other day completely aligns with what I observed in the brief time that I got to interact with my dear little bobcat.

Basically, if we can learn to be our authentic selves and get rid of the false overlays that the tribe, society, religion, and those nasty “custodial” beings (the negative critters we could call archons, ET’s, interdimensional beings, demons, or even just rogue psychic forces that no longer serve our highest good) have imposed upon us … we can be on the way to experiencing real magic, real joy, and real health during the precious time we get to spend in these amazing and flexible physical bodies.

So let’s make the most of it, shall we?

Thanks for reading!

PS: This article contains some themes that relate to this piece, including how women especially are conditioned to NEGATE themselves, to edit themselves, to regard their natural instincts as somehow wrong or bad or “selfish” — which is all part of the psychic poisoning humanity is suffering from on a larger level: Women Need to Heal from Self-Sacrificial Patterns

There’s a BIG difference between tapping into wonderful, loving feelings of altruism and doing nice things for others and NEGATING OR AMPUTATING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF, which is what society (and religions in particular) so often seem to require of their women. This is especially common with so much backlash against “feminism,” with people turning that into an evil word for some reason. I don’t get it. I mean, since when does my being a fully self-aware, self-actualized woman detract from your manhood or whatever? How does ME BEING ME detract from YOU BEING YOU? Shouldn’t you be taking care of that? :) I’m just saying!

Being supportive of women and wanting to heal the psychic wounds women around the world are STILL suffering from does not in any way make you anti-men or anti-male. In fact, men are a key part of the equation; we can’t change how women are treated until we have men on board who, you know, don’t want to beat, imprison, and put on trial a woman just because she dares to give a man water and that man happened NOT to be her husband (as happened recently in Mali as the fundamentalist Muslims there continue to terrorize women living in that country). We need MEN to stand up WITH US to stop this shit. *end mini-rant*



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