I live in a rural area where you pretty much stumble over various cute and fuzzy wild animals all the time. Then we have about a million friendly Loungecats™ (cats who shamelessly lounge around all day, refusing to get a job and work for a living.) Then I frequently photograph or make videos of cool trees, plants, flowers, and so on. I decided to launch a Youtube channel where you can view my videos:

Lipstick Mystic® Videos at YouTube

January 2014:
New cat video: Maximus the Cat in the Snow

June 15, 2013: Want to know what’s REALLY going on with newspaper horoscopes? Want to hear my tips on how to best understand the electromagnetic energies of the Earth and the planets and figure out how our bodies respond to these fascinating forces? Check out this new audio where I tell you about my new monthly astrology magazine, Lipstick Mystic® Stars, as well as talk about how you can use REAL astrology to help you navigate through various cosmic trends. Update: I wasn’t able to continue publishing the astrology magazine due to a family emergency, but you can still listen to me talk about what’s REALLY going on with astrology in the video.

Lipstick Mystic® Stars – Astrology Introduction

April 24, 2013: The recent Boston Marathon bombings and the various earthquakes (seismic shocks on both a physical and spiritual level) were an attempt to get people bound up in fear, anger, and spiritual disease. When enough people give their power away and let themselves be consumed by lower energies, they start going down a negative timeline or negative probability. Learn how to avoid this and bypass toxic timelines in my latest audio: Lipstick Mystic on Boston Bombings and Negative Timelines

March 27, 2013: I just posted two new audios to Youtube, called The Lipstick Mystic’s Ramblings 3-26-13. In them I rant about how spiritually open people and people going through psychic awakening can be so easily misled by negative interdimensional beings, aka “archons” or negative ET’s, that hijack their energy and distort their perceptions. There are a few four letter words, and there is a Part One and a Part Two.

You can check them out at my Youtube page:

Also, don’t forget — if there’s a subject you’d like me to write about at my blog, like a weird experience you’d like some insight with or a metaphysical topic that concerns you, feel free to post your question in the comments at my new Facebook page. Thanks!

March 5, 2013: I’ve uploaded a 20 minute audio giving you some of the juicy scoop about my real life adventures as a full-time professional time traveler, plus I read you an exclusive excerpt from my controversial book, The Lipstick Mystic’s® Guide to Time Traveling, Healing the Time Body, and Finding the Best Possible Timeline (While Others Do the Apocalypso Dance). Listen to the audio here: Lipstick Mystic on Youtube. And for ordering information, and to download the first 25 pages of the book for free, go to my Shop page.

November 20th: I just uploaded a 17 minute audio to my Youtube channel — I ramble about some of what was going on for the average person here in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy; pretty bizarre complete collapse of infrastructure — not terribly fun! I’ll be posting more metaphysically-oriented
video/audio thingies up ahead; plus I have loads of cat, baby foxes, and other animal videos already on my channel. Definitely check out me and the thirteen baby fox pups I captured on video when they were being lazy and sleepy out in the grass this summer!

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(And here’s a big hint: if you don’t like cats, you’re probably not going to be a huge fan of my videos!) :) That’s Charlie the Cat, a former barncat who came inside for his “retirement.” He’s over twenty years old. About once a day he becomes activated and demands rubs. Otherwise, he’s a total Loungecat™.

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