Don’t Forget to Get Outside – And/Or Take a Nap

Yesterday I wrote about how empaths can pick up too much non-organic energy data from people, especially when others are in pain and the empath is trying to relieve their suffering.

It can be hard for the empath to get back to being HER or HIM and not feel that there is all this other foreign stuff pulling at them or making them feel heavy.

One of the simplest ways to get back to your own energy is to get outside and soak up some healing energies from Mother Nature. Hug a tree. Rest on a beach. That type of thing.

I wrote about my walks with Maximus the cat and how we go out into the woods for healing sometimes:

The Healing Power of the Natural World

And the second way to restore yourself is to SLEEP. And I’m not talking about this silly six or seven hours a night business. I’m talking about real sleep. Healing sleep. Hibernation type sleep where you make it a priority to put your body FIRST instead of allowing the press and noise of daily life (much of which is OPTIONAL for you to engage in) push and prod you when you’re not feeling well.

Cats have it right. Their sleep is very multi-dimensional. They travel through many different planes and zones when they sleep, and they connect with lots of interesting energies and experiences when they do this.

Humans have lost sight of the sacredness of sleep and how it’s not just about physically resting your cells and letting all that carbon dioxide that your body has accumulated throughout the day escape through the pores of your cells so your organs don’t get toxic (which is the physical purpose of sleep). It’s also a process of reconnecting with your own energy body, that multi-dimensional part of you that keeps you clear and well throughout space and time. If you’re not able to align with this spiritual side of you, which in turns shapes what is going on with your physical body, you will get sick very fast.

That’s why sleep deprivation can be so very, very lethal to both our bodies and our spirits. I was very humbled at how my body just completely broke down after about five weeks of sleep deprivation. Living on adrenalin and willpower will only take you so far, and it will take a huge toll on your body.

That’s what I’m working to correct now.

Don’t let those “non-sleepers” out there, who brag about only sleeping a few hours a night, fool you into thinking that not sleeping is healthy or that they’re superior in some way for not requiring sleep. I’ve found that many people living this way are extremely cut off from their spiritual nature and psychic nature, and they have often lost touch with the very important and metaphysical processes that we all need and gain through restful, abundant sleep. The exception is people who do strong, powerful healing work or meditation work at some point throughout their day, where they are moving into Alpha and even Delta levels of brainwave states. We need to experience these brainwave states within a 24 hour period or we get very, very sick on many levels. For most people, it’s when they sleep that they reach these important brainwave states.

Anyway, I think it’s nap time! :)

PS: Still away from the computer this week; these recent blog entries were loaded to automatically post.



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