The Stuporbowl and How Spectator Sports Drain Your Energy

This past Sunday was the yearly Superbowl (or StuporBowl) here in the U.S., one of those widely-accepted American rituals that drains people’s energies, sucks vitality out of them, and hypnotizes them with an incredible array of subliminal programming woven into the advertisements (as well as the game itself).

I’ve always had a terribly strong, instinctive aversion to watching sports on television, especially football. From an early age I could see that sitting around watching OTHER PEOPLE play sports was stupid.

In fact, I didn’t see a single football game played live until about 2002 when my honey was invited by a business colleague of his to join him at a tailgate party held before a Princeton University football game. This guy’s company was sponsoring a little tailgate lunch under some tents as part of attempting to recruit various students to look into applying for employment at his firm. The man was an architect and a former Princeton University football player himself, jovial and smart and funny.

I tagged along, enjoyed some munchies under the tent, and made small talk with strangers while my honey did some business networking.

After that, we went up in the stadium to watch a bit of a football game. I liked the stadium and the vantage point of actually looking down at the players. The Princeton stadium isn’t too huge so you have a sense of being pretty close to the players. It’s a more intimate setting than, say, any of those monstrously large football stadiums like you’d find at Penn State University or any of the big schools famous for football (and very little else).

I thought the game was interesting, and I appreciated the talent and the strength of these big guys out there doing their thing. It was very different seeing a game in person than watching it on TV.

Still, we watched for a little while, and then we were ready to go home. We didn’t see much point in sticking around.

My honey was always an athlete. In his younger days he ran track but he was also big in competitive swimming, and he continued competitive swimming for decades just for fun. As more of a solo athlete than a team player, he had an intimate relationship with his sport, always trying to do better than his last run or his last swim.

I think when you’re wired to do a sport on your own and you don’t do team stuff, team sports just sort of leave you cold. You don’t give a shit whether your city’s ball team won that week, and you couldn’t care less about how that team is doing against other teams across the nation.

Too Many Americans Live Their Lives by Proxy — Letting Others Live Out Their Dreams for Them

Is watching sports on TV really that bad?


You see, the big problem we have in America is that too often people are ALREADY living their lives by proxy — allowing a substitute person to live out their hopes and dreams and fantasies for them. When you stay glued to the TV and you live out unfulfilled dreams by watching actors do different things in fictional dramas or comedies, and you get all caught up in what’s going on in these shows, you’re losing vital hours when YOU could be off doing something with your life. The average American spends at LEAST three hours a day watching TV, but MANY people watch much more than that. In fact, their entire lives are planned around their TV schedule. That’s a LOT of time letting a “proxy” or an “avatar” or a “fake you” live your life for you, playing the hero or the sexy femme fatale or whatever. Why aren’t YOU out doing and being these things if they fascinate you so much? What’s holding you back?

With sports, too often people who consume sports as spectators are out of shape themselves and never play any type of sport. Most of them don’t even take walks or go to the gym. They’re letting their favorite sports team live life for them, playing out their physical fantasies of dominating on the sports field. What’s up with that? Why not take a bike ride instead of spending seventeen million hours watching a football game on TV? (Because to me, anyway, it seems like football games last about that long.) Why not take a walk and get out in nature instead of spending hours watching a baseball game?

Unless you’re an invalid or have other health problems, YOU should be the one being active. You don’t burn any calories letting everybody else do all the heavy lifting in your life. Instead, you should be doing the movement and the risk taking and the fast moves.

Video games are bad for you in a similar way. It’s very easy to go from doing some interesting puzzle solving or silly shoot-em-ups for a few minutes to descending into complete addiction, where you’re no longer doing anything REAL with your life and are completely caught up in living in a fantasy world as your favorite gaming hero. Do you think pressing a button really fast is helping you learn how to be a better human being? Do you think getting involved with complex fictional worlds and alternate realities is going to help you learn how to live with passion, energy, and vitality in THIS reality?


The Superbowl might as well be called the StuporBowl. This latest one from Sunday apparently had the biggest viewership yet, with one out of every two households tuned into the game.

Why? Do two teams of highly-paid professional gladiators and what they do on the playing field have ANYTHING to do with you? Why should you even care? What’s with all the ritual and hypnotism and social conformity, where everybody goes around saying, “Are you going to have a Superbowl party?” or asking you if you plan to watch the game? Since when did 300 million Americans start moving in lockstep like that, doing the SAME thing at the SAME time on the SAME day?

Do you see the problem here?

The Superbowl is Held at Imbolc/Groundhog Day to Hijack People’s Spiritual Energies

The Superbowl is always held on the Sunday closest to the “power day” of Imbolc, also celebrated as Groundhog Day here in the U.S.


Imbolc is a ritual day, a time when the electromagnetic energies of the Earth are heightened, and it’s a very powerful time for spiritual practices like meditation, prayer, visualization, healing, and any type of psychic work. (See my article: The Energy of Imbolc and the Eight Major Pagan Holidays) The energy of these power days lasts for the three days leading up to the actual day and the three days coming out of it.

It’s also a time when people’s emotions tend to be heightened, and their energies can be HARVESTED and gathered. Healer and psychic Robert Monroe termed the word “loosh” to describe that unique combination of emotion, spirit, and vitality that humans give off, and he talks about how various negative entities always want to collect this energy from us because they don’t have the same dynamic energy that we do. So our energies are highly desirable.

We have to give PERMISSION for our energies to be harvested. We give this permission whenever we work for an organization that has a hierarchical, pyramid structure, with a command structure at the top that operates on a “need to know” basis — not telling the people working beneath them what’s really going on. So when you work for the government, for the educational system, for the military, for major corporations, you’re giving your LOOSH or your vital energy to the controllers at the top. Some of these controllers are human, some are not so human.

When people can be manipulated to obsess about something and carry a strong emotional charge about something, preferably at the same time, it’s really easy to harvest their loosh and vital energy.

So, you hold a huge ritualistic event like the Superbowl; you schedule it on or near the Imbolc holiday when people’s energies are heightened anyway and emotions tend to be more intense; then you use loads of occult symbols, colors, mind controlling images in ads, and hypnotizing music during that event.


You bring out Illuminati slaves like Beyonce and Alicia Keys to perform at halftime or sing the national anthem, and you add to the harvest. These women work for the system; they lead millions of people to give energy to them and, in turn, to the shadowy characters that run the record labels and multi-media companies.

Harvest, harvest, harvest.

I find it really disturbing that one of two homes were tuned into the Superbowl last Sunday. EVERYBODY was giving permission to be mind controlled as they got all excited about the latest expensive ads that were debuting during the Superbowl commercial breaks. EVERYBODY was giving permission to be harvested as they got emotionally caught up in the game.

And make no mistake, a portion of their vital energies WAS drained.

Just Say No to Having Your Brains Sucked Out

I could see people being drained by the Superbowl even before the event happened. We were at the grocery store the day before, and there were all these grumpy and exhausted looking wives pushing around huge carts filled to the brim with sodas, chips, and other snack foods, because their husbands and male family members had pressured them into hosting a Superbowl gathering. I heard many women openly complaining about this. Why couldn’t they have said, “No. No Superbowl.” It’s like they didn’t even have an option to control what was happening in their own homes.

I remember many years ago back when I was sometimes called to give psychic readings for large groups of people at parties. One time the wives scheduled me to do readings for them the day of the Superbowl, and the men were all watching football. I walked into this nice house in the suburbs, and in the front room was a GIGANTIC TV tuned to the Superbowl game. Piles of people were in the room, watching the game. And energetically, I just felt like something had DIED in that room. Like their brains were being sucked out by that TV and that stupid game.

At the time, I didn’t really think about it too much; this was just my first impression, and I didn’t spend more than a minute in that room, because I was taken to a back room where the ladies were getting together, and we had a nice party doing readings one on one for the women.

But as the years have gone by, I have seen the EXCESSIVE, ritualistic nature of what is happening with the Superbowl, and how it hypnotizes people and feeds the addiction so many people already have to TV, video games, movies, and just generally vacating their own lives WILLFULLY, letting external “heroes” and characters live out their lives for them. . .

I can see how the Superbowl really is the Stuporbowl.

And it’s up to YOU whether you’ll give over a piece of YOUR life force to a very purposeful, powerful, and popular ritual designed by OTHERS to extract maximum energy from you.


And here’s a helpful tech tip: generally speaking, if EVERYBODY is doing THE SAME THING, AT THE SAME TIME, and is acting all weird and intense, pressuring you to join them, you’ll want to run the other way. Do the exact opposite thing, or do nothing at all.

This goes for any situation where there appears to be a “madness of crowds” thing going on — where everybody is doing the same ritual, or everybody is going to see the same movie or playing the same game. If it’s insanely popular, then usually there’s a great deal of negative, occult manipulation going on, and somebody or something is hoping to get a loosh harvest out of you.



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