Was Jesus a Buddhist?

On a discussion forum someone was asking if Jesus was a Buddhist since in the 1880′s a Russian writer named Nicolas Notovitch claimed he had been shown some ancient documents that showed Jesus had spent some time in India. Notovitch said he had been recuperating from an injury at the Hemis monastery in India, and the chief lama read to him from documents that told of Jesus’ time living in India.

There has always been controversy around Notovitch’s story, especially since a somewhat similar tale is echoed in Isis Unveiled, that notorious book of occult nastiness written by the trickster Helena Blavatsky.

But whether Jesus traveled to India or not, he may have been aware of the teachings and life of Buddha. Buddha lived about 500 years before Jesus, so Jesus might have learned about some of his ideas.

But this is what I posted at the discussion forum, to help clarify things a little bit, from my own perspective:

Jesus was a maverick; he didn’t follow anyone and didn’t adhere to any faith.

He was able to move in the world of the Jews with respect for their traditions, but with absolute clarity that they, unbeknownst to them, worshipped a psychopathic archonic pretender claiming to be a “god.” This was the same being known as Marduk by the Sumerians, as Ra in Egyptian times, and as the feathered serpent god in the early Americas. It was the same being with the same energy, and he was part of a corrupt family of negative beings who can move in and out of this dimension with their technology.

The Gnostic Christians, the first students of Jesus, tried to keep his understandings alive but they were killed off and driven underground.

Jesus intuitively derived his own direct understanding of Great Spirit, without needing an intermediary. Although he obviously studied and was aware of many religious traditions that preceded him, through his own insights he quickly saw that they all went off track, guiding people to giving energy to various descended masters, archonic beings, and other psychotic pretenders lurking in the lower astral.

He taught some students at an advanced level and also taught many hundreds more at a more basic, simplistic level, but his entire teaching boiled down to these essentials:

* Access genuine feelings of altruistic love on a regular basis

* Learn how to use this energy to send healing to others and to the Earth

* And keep this energy alive at all times in your heart, both to advance your OWN evolution and to help lay out a path that others who are similarly motivated might follow in the years to come

He was a trailblazer, a maverick, an individualist, and a Gnostic — one who perceives things through direct sensing, direct knowing, not through being spoon-fed anybody else’s religious “truths.”

But he also had great compassion and understanding for those who were using other tools, other faiths, and other philosophies to find a way to be good and kind in this world; so he was very gentle with them and didn’t criticize their own spiritual lives.



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