Was Jesus a Magician?

Someone asked if Jesus was a magician, only they were referring to the type of “stage magician” who is faking tricks and pulling one over on his audience, making them think he has special powers.

I jumped in to say, YES, Jesus absolutely WAS a magician — in the sense of being a real “white wizard” or “white sorcerer” or “white mage.”

He was able to generate high amounts of psychic clarity and spiritual purity and bring in vast reserves of energy to create fascinating events in the real world.

This is what real psychics do, on a lesser level. It’s what real healers do.

Jesus just had a really nice array of psychic abilities developed to a higher degree than usual, making him a true spiritual maverick and teacher. So the types of things he was able to do could be quite impressive and seemingly “miraculous.”

A “miracle” is just our word for an event that uses carefully applied spiritual energy and psychic intent to create a seemingly “impossible” real world event here in our physical dimension. We only think these things are impossible because most of us don’t see them happen every day.

But those of us who see these things happening all the time, in our own lives and in the lives of other gifted healers, psychics, artists, and spiritual teachers and practitioners, discard the word “miracle” from our vocabulary because it’s a false idea about events that are very real and very achievable.

People are often taught that the words “sorcerer” or “magician” or “mage” or “witch/wizard” are entirely evil and bad, but this is because they haven’t been taught that the greatest spiritual teachers who have walked the planet were very MUCH sorcerers, mages, and witches or wizards. They were WHITE wizards, white witches, white sorcerers.

There are black sorcerers and black mages as well. They sit at the top of EVERY hierarchical or pyramidic structure in our society, including all the world’s religions, the medical system, the banking system, the “royals” of various countries, the military industrial lodge complex, and more. Any structure that operates on a “need to know” basis, where those serving in lower positions within that structure are not involved with decision making at the top level and in fact are prevented from knowing what the leaders at the top are really doing, is evil. And some very dark characters who themselves are linked into dark esoteric entities and negative spiritual forces are essentially acting as black magicians or black sorcerers at the tops of these structures. They need GOOD people, with trusting minds and open hearts, to “feed” them with their life force, their labor, and their good will.

If good people withdrew their energies from all the corrupt structures of the world and learned how to function as sovereign people, not as slaves, those dark sorcerers sitting at the top of these structures would lose their power and money and influence overnight.

The good news is that the angelic kingdom and other kind creatures from around the universe are working hard to help bring in lighter, more loving energies to our beautiful planet; not creating some fake “ascension” or Earth changes or any of that jazz so popular in the New Age culture, but to really bring in some powerful loving energy — to help us break out of the dark hypnosis we’ve all been under for tens of thousands years while we’ve given our lives, our children’s lives, and our own psychic and emotional energy to the “dark ones.”

And then we’ll be ready to fire our gods, create better, more functional structures, and move into experiencing a more peaceful and abundant reality on this planet.

We’ll get there! :)



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