The Real Archangel Michael vs. the Fake “Archon” or Gray “ET” Michael

Update December 2013: My own continuing research into the many, many deceptive presences who throw humans off from attaining true psychic clarity and spiritual sovereignty has resulted in many rather unfortunate but ultimately EMPOWERING observations about the true nature of the beings we consider to be “angels” — Hint: angel/demon, it’s the same diff.

See a new article about this here:

Death, Reincarnation, the Antimatter Incursion and Why it’s Handy to Have a “Spy” on the Other Side

And look for loads more info to be shared here and in my other books, writings, etc.

As always, use your own discernment surrounding any ideas expressed here — but I want to encourage you to simplify your spiritual process to using energies that are 100% guaranteed “safe:”

* The healing, grounding, regenerative, and truly loving energies of Mother Earth (pull those up through your body, or put your “roots” down to her, build a relationship with her where you can really feel Earth chi healing you—-and see my series of articles about how to get grounded, which start here:

Mother Earth with Some Messages About How to Get Grounded

* The loving, expansive, creation-based energies of Great Spirit — or Spiritual Creator — or Source — or the Force — or the loving intelligence of the Universe. Don’t pray UPWARDS because you are most likely still conditioned to look for “approval” (i.e. mind control and emotional abuse from an affection-withholding nasty entity people call God in the three main Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam). Instead, the truly powerful, truly loving energies of the universe come in more like rays, all around your body, from all directions and dimensions. Learn to tap into this unlimited supply of loving energy and you’ll be able to shake out psychic debris or psychic “clutter” and correct any spiritual miswiring you might be experiencing — from coming of age in a culture that has massive dysfunction in matters of spirituality and religion and MISTEACHES you how to access spiritual energy. (Don’t feel bad about it; we ALL have psychic miswiring and have to do some work to clear out our spiritual circuitry! )

I can say this: you will have the greatest clarity and well-being when avoiding ANY “intermediaries” or spiritual “go-between” — be they angels, demons, guides, ascended masters, or the Spaghetti Monster’s minions. :) YOU are all you need to connect with the raw battery power of this amazing, creative universe!



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