Understanding Schizophrenia and Getting Rid of Implants

Some years ago I was doing some shamanic healing work on a wonderful young man who had been diagnosed by “conventional” psychiatric professionals as being on the schizophrenic spectrum. He was troubled by many sleep disturbances and also occasionally saw “demons,” which was very distressing for him as he felt he was in a state of spiritual warfare all the time.

In the past I had had some success curing people who had been diagnosed as schizophrenic of many of their worst symptoms, including the tendency to hear intrusive voices or see things that they didn’t want to see (scary stuff like demonic beings or discarnates).

Spiritual Causes of Schizophrenia

* As I’ve written about before, what’s called schizophrenia is often just natural, extremely strong psychic ability that is uncontrolled and thus unpleasant for that person. The person is too psychically open and hasn’t found a reliable way to shut it down. Nobody is meant to be psychically open all the time. That WILL drive you crazy! :) Instead, people need to learn simple spiritual protocol as they learn to access their psychic abilities. A big part of doing ANY type of psychic or spiritual work includes CLOSING DOWN THE HEALING CIRCLE or meditation circle at the end of the session. Otherwise, you’re just leaving a doorway open in your physical space, and anything can come in. You can close things down through clear intention, by visualizing closing a door or shutting a window, or having some other system that feels simple and right to you. The idea is to create some type of “cue” that will let you return to waking consciousness and shut down the healing vortex you’ve created while doing your work. Learning how to do shamanic work, where you’re either doing a shamanic journey or invoking help to join you in the healing circle as a medicine man or medicine woman, is safer because you’re taught a protocol to do the work and then STOP the work. You don’t leave those psychic doorways open all the time; you return to your “day” life and resume a regular routine of doing normal things, without being psychically open while you’re cooking dinner or whatever!

There are a lot of psychic predators, energetic vampires, that will seize a moment like that, when people have left psychic doorways open, and come in to cause troubles since you haven’t shut things down. You need to find your OWN “off switch,” too, so you’re not in an Alpha state or a trance all the time. You need to return to full, waking consciousness and be fully grounded. People who aren’t able to do this, whose psychic senses are way too open, will sometimes hear voices or see things they don’t want to see or aren’t prepared to see. If this happens over a long period, it creates deterioration in that person’s quality of life, clarity of thought, and emotional balance.

One important thing: don’t leave crystals in your bed, or fall asleep using a crystal — that’s one major way that unwanted stuff can come in because you’re not awake and using the crystal in an intentional way; anything can come in! Working with a crystal is a bit like going on the Internet — it helps you to access pleasant “websites,” but if you’re not watching what you’re doing, you’ll end up accessing the dark side of the Internet. So always be intentional when using psychic tools.

* Another huge cause of schizophrenic symptoms is when the person has had major damage to the third eye and ajna chakras. This damage can come from past emotional pain or physical trauma and abuse.

Also, if this abuse happened in a PAST life, you might have to dig deeper to find the root cause because it might not appear obvious to you. Dying from a violent blow to the head in a past life can create what’s considered schizophrenia (or other forms of “mental illness”) in a future lifetime. Past life death wounds almost always leave a huge imprint on the energy field of a person, and as the person incarnates into a new body, they bring this old energy imprint with them. And this can create physical disabilities, handicaps, illness, or mental problems in the new lifetime.

* Another cause that creates schizophrenic symptoms is trauma from drug abuse, especially psychedelic use — ayahuasca being particularly bad, since it pries open the third eye with the equivalent of a crowbar. (Check out my series of articles about the dangers of ayahuasca or ayawaska and how to deal the damage to the third eye: Ayahuasca or Ayawaska.)

* When a person has sustained a lot of damage from trauma of some type, this also creates holes in that person’s auric field, and unwanted entities or “Klingons” can come in as attachments. These can be low level elementals, discarnate beings (human or animal) or really yucky entities on more of the demonic spectrum of inverse, void energy. Most of the time when a schizophrenic is troubled by hearing voices they don’t want to hear, it’s from demonic attachments. You can clear these out by blasting them with electric violet and/or using sound energy to clear them out of your system. I remotely worked on one man in his fifties who had been diagnosed as a lifelong schizophrenic, and he had a lot of entity attachments. I removed them, and for the first time in some thirty years, the voices went away. He was symptom free until — get this — he felt LONELY and invited the entities and voices back in again! (Don’t do that, folks!) :)

* And lastly, some people are troubled by voices and intrusive frequencies because these things are literally being “beamed into their head,” usually because they have some types of implants in their system. A lot of contrarians, artists, whistleblowers, social dissidents, controversial journalists, psychic researchers and others on the “cutting edge” are often targeted in this way, to make them think that they’re crazy and to shut them down, in one form or another. And some people who are just general spiritual seekers are also targeted by various negative beings that lurk in the lower astral, usually because these entities want to USE them in some way or take over their nervous system and spiritual energy for negative purposes. By putting implants in you, they can blast you with frequencies from the lower astral planes and get you to do all manner of things, especially if you’re too trusting and open. Their intention is to feast on your energy and get you all wound up into doing their bidding, manipulating you like the ultimate psychic puppet.

A Course in Miracles, channeled by Helen Schucman, was delivered in this way; she started out hearing a screaming, high-pitched voice that demanded that she take dictation. Instead of telling it to fuck off, she welcomed this presence and began channeling what would become A Course in Miracles. The “fruit” born by that nasty material was poor Helen spending the last two years of her life in a deep, psychotic depression. That’s what these entities do; they blast you with confusing energies and messages and try to appeal to your ego. Helen thought she was channeling Jesus — even though Jesus doesn’t communicate that way. Then, after they’ve used you up and spit you out, you’re left to suffer in a pile of misery and psychic damage.

When people have implants in their system, these can be physical implants, but more often, I’ve found that they are non-physical in origin. Think of them as a type of “ET” or demonic technology that a person can receive in their auric field, either because they have given it permission to come in (through dabbling with the dark side of the occult) or because they have been suicidal, drug addicted, or in some other way not fully “present” in their bodies. When you are absent from your body for long periods of time, other things can take control of the wheel. This happens with channelers, for example, who are inviting entities to take control of their vocal chords and bodies during channeling sessions. The kind beings of this universe honor spiritual law, and for them, it goes against spiritual law to do that to someone. So the only entities that come through when somebody is doing channeling are spiritually invasive ones with low consciousness and a lot of nasty tricks up their sleeves.

You can easily blast away these implants, disable and destroy them, and clear out the remaining energetic debris. Two good techniques include blasting them with electric violet, a powerful exorcism frequency. And another technique is to use sound vibration — a drum, rattle, bell, or chime, played directly over the areas where the implants are (or just throughout the aura if you don’t know exactly where the implant is). And then you use the sound vibration to drive it out. You can also use a combination of both techniques; electric violet to blast the implants to smithereens, and then sound vibration like drumming to expel all the debris from your system.

Um, would you believe I started out with the intention of writing an article about porcupines? How did it end up being about the spiritual causes of schizophrenia and a guide to removing etheric implants?

Well, the young man I mention at the top of the article had a porcupine as a power animal. I saw this immediately when I began working with him. I’d never seen someone with a porcupine as a power animal — more about what’s going on with porcupines, plus some cute porcupine propaganda, tomorrow! :)


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