So There Was Another Serious Attempt on My Life Monday

So there was another serious attempt on my life Monday. I’ve spent all week working on self-healing and serious, kick ass, self-defense techniques to attempt to recover from the worst of the damage, which affected me (unfortunately) to a strong degree on a physical level.

I debated about posting on this. I mean, many of my readers, who come from the New Age and/or alternative communities, need their metaphysical writers and teachers to appear:

* Invincible (and thus, seemingly aligned with the “right” energies)

* Perfect

* Not subject to any personal, financial, or physical vulnerability —– because if they are dealing with lots of “stuff” they’re not worth listening to, reading, etc., right? :)

That’s not how I roll.

I’m on a lot of “hit” lists at the moment.

From the best I can discern, these include, but are not limited to:

* Stuart Wilde’s followers who have taken over his “empire” and who fancy themselves dark lords of the lower astral/lower etheric (Kris Krepcik, Tom Linderle, et al, I’m talking to you! :) ) You lovely rat bastards!

* Various energies/entities you might call “archonic” — i.e., the various angels/demons/lords/ascended masters/yoga entities/Reiki entities I’ve been exposing for the past 27 years or so.

* Just general “trolls” who hate astrology writers, psychic chicks, WOMEN ON THE INTERNET, etc. (These are the ones responsible for a DOS attack to my website a few weeks ago, I would imagine.)

Then there are the really nasty subconscious/esoteric entities and forces that many of my really lovely and sweet clients, those who have purchased consults from me, are still linked into; and they are working to unhook from these psychic alignments or spiritual contracts/agreements, which have usually been going on for many lifetimes, and which are REALLY intense; I try to help people clear out this stuff, and for my troubles, I deal with ongoing, relentless, psychic attack; and I DON’T build that into my “fees” for consults, either, which is KIND OF A PROBLEM! :) When you have an ancient contract with an ultradimensional/extradimensional entity who feels, at this point, that it OWNS YOU….and then you find my articles talking about how removing contracts and agreements with these entities is VITAL to freeing up your spiritual sovereignty, health, wealth, etc…….and you work with me on doing this…..guess what? I get hit with ALL YOUR CRAP! :) How fun for me! (Not! ) Those entities can grab people and leave “abduction” marks — I work with lots of people and healer types who are trying to help their clients/patients expel ties to negative entities and “gods” and “lords” — and for their troubles, they receive things like horrific marks on their bodies and trauma to their bodies, visible in photographs people send me (and I’ve also dealt with this). Because there are a whole HOST of entities who think they OWN HUMANITY and OWN HUMAN SOULS. And when someone comes along to show you the falsehood of that, the deception and lies of that religious/esoteric/metaphysical programming, we often get hit REALLY HARD by these esoteric bullies.

Put it this way: how many heart attacks are YOU willing to go through, along with the accompanying healing to your body and problems with your daily health/wealth/life, to simply show people the truth of these esoteric bullies? (Call them archons, ET’s, ultradimensionals, interdimensionals — I don’t care. The best term I’ve found is “rat bastards.”)

Anyway, it’s been an INTERESTING time. And please know that, if you work with the ideas I teach here, you are challenging an entire NETWORK of entities and programming that does NOT PLAY NICE. Stay strong. Don’t give in to bullies. Don’t give up.

Otherwise, humanity will never recover its immense power as spiritually sovereign creator beings who have AMAZING abilities to anchor positive, progressive, creative energies on this much-attacked planet, and for all of her kind creatures, who choose to live here.



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