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As I’ve mentioned in recent posts, I’m in the process of giving birth to an elephant — I mean, a book. It’s still coming down the birth canal, kicking and screaming. As you might guess, this is keeping me extremely busy, distracted, and agitated. Which makes writing new posts here somewhat impossible.

I will return to making regular posts here soon, though, so don’t worry! And in the meantime, I wanted to point you toward two cool things to read.

One is a fabulous, kick ass blog from a former Jehovah’s Witness — the same lady who wrote a wonderful expose about her torturous years in the cult in this past guest article which I posted here: Cult Survivor Reveals Information About the Cult of Jehovah’s Witness. Gabrielle has her own blog called My Heathen Heart — Fighting Crime At the Source: Religion. She posts wonderful stuff there so go visit it NOW, okay?

When you’ve finished checking out her site, I’d love for you to take a peek at a fascinating site with loads of real photographs of devas/fairies: I haven’t had a time to check out the entire site but so far I think the site owner describes real faerie encounters very well, and the photos collected there are quite fascinating. They kind of connect with what I talked about earlier in my posts here: Spirit Photography and here: Art with Entities: Faces, Devas, and Angels.

So — go on, now. Go have some fun!



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