Spiritual Significance of Cicadas and Messages of Mating

Here in the Northeast one group of cicadas is supposed to be out now. This is a particular group that appears briefly every 17 years, to mate and date and die.

We haven’t seen or heard any of them yet, though. This photo is of a cicada I saw two summers ago in August 2011 — a different type than the ones that will supposedly be turning up here soon.

I wrote about my sad encounter with this particular cicada back then. I’ll repost what happened below:

I was a bit surprised the other day to find an injured cicada on our front sidewalk. I didn’t think we had any cicadas this year.

I tried to find out what was wrong with him. He couldn’t seem to walk, although he could move his legs, and he couldn’t fly away. I’m afraid my honey or I might have stepped on him without realizing it, or maybe one of the cats chased him. I hadn’t ever gotten real close to a cicada like this one before – he had very pretty emerald colors.

I tried to give him some loving energy and healing vibes, and I asked him how badly injured he was. Basically I got that he was injured enough that he wouldn’t be able to return to living the way cicadas normally do, and since he couldn’t move around independently, it was a matter of time before he died of natural causes or predators got him. I had that difficult discussion with him, which was basically, “Do you want me to stomp on you to put you out of your misery, or would you like me to move you somewhere nice and private away from this sidewalk so you can eventually pass in peace?” (but possibly experience pain a lot longer).

We settled on me moving him to a very specific place near a tree he liked, not too far in the sunlight, not too far in the shade, so he would have some warmth and get to feel the nice energy of that tree as he died. I also gave him a lot of pink energy which is loving/pain relief energy to try to help ease his passing and take away as much pain as possible.

I’ve been learning a lot about insects this summer. I can’t always “communicate” with them psychically, but some days, my ability to do this is sharper than others. I really appreciated this pretty cicada and was sorry he was going to die. Sometimes I feel like I’m put in the role of “witness,” and my job is to honor the various creatures I encounter and try to learn more about what motivates them, what makes them suffer, and what makes them happy. For many creatures, a peaceful passing beneath a favorite tree is the best way to go, on a nice summer day with a bit of sunshine keeping them warm.

I’m also very aware when I’m in one of these “death bed” situations with an animal or a person how, in the end, we all face death alone. And if someone is nearby who can offer an extra bit of kindness or consideration, it can be very nice for that creature and provide comfort for them as they make that transition. Whether insect or human, we’re all part of the great cycle of life and death. (end my older blog post from August 2011)

Cicadas Are Attracted by Electromagnetic Fields

I remember some years ago when another batch of cicadas were around. We were already living out in the country then.

We went to a fund raising event for a hospital in Princeton, which was held outdoors. It was a hot, sticky, sweaty night, and we noticed that immediately when we drove into town, the cicadas were everywhere. They were dropping off of trees, filling up the sidewalks. At this outdoor cocktail party, it was kind of disgusting — you’d try to talk to somebody and a cicada would buzz them in the forehead or land on their hors d’euvres! We couldn’t believe how town was totally filled with cicadas.

And then we went back home to the country, and there were no cicadas at all. You’re always told that the cicadas are only in open, natural areas, with less density in the cities and towns. But we haven’t found that to be true at all.

Instead, we figured out that there was a connection between these cicada swarms and heightened electromagnetic frequencies. In a town with a lot more power stations and power lines, not to mention cell phone towers, the cicadas seem to enjoy “nesting” and clustering.

But out where we live, where there is relatively little ELF activity, the cicadas could hardly be detected.

So far this summer, the same thing appears to be true. No cicadas here, but loads of them in more densely populated towns around us.

A Cicada Asks Me for a Date

The funniest thing I experienced with a cicada was one summer when there were a few around. I think it was 2011, the same summer when I wrote about my encounter with a sick and injured cicada on my front sidewalk.

I had been pondering the spiritual energy of cicada or the shamanic essence of cicadas. They’re such an unusual life form, only arriving in bursts once every decade or so and then dying out until their life cycle revives years down the line. I wondered what the spiritual message of the cicada was, or its spiritual significance. Shamanic types like me honor all animals, fish, birds, reptiles and insects as teachers, and sometimes we work with them as spiritual guides or “power animals.” Had anybody ever had a cicada as a power animal before? What were the qualities and properties of cicadas?

I’d been ruminating on this and then went to bed that night. I woke up in the early morning to a VERY clear manifestation of a cicada, and I was in a sort of lucid dream space communicating with him. I had enough presence of mind to say, “What message do you have for me?” thinking I would possibly receive some great and wonderful wisdom from him.

But this cicada had one thing on his mind, and one thing only. He clearly said, “Will you mate with me?” Because the dude was on a schedule! The prime directive of cicadas after they emerge from the ground is to mate and procreate before their brief life cycle ends.

I was taken aback and said, “Um, no, that’s okay! I’m good! Best of luck to you!”

And the cicada abruptly took off to focus on stuff he needed to do!

So the main “message” of cicada may well be about excessive fertility, excessive clarity about the importance of sex and reproduction to perpetuate the species. This biological drive is in every species, but it would make sense that it has to be SUPER strong in a cicada, who has very little time and needs to get down to BUSINESS before its life cycle ends.

In some ways, I admired that cicada’s clarity of mind and purpose, too! :) He was on a mission, and he wasn’t going to sit around and gab with me about needless, abstract stuff. The dude had work to get to.



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