Urgent: Do Not Open Emails from my Gmail Account — It Has Been Cleverly Hacked

DO NOT OPEN EMAIL MESSAGES FROM MY GMAIL ACCOUNT; if you receive a mailing from lipstickmystic@gmail.com this is being sent by a spammer and they are being very tricky about it. They pasted a bit of content from a past Facebook page I posted at Facebook and are spamming everybody who receives email from my Gmail account. I worry about them setting up everybody to receive viruses with the next mailing, so if you see something from my gmail address delete it and also delete my Gmail email address from your contacts lists.

Mail sent to you from any of my bromleylippincott.com or lipstickmystic.com emails is safe; but with this weird hacking stuff going on this week, ALWAYS check my Contact page at my main lipstickmystic.com to locate my newest, safe email contact info. I will keep this updated with current info. You can also check updates on my Facebook page: Lipstick Mystic’s Facebook page.

And if my Facebook page starts to go weird, trust that it got hacked, too. I have been very careful NOT to link any of my online properties together; Facebook and its accounts are separate from my two hosting plans and websites; all of that is separate from my Gmail account; but someone with too much time on his hands (and who probably ADORES Stuart Wilde and Kris Krepcik and doesn’t like me exposing that dangerous cult) is putting in overtime trying to ruin all my online presences. This website was hit with a hacker’s DOS attack this week and that’s why it was offline for a while.

So, um, merry Christmas?



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