So Here’s What Jesus Told Me – Part Two

If you missed part one, where I talk about my history of having cool experiences with Jesus, you might want to check it out here: So Here’s What Jesus Told Me – Part One.

Before I share the interesting things Jesus was telling me the other day, I want to talk about this whole Christmas mess. And yes, it is a mess, the way Christians celebrate it.

Mithras Was Born of a Virgin, Died on a Cross, Had 12 Disciples

Before Christianity happened, the Romans living in the Middle East as they were expanding their empire had a popular god they were worshipping for a while called Mithras. Mithras was born of a virgin. He had a last supper with his 12 disciples. He ascended to heaven after dying on the cross. His followers connected with him not by drinking his blood (as in Christian Communion) but in slaughtering a bull ritualistically on an altar and drinking IT’S blood. (Poor thing. The things that we do to animals in our own misguided pursuit of wanting to attract “favor” from the “gods.”)

Mithras was born on. . . wait for it. . .December 25th.

Does any of this sound eerily familiar to you?

None of this stuff had anything to do with the real Jesus, who was an actual man, and who was not only a very advanced spiritual being, but he was really a kickass white sorcerer or white magician. I know because I’ve been able to gradually regain recall of a lifetime in which I briefly met him and helped organize some gatherings where he taught people basic things about life, nature, and love in a network of caves. (See my first article for more info about this.) He’s also extremely powerful in the spiritual planes and yes, you can invoke him if you need help, guidance, spiritual protection, or assistance with reconnecting with your OWN sense of a divine intelligence, Great Spirit, Force, or what have you. (Avoid invoking “God” because that conjures up that psychopath Yahweh/Jehovah and all the crap that entity indoctrinated people with for thousands of years. That will just throw you off, spiritually speaking. Jesus can help you get clear about how to go spiritually “online” in the right, healthiest, most grounded and loving way. Oh, and watch out for that “Sananda/ascended master” asshole. He has blue eyes and a hypnotic gaze, looks very Caucasian; he’s a pretender from the lower astral planes who likes to blast people with intense energy and mesmerize them into thinking he’s Jesus. The real Jesus has chestnut brown hair, is very Semitic looking, has darker eyes, and radiates love and good humor. He’s also surprisingly short!)

Weirdly, the Romans at one point decided to co-opt the idea of Jesus and graft his likeness onto what would become the Roman Catholic Church. And they added all kinds of weird stuff from their worship of Mithras into the equation.

The Gnostics Didn’t Drink Jesus’ Blood, and They Were His Original Students

Most people don’t know that the Gnostics, who were the first students of Jesus and their extended students, didn’t do all that weird stuff that later became part of the Catholic religion. They didn’t drink his blood in the black magic ritual of Communion, for example. (Some of the Roman-influenced ones of the later period may have, but his ORIGINAL students did not.) They didn’t eat his flesh, either. I mean, c’mon! That’s all a bastardized combination of vampirism (blood drinking) and cannibalism (zombie territory). It’s such a horrific spiritual violation, the most rude and evil warping of what this amazing spiritual teacher brought to the world. So stop it, already! Communion is CRAP. If you want to connect with the wonderful energies of Jesus, just open your heart, ask him to come in and guide you and help you, and voila! You’ll feel BETTER! This is not rocket science. And it’s not black magic, either, but the churches have so conditioned people to do weekly black magic at their religious ceremonies and accept it as normal that they don’t even notice it anymore.

The Gnostics also very carefully passed on what Jesus had taught them about dark beings called archons who had two main forms, a shape that looked exactly like the classic gray alien of Close Encounters fame and a reptilian type of entity. Jesus taught them that these beings basically “police” genuine spiritual seekers, harassing them as they open up psychically, and they think they “own” humanity and the Earth. Spiritual practice should ideally involve not just opening yourself up to a more loving and enlightened point of view; it also requires psychic street smarts and learning how to do real exorcisms on behalf of this planet and the poor people who have become riddled with negative entities — that’s what Jesus did. And it’s something he has also taught me to do, although several shamanic traditions I’ve studied also taught me how to do this.

Yule – A Time for Stillness, Sobriety, and Preparation in Case You Need to Fight Off Darkness

Jesus was born in the spring. He tells me that he was an Aries, which makes sense, given that there was so much talk about him being the “Lamb of God” and Aries is the Ram, which in infant form is a lamb. Also Aries is the most innocent sign of the zodiac and it attracts people who have the most amazing sense of clarity and hope and innocence; life is often very tough for them since they’re not good at dealing with hidden agendas and subterfuge and lies, which is normal for most other humans. His clarity and his ability to reconnect other people with their innocence and purity when he gave them healings was very Aries-like.

In his healings he was essentially reconnecting people with their spiritual perfection, which in turn healed their physical body. This involved blasting away layers of deeply-engrained self-hatred, shame, believing that they were evil “sinners,” etc. and returning to a grounded place of self-love, which allowed them to tap into the infinitely loving energies of the Universe and basically heal themselves. Jesus removed blockages preventing people from tapping into this loving field of energy. He can still help you with this from the higher planes now, just ask him to guide you.

So why are we celebrating his birthday at Christmas in December? Oh yeah, back to the Catholic Church and how it purposefully hijacked all the REAL holy days or holidays with things that complicated the energies or distorted the energies.

That brings us to the time the indigenous peoples of the world honored as a powerful but sometimes very intense time: the Yule holiday. Yule is celebrated at the winter solstice; it’s usually around December 21st. This year it happens at exactly 6:12 am Eastern time on December 21st, when the sun enters Capricorn. It’s the “shortest day of the year” in the northern hemisphere, when the dark hours are briefly longer than the daylight hours. It’s a heavy time, an intense time. Not usually a very happy time. This is because it’s a time for being careful and gathering together with your families QUIETLY to face the shadows together. It can be a good time for reflection, for healing, and even for sharing simple meals together, but the one thing Yule is NOT is a time to run around like an idiot drinking yourself silly and having fights, extreme emotional outbursts, huge shows of presents and the social and familial pressure to give presents, and all that nonsense. The time for that type of happier, sillier, carefree celebration should be the summer solstice, which is when those energies of peace and plenty are strong.

So we have everything fucking reversed. People in the southern hemisphere, who are experiencing their summer solstice around the Christmas holiday, have it a bit better because they are at least tapping into the real energies of the summer solstice — more celebratory and fun. But here in the northern hemisphere we are completely messing things up by celebrating an expensive, extroverted, manic type of holiday at a time when the natural energies of the Earth are urging us to be introspective, quiet, and to turn inwards to seek insight and connect with spiritual protection and guidance.

So, if you live in the northern hemisphere and you have grown to fucking hate the Christmas “holiday” because, deep down, you sense that there is something very wrong about it, you’re right! Jesus wasn’t born in December, so it’s crazy to celebrate his birthday now. And with the dark hours being so strong and lots of nasty astral critters trying to trick us and slime us at this time of year, we need to be on our guard, not running around frantically at airports and driving too fast and drinking too much and being horrifically over-extended in every way, emotionally and financially. That’s just asking for trouble.

Yule can be a beautiful day; a peaceful day, a time to be inside, to gather up your strength for the coming winter, and a time to give thanks for the abundance in your life. It is NOT a time to run around like a lunatic at a last minute Christmas sale trying to find a bargain on some damned toy to give to your already-spoiled-rotten, overly indulged, child.

In Part Three I promise to get to the interesting stuff Jesus was telling me about the other day. Stay tuned! (Note: Part three of this series will be posted on Christmas Day.)

Update: You’ll find part three here: So Here’s What Jesus Told Me — Part Three



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