What’s Going on with Crows?

Dear Lipstick Mystic,

I read your section on animal messages. This may be overly specific, but whats the deal with crows? I live in a big city (Chicago), so I guess I mostly see squirrels and rats and birds, but I remember one specific time I was walking down the sidewalk and a crow stopped me in my tracks. It even had its head craned and was looking right at me. It was a huge fucker. I even snapped a photo of it. Now every time I see a crow (somewhat rare) I make a point to notice it, but…you know, whats the deal with crows?


Dear M.A.,

Thanks for writing. What a lovely crow pic you have there! Thanks for sharing it.

Crows are very psychic birds; there are lots of historic associations with them being a choice bird for wizard types, sorcerers, astrologers, etc. I find that they are very intelligent and have a stronger sense of “self” than many other birds.

For example, many birds have more of a group consciousness or a hive type of mind and prefer large flocks and huge communities. You’ll find that crows, on the other hand, live in small and highly social groups. And they have more of a sense of independence and free will than many other birds. Out here in the country, I generally observe them in about seven to nine birds per “murder” or group (the term for a flock of crows is a murder of crows.)

In a rural area like this one, they are very busy watching what’s going on with our local ley line, which is pretty strong and needs a lot of balancing —it’s an interdimensional point where both good stuff and bad stuff can come through, and we’re sort of guardians of these ley lines (doing our job as best we can!) When there is a spike in energy, or when certain entities — good or bad — are coming through, there is usually one “spotter” crow checking it out, and then he’ll “report back” to his group about it.

They are also very knowledgeable about things like what’s going on in a house, the history of the energy of an area, and so on; and in cities and towns they can develop quite a friendly and gossipy energy. One crow at a NJ beachside town spent all afternoon some years ago giving us the scoop on the various practitioners of the black arts who lived in his area, because we knew we could “hear” him!

Vocally he was chattering the whole time, while also sending strong images and clear responses to our questions. His territory was a local park where many tourists and locals spent time, and he caught our attention by jabbering at us in a very insistent way when we walked into the park. Sometimes I’m able to vocally mimic crows, so at first I tried to “talk” back to him that way, to let him know I wanted to communicate; then I focused on him telepathically and empathically to see if I could get thoughts and images from him.

Crows are more “human-like” like parrots, minah birds, and so on; they are generally interested in human society and the ones who live around humans develop more of a human-type personality, with many fun quirks.

If you’re seeing crows a lot, this has to do with you connecting with esoteric forces within yourself, or opening up psychically; crows take notice of the magicians within their midst.

Or the crows might be trying to show you an actual location or spot to pay attention to in that neighborhood, perhaps a location with a complex esoteric history for you to check out. Occasionally crows can be used as spies by REAL dark sorcerer types who look out through the crow’s eyes, using the crow for a type of “proxy” vision questing. But this tends to be rare.

Morally speaking, crows can serve either good OR evil, so always check out their energies and ask them, “Hey, what’s up? What are you doing? What can you tell me?”

If you are respectful of them and take time to communicate, they are usually quite happy to chat. Some of them will even gossip about any dark wizard or witch types they are “working for,” because they appreciate intelligent conversation and aren’t necessarily “loyal” to anybody but themselves!

I hope this is helpful!


Jennifer Shepherd aka Lipstick Mystic



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