The Shaman and the Joy Ball

The other day I wrote about how the key to understanding your spiritual nature is to start playing with and experimenting with ENERGY. (See: Working with and Playing with Energy.) Otherwise, you’re just coming at spiritual ideas from an intellectual standpoint, and that accomplishes nothing.

This is also known as “navel gazing” or “New Age window shopping,” where you’re exposing yourself to different ideas but never really doing anything about it. Too many people are armchair researchers, and they never get into actually WORKING with energy. Or they’re “grazers,” grazing a little bit on one set of metaphysical ideas, then moving on to nibble on something else, never fully digesting or integrating what they’ve learned, because they’ve never bothered to put it into practice.

The Art of Manifestation/Creating What You Want

If you want to successfully manifest something, it involves using the four components of creation:

* Emotion
* Intention/Visualization/Words
* Taking action on the physical plane
* Doing some type of tithing or service (like donating money, giving of your time or your services, or being generous in some other way)

It’s important to learn how to get INTO this creation process, and as you create different things, to discover what makes your soul sing and your spirit soar.

A Shaman Creates a Joy Ball

There are loads of cool ways to work with energy. Manifestation is sort of a “master” art where you’re bringing four different things into a kind of magical equation, or a power prayer or applied faith technique.

But working with energy can also be a LOT more simple.

I remember my Celtic shaman teacher telling me how people always over-complicate the whole idea of working with spiritual energy. Wiccans tend to think they need to do some specific ritual summoning up the four elements or various “gods” or “goddesses.” New Age types too often believe that they need to meditate in a specific way or use mantras or whatever. Astrologers can also be superstitious and stiff about using energy, avoiding “negative transits” like the plague instead of realizing that you can work with energy ANY time; you’re the one in charge of your creations and your destiny — not the planets.

No outside source will ever control you, unless you agree to become enslaved to it. And if you want to shape or utilize energy, go ahead! That’s part of being a soul in a physical body. You need to learn to take your system out for a “test run” and see what you can do. Otherwise, all that fancy stuff you’ve been reading about or researching will only ever seem like a dream. It’s up to you to make it real.

And my shaman teacher told me how recently he’d been at a family event, and since he was one of ten children from a VERY Irish family, there were loads of kids running around. At one point the kids were getting angry and volatile and grumpy, and he decided to take action and create a “tone change.”

He formulated a ball of energy, through simple visualization and loving emotion, in his hands. And he created what he called a “joy ball.”

And then he quietly rolled this joy ball, like you’d roll a bowling ball, down into the group of children who were fighting and not getting along.

And when the joy ball collided with them, WHAM!

Suddenly it was all smiles and laughter, and the kids were having fun and feeling happy again. No more fights.

Sending Love Balls Back and Forth to My Friends

In a similar way, long before I’d met my Celtic shaman teacher, my friends and I used to experiment with sending loving energy in pink “love balls” to each other. I had met a lot of cool kids as part of various choral and theater projects I’d been involved with in high school, and some of them were quite psychic. We didn’t get to see each other very much because we lived all over the state. So we’d talk on the phone, write letters, and try to keep our friendships and our studies about spiritual energy and creative energy going across the miles.

We got in the habit of sending each other these pink “love balls” or “happiness spheres.” And then each person would also keep a diary and mark down when we felt that loving energy arrive. So if I was in the middle of doing chores at 3 pm on a Sunday, feeling grumpy and tired, and suddenly I felt this transcendent and happy loving energy descend upon me, I’d take note of it. And later I’d find out that one of my friends had sat down to do a meditation and sent me a love ball at that exact time from wherever they lived, often hundreds of miles away.

I’M TELLING YOU, WORKING WITH ENERGY IS SIMPLE. Forget any lies you’ve been fed that made it seem complicated or impossible.

The main things people lack when it comes to shaping and working with energy are 1) practice and 2) confirmation.

Because you can be busy doing something on your own, but if you don’t have somebody on the other side of the process who can provide confirmation and verification that what you’re doing is real for them, you might just dismiss your work as fantasy or wishful thinking.

I was VERY lucky to know so many real cool, tremendously psychic teens when I was growing up, and they were all very open to experimenting with energy and sharing their psychic experiments with me.

But even if you don’t have a partner in this work, and you’re doing something on your own, you can still find other ways to get confirmation about your work.

The next time you find yourself in a tense setting where people are grumpy or annoyed, or you’re around kids who are acting up and being cranky, try sending a joy ball into the mix.

Or when somebody is in pain and feeling alienated or alone, send them a love ball — even if you’re sending it to them from thousands of miles away.

It WILL reach them.

And the effects WILL be real. Try to find a way to keep track of the results, so that you can realize how powerful you really are.

We’re all creatures of energy.

To pretend that we’re not, or to buy into the illusion that we can’t shape and use energy in amazing ways, is just silly.

Get out of those bad habits — and start reclaiming your spiritual heritage as a powerful being of energy.

It can be SUPER DUPER FUN! :)



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