You Don’t Need Any Tools – You ARE the Tool

When you’re involved with metaphysical or spiritual work, it’s fun to get a bunch of “props” together that put you in the right mood. These might be candles, incense, sage leaves, a musical instrument like a drum, chime, or rattle, or even a soundtrack of some nice music. Then you have crystals, animal helpers/familiars (around here there always seems to be a cat on my lap when I’m engaged in spiritual stuff), mantras/tones/chants, and loads of other potential things you can use.

But as my Celtic shaman teacher always reminded me, in the end, you don’t need any tools. YOU ARE THE TOOL.

You are the instrument through which energy moves.

You are the divining rod through which electricity vibrates, and your job is to direct it to shape things and change things and heal things and shift things.

All the rest of that stuff? Theater 101. Props. Costume. Things that are designed to make you feel more “magical.” Things to make OTHER people (like the person you’re receiving healing from) more receptive to receiving healing or experiencing an energy shift, because, “Oh, it really looks like he’s doing something over there. He’s got out his sword and his eagle feather and his sacred herbs hidden away in that interesting pouch made of deerskin. I’ll bet he really knows what he’s doing!”

The shamans of yore always knew the importance of psychology, of creating receptivity in the patient. They also knew the power of a good placebo (sometimes those “healing herbs” they were giving you were healing herbs; other times, there were whatever weeds were growing out back. What? Don’t look at him like that. The herb store was closed.)

My Celtic shaman teacher, a brilliant dude, also warned me never to become too reliant upon props and tools. He told me that the Irish had a long history of having guns, swords, and knives confiscated by whichever invading force (usually those damned Brits) came over and thought they were in charge. So then they learned to carry sharp sticks and became lethal with sticks. And when everybody had been warned about Irishmen and their sticks, they learned to fight dirty with their hands.

And the shamans/warriors learned how to do everything THEY did without any tools at all. My teacher shared a prediction with me that his elders had taught him: one day there would be a time when you couldn’t even travel as a healer or shaman with ANY of your tools because they would be taken from you and you might be arrested. He told me this back in 1994, and this warning had been passed down through the nine generations of Celtic shamans that had come before him.

Now look at how luggage is scanned in a post-9/11 era. I even avoid flying on a plane with a healing crystal because I expect it would raise suspicion. What if it shows up as an “anomaly” on their scanners? I don’t need the hassle. When I travel, it’s just ME, no tools, no herbs, no magic potions.

And ultimately, my teacher was right to warn me to never to be too reliant on ANY tool because in the end, it’s just a prop. And YOU ARE THE TOOL.

That said, he qualified, when you’re doing healings for people, they usually like a little show. So drums, rattles, feathers, chants, incense, and all that stuff is really about increasing receptivity in the patient so that they feel like something is happening. But the REAL energy shifts ALWAYS happen through a shaman’s WILL.

He hammered me for years about the use of SPIRITUAL WILLPOWER (because he was trying to help me out of my unfortunate and clueless “love and light” period.) Willpower is very threatening; notice how just about every spiritual tradition teaches contemplation, navel gazing, forgiveness, denying the negative, or self-blame of this type: “If something bad happens to you, it’s because you attracted it or it’s your karma”?

And we all know that an innocent child of three did fuck-all to attract ritual abuse. C’mon. None of that shit flies. I detest systems that BLAME THE VICTIM. When there are hidden operators and archonic energy parasites who come here from a different universe, which means they do NOT have to operate under universal law which is the law of OUR wonderful universe, and they commit horrific acts of violation to mass numbers of beings on a daily basis, that whole “It’s your fault bad things happened to you” idea flies out the window.

And isn’t it interesting that righteous anger, a warrior’s rage, protective clarity and KICKASS intention have been systematically drummed out of every metaphysical path except for maybe the martial arts — which aren’t really spiritual, they are “arts of war,” after all.

Anyway, CLARITY combined with DON’T FUCK WITH ME are the purest, simplest, and in my experience, most effective vibrations to access to put a stop to the various characters who keep trying to hijack humanity’s sovereign spiritually by wiping their memories at the time of death and forcing them into the illegal cycle of coerced reincarnation.

And put it this way. I am not a love and light chick anymore.

And I encourage you to be like me. Lose the reliance upon any intermediaries to get things done, be they gods, ascended masters, angels, demons, or guides. Stop placing your trust in political structures or “do good” type organizations who are corrupt from the top down. Do things, day to day, that are fearlessly loving, earth-changing, and daringly creative.

Be the tool.

Some of you might have read this on my older website: Willpower – The Underused Organ. It might offer you some more points to ponder along these lines.



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