What Happens After You Die

One of the best ways to learn about what happens to you after you die is to talk with dead people. It’s especially interesting to talk with people who are still in that three day “window” period between their physical death and their “final” transition to a higher dimension. This process takes exactly three days from the time of death.

During the three days after a person or an animal dies, the spirit or the soul of that being is ALMOST still physically present in this dimension, but they are also starting to have one foot in a higher dimension. From this unique vantage point, they can tell you a lot of things. And it’s also a lot easier to psychically communicate with them because they’re still very much HERE. For me, it’s very much like the person is physically standing near me and we’re just having a conversation. After the three day transition period post-death is over, it takes me more “work” to communicate with people who have passed on; I have to generate more energy and I usually don’t do it. I don’t much feel like it’s right to pester the dead. They have other stuff to work on!

My Work as a Psychopomp, Medium, and Ghostbuster

One of my many, many unpaid “jobs” is “psychopomp.” A psychopomp is an old-fashioned term for someone, usually a member of a tribe with deep mystical traditions, who traditionally helped the spirits of the dead make safe passage to the higher realms. This is different from a medium, who is usually someone who can just talk with the dead. A psychopomp has a different type of. . . calling. They are very devoted to trying to heal people after they have died (you usually will have gone through a great deal of physical and emotional trauma before your death, especially if you suffered from a long illness, and your energy bodies accumulate a lot of goop.) And a psychopomp will also work to help that spirit navigate through the very tricky, often dangerous astral layers and push past hellish “borderlands” type dimensions so they can move on to a much higher dimension of healing and well-being.

There’s a related line of work, and that’s being a ghostbuster. That’s when you find a spirit who, due to trauma around their death, didn’t really make a passage from this dimension to a higher dimension, and their intense emotions keep them “trapped” here. Although they’re really not entirely trapped, it’s just a soul fragment or an aspect of their being that remains magnetized to this dimension.

Throughout my life I’ve been a psychopomp when someone within my sphere of influence dies, and I’ve also been a ghostbuster. I have mediumistic abilities, too, but unlike some mediums who make their name talking to dead people, I’ve learned that usually, the dead are best left alone. Dead people are NOT generally speaking good to invoke as your “spiritual guides,” for example, because usually, they’re just like us — they don’t know shit! :) So why would you assume that the process of death has suddenly turned them into some enlightened being who is qualified to help you with your life?

Charles Berlitz Comes In To Teach Me Stuff About Publishing

I DO periodically have teachers come in to teach me about specialized ares of knowledge which they gained during their physical lifetime, and they will usually come in when I have a specific request about something I want help with, and I’d prefer guidance that’s very much based in living in a physical body here in this dimension — so sometimes a human helper will show up. But I don’t continually invoke them or pressure them to hang around. I just give thanks for their teachings, I pay attention to what they tell me, and then I apply what they’ve taught me as I move on with my life.

One such teacher, for example, has been a man named Charles Berlitz. Berlitz was the grandson of Maximilien Berlitz, who founded the famous language schools and publishing company. Charles was an interesting guy. Not only did he end up running the family publishing company and language school business as it evolved through the 20th century, but he also had a real interest in paranormal phenomena and even wrote books about mysteries like the Bermuda Triangle. I didn’t consciously know anything about him when he came in to help me as I was setting up my own publishing company. In my mind, I vaguely knew that some guy named Berlitz set up the language schools and published the famous Berlitz language guides, but that was all I knew. I had no mental “file” for Charles.

Charles was very creative, dynamic and helpful as he told me about various things related to publishing and teaching. I think he came in because my intention is to not just write books which people read for a couple of minutes and then leave moldering on their bookshelves. I’m also publishing courses and guides like my Money Materialization Course, courses designed to really teach you how to do something. So Charles was a good person to give me some advice. He told me his main “mistake” was to not embrace new technologies as they were developing. He didn’t let his company, for example, put their courses on CD’s for a long time, and then other companies came in and did that, and they lost a lot of market share by not embracing new technologies.

Helping an Aquaintance Make His Transition to a Higher Realm

In my new Lipstick Mystic® Case Files book I have a section which talks about what various humans and animals have told me about what happens to you after you die. This is a continuing area of research for me which I’ve been involved with for over 27 years now. It’s like stitching together a quilt or making a tapestry as you piece everybody’s unique information together.

Last night I had the chance to learn a little more about this. My guy has a work acquaintance/colleague who just died of tongue cancer. This was a man I had met about two or three times over the years, only just enough to be introduced and exchange brief pleasantries. But my guy attended his funeral yesterday, and we got that it was “right” and appropriate to do some shamanic drumming on his behalf to help him with this transition time.

I always tread lightly around these things. I don’t do this work casually, and I always tune in to get a “diagnostic” first to see what I’m allowed to do or not allowed to do. This man was a Catholic and he had recently reawakened an interest in religion and spirituality during his illness, so I got that I could bring in the angels for him and Jesus to help guide him with this transition process.

Even when invoking the angels and Jesus you have to be careful; if this goes against that person’s core beliefs, you can set up an “energy war,” and that’s not appropriate; also, there are trickster beings masquerading as angels and as Jesus in the lower astral layers, and you MUST NOT invoke them. The fake Jesus has blue eyes and is pale and kind of creepy, with a hypnotic, almost alien, gaze; he also goes by the name “Senanda” and is channelled as an “ascended master” in some circles. He’s a rotten mother fucker who hijacks human consciousness and spiritual sovereignty. There is also a gray alien who pretends to be the archangel Michael and it seems, from what I’ve learned, that other nasty critters try to pretend to be angels on a regular basis. You can tell the fake ones a couple of ways; they are very INTENSE and kind of invasive, often transmitting a feverish or hot or expansive energy; this is done to knock out your psychic sight and make you blind and receptive to their yucky energy. They also come in with a lot of COMMANDS, telling you you MUST do this or that, making you feel fearful and provoked and like something bad will happen (like the end of the world) if you don’t listen to them and do what they tell you. Or they’ll tell you that someone is your “soulmate” and you should abandon your four children and wife to go be with her or him right away (just so they can manipulate you both and send you down an unethical, abusive path.)

Kick these entities to the curb. They come from an antimatter, anti-love, anti-creation dimension, or the “borderlands” zone of the lower astral.

The real Jesus is Semitic looking, surprisingly short, and kind as hell. Impeccable, loving energy, and a great sense of humor, too. The real archangel Michael is powerful, quiet, and kickass when it comes to helping you expel negative energy, negative influences, or dark presences from your life. The real archangel Haniel is lovely and soft and envelops you in the most nurturing kind of protective feeling — also excellent for psychic self-defense and protection. (For more about the angels see my articles: Archangel Haniel and Real Angels.)

Anyway, we took some time to check to see just what we were allowed to do for this fellow who had recently passed, and we were allowed to invoke for some clearing and healing of his energy bodies, and then we did some circle drumming (where you drum in a circle shape around the edges of the drum, a soft, feminine, healing type of vibration.) And then we chatted with him for a little bit, he told us a few things about his life and why he got sick. (All deaths are suicides, by the way; all illnesses are a dance with suicide. See: All Illness Happens Because of Suicidal Feelings and Self-Destructive Intentions.)

There had been a time period about five or six years ago in which he wanted to leave the company he was working for because the energies there were getting bad and he was still young enough to start over somewhere new; but his wife insisted on having a second child, which he didn’t really want but felt he “had” to, and so he remained stuck at his firm and watched them head into insolvency. And then a new owner came on board and ran the company into the ground; and at the end, the company wasn’t even paying its employees, and it was an extremely hostile and energy draining environment to be a part of. He felt he couldn’t leave and risk not having a job for a while with the second kid coming.

He was a sweet, loving, and somewhat simple and easy-going kind of man, and he loved his wife and kids dearly, but it was sad to see how the chain of events of him not feeling like he could act upon his intuition and follow the flow of wanting to find healthier work energy in his life out of fear of not being able to provide for his second child kept him trapped in a bad situation; and then that bad situation became SO toxic over time that he decided to check out with a very odd type of cancer (tongue cancer.)

I asked him what he was experiencing from his vantage point of almost exactly three days after his death. He felt a little like he was in a airport or a hotel, surrounded by a lot of kind and loving energy (he saw the angels we invoked for him) and he felt calm and a little dazed. He felt the healing and clearing work we did for him, which is good.

We also invoked the angels to decord him from his physical body, which helps them make the transition more readily. And then we did some final drumming to help him amass the energy, clarity, and strength to be able to navigate to his highest and best reality, the dimension where he could connect with his full sovereignty, full power, and full peace.

By the way, the wheel of reincarnation is starting to collapse, and people do NOT have to continually experience complete amnesia between lifetimes, and you don’t HAVE to reincarnate here. Many new choices are starting to be available to people and to animals as new, high dimensional energies start flooding through this world and its interconnected dimensional layers.

So with my psychopomp work these days, I try to help people and animals connect with their sovereignty, their creative ability, and their full awareness of all that they are and all that they want to become — whether that involves coming back here or going on to another world or another plane of existence.

A lot of the old shamanic ways of drumming for people to go to the gathering land or the old psychic traditions of praying for people to be reconnected with their dead family members are no longer valid; those sometimes just set you up for automatic amnesia about who you really are and you end up getting stuck at the same level of ignorance and fear and lack of self-direction that all your family members through the generations have most likely experienced.

The trick is to do BETTER than that. To do things differently. To reclaim your innate powers as a spiritually sovereign, immensely powerful, self-aware creative being who wants to create amazing things in this vast and magnificent universe.

THAT’S the NEW afterlife, baby! :)



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