Some Secrets About Libra You Might Not Know

Over this past year I’ve been writing a series of articles about the “secrets” of the signs. I usually try to post these when the sun is moving through that particular sign, but I’m a bit behind. The sun is finishing up its journey through Scorpio right now, and it will enter Sagittarius this coming Thursday, November 21st. And I still owe my readers an article about Libra!

So let’s cover Libra first, and I promise to follow up and post some insights about Scorpio and Sagittarius before too long.

The Air Signs of Libra and Gemini Have Many Parallels

Gemini is traditionally represented by the “twins,” Castor and Pollux. And Gemini has great deal of duality to it. People born with their sun signs in Gemini often deal with chronic “schizophrenia” in the sense that they are always divided in their opinion, not really sure what they truly think, feel, and believe. So they tend to bounce back and forth between different options, often doing this until the VERY last possible moment–which can make their loved ones crazy! If you’ve ever tried to get a Gemini to make a big decision or commitment, you’ve probably witnessed them waiting until the deadline is nearly up before they reluctantly say, “Okay, I’ll do this,” or “Okay, I’ll do that.”

Geminis don’t MEAN to be a pain in the ass! As I write about in my past profile of Gemini, this sign is really rather special because Geminis live in two dimensions at once, just like a shaman does. They are good at seeing both sides of an issue or both sides of a problem and they are good at bridging the gap between different poles or different realities. But in the practical, daily sense of making “real life” decisions, they can go through a lot of agony when forced to pick just one thing, choose just one romantic partner, and that type of stuff.

Gemini and Libra are both Air signs, and they’re happiest living in the mental plane, the realm of ideas and possibilities. Librans have a similar kind of duality to Gemini, but it manifests a little differently for them. Libra is represented by the sign of the scales, like the scales of justice. And so their lifelong quest is to sort of gradually apply “weight” to each scale, tipping the scales, making adjustments, and trying things out, so that they can gradually find the right life path for them.

This ALSO means that they can appear chronically indecisive, just like Geminis. But that’s not really what’s going on. Just like Gemini, they can see both sides of a situation, all aspects of an issue. And because they see the big picture, they’re not so good at taking sides or choosing just ONE limited way to look at something.

Both Librans and Geminis can be maddeningly to their significant others because they appear to vacillate between one path and another, and even when they seem to have made a decision, they’re always looking back at the path they didn’t take. They might choose at some point to reinvestigate the thing they DIDN’T do or return to feeling romantic affection for someone who was supposed to be part of their “past.” So Librans can be terribly “flaky” sometimes about remaining sexually faithful or romantically “loyal,” because they follow their OWN code of ethics which is all about honoring where energy is flowing in that moment—even if it changes from day to day.

Librans Are Gifted at Making Dreams Come True and Making a Better Planet for All of Us

The larger picture for Librans, though, is that they also have that magical shaman’s talent of living in multiple realities or dual dimensions at the same time. They’re big thinkers, major philosophers, and damned fine artists because they embrace such a huge vision of life.

The Libran notion of reality is idealistic, dreamy, and breathtakingly beautiful. Through their ability to SEE and FOCUS IN on lovely things, they can help to make those good things a reality. Of all the signs, Libra has the strongest natural or innate talent for creating “magical”events and manifesting marvelous things. Librans are really the wizards of the zodiac.

Librans Can Poison Themselves and Their Creations with Self-Doubt

Even though Librans are really artists or wizards in the way they can tap very quickly into creative talent, they can be terribly tortured with self-doubt. So even when they have a superb idea, they can end up squashing it or editing it or throwing it away. If you love a Libra, try to help them see the truth and the power of their ideas, and encourage them to follow through with their unique vision. The average Libran doesn’t know how brilliant he is, or she doesn’t realize that those wild notions and eccentric thoughts she has have the power, if she dares to share them publicly, to literally rock the world.

It’s natural for Librans to gravitate toward the arts, and you’ll find many of them in the “making the world a prettier and nicer place” types of professions. They’re also very humane and kind, so they enjoy doing work that has a focus on making things better for the downtrodden or the suffering. They can be a little “off” when dealing with kids because they’re not really great at the grounded, physical tasks of chasing after a little one, cleaning and tending to a toddler, and so on. Usually they’re more comfortable dealing with children after they reach school age. At that point, a Libran parent or aunt or uncle can have a wonderful impact on a child, encouraging them to explore music, philosophy, and the rich world of the imagination. Librans are good at that stuff because they LIVE in the world of the imagination.

And once in a while, when a Libran isn’t being too self-attacking or doubtful, and they are given space and room to work on something, they can bring through marvelous creations that truly do make the world a finer, better place.

Some Helpful “Tech” Tips if You’re a Libran

* Be merciless about rooting out negative programming you might have receiving from a harsh parent, strict teacher, or punishing type of religious elder. You should work regularly on EXPELLING and RELEASING all language from your subconscious that has programmed you to hate yourself, distrust your vision, or ignore your true feelings.

* Try to create a living space, even if it’s just one room, where you can have your “workshop.” This is a space where you should feel safe to meditate, create, think, or simply gaze off into space on a regular basis. Don’t allow “space invaders” in your life to intrude. You’ll be happier, healthier, and more productive if you create some type of sanctuary for yourself.

* Get in touch with your “inner wizard.” You have tremendous natural ability to make something out of nothing, or to turn ugliness into beauty, or to create marvels out of mayhem. You might want to explore some type of healing modality where you can help to transmute heavy energy or transform people in some way. And anything that allows you to express your vision or share your creative talents will always feel like “home” to you.

Moon Sign in Libra

If your moon sign is in Libra, then you will tend to view life through the “lens” of Libra. So you’ll have an idealistic and dreamy side that is always seeing what CAN be, even when others around you lack this vision. Try to apply yourself to professions and relationships where your innovative approach is welcome. If you never get to play, never get to experiment, then you will quickly lose interest in that job or that person.

Rising Sign in Libra

If your rising sign is in Libra, that Libran sense of humanitarianism and always seeing the best in people will be on full display. You’d make a great host or hostess, a wonderful professor or teacher, or a superb group leader. You have an ability to bring people together and make them feel that they’re all on the same side, and that great things can be accomplished if everybody works together in a group. You’re a great coach, mentor, or director.

Overall, when Librans can overcome self-doubt or fear, which can sometimes stem from childhood influences or negative conditioning they received as a young adult, they can achieve just about anything and truly make their dreams come true. If you know a Libra, try to remind them about this! :) They can be very, very hard on themselves, and learning self-love can be a lifelong process for them.

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