How Empaths Pick Up Unwanted Energy Data That Drags Them Down

Many of the people who seem to find my writings and teachings resonate with the idea of being an “empath,” somebody who is a bit of a psychic “sponge.” Empaths navigate through the world very differently than non-empaths do. Their auric field is a complex nervous system with lots of “nerve endings” that reach out to other people, places, and things, and they receive energy data from the world this way. The information an empath picks up bypasses the brain and the eyes and comes in to the empath’s system as more of a “clairsentience” or “instant knowing.”

Empaths are prone to picking up energy data that isn’t theirs as they move through life. They get very psychically linked to people because they go RIGHT IN to the energy of a person as they bond with them. If you’re in a relationship with an empath, you’ll usually get a very consistent and nice flow of energy from the empath because they give off a very powerful stream of energy. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work out so well for the empath because they often end up in relationships where one person is an energy vampire, constantly draining them of energy, making them feel fatigued, depressed, or otherwise out of sorts.

Empaths also have to be very careful about learning how to clear physical spaces of unwanted energy and negativity because they are far more sensitive to what’s going on in a physical environment than non-empaths. It’s easy for empaths to pick up non-organic energy data, entity attachments, or unwanted “Klingons.”

I have a lot of articles here on my site about understanding psychic empathy and how to take better care of yourself if you’re an empath.

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It can take some time to realize that you’re an empath, and then you usually need to do some work clearing out anything “non-organic” — that is, foreign energies that you are carrying around in your system. Sometimes you won’t even realize that this stuff isn’t yours because it’s become so familiar to you, and you might have been carrying it with you since you were a child. The key is to keep focusing on restoring your CORE energy, your organic, natural energy, and begin rejecting anything that isn’t yours.

Carrying around too much energy data from other people makes empaths sick, physically and/or emotionally. It’s a big component in healing ALL illnesses, actually, since illnesses are often about being overwhelmed by somebody else’s negative energy data, to the point that your own psychic immunity and physical immunity get worn down.

Being an empath isn’t ALL bad, however! :) In fact, strong emotional energy of the type empaths have easy access to is a HUGE component in doing any type of successful prayer work, power prayer/affirmations, reality creation, or “magic.” You can read more about how it works here:

Emotional Energy is the Basis of All “Magic”

As a shamanic healer, I find that a lot of my work tends to be about sorting through energy — expelling energy that doesn’t belong somewhere, correcting or realigning energy that is out of balance, or restoring lost energy or “soul fragments” that get lost during times of abuse or trauma. These days the bulk of my work with my email consults covers this type of ground. So if you feel bogged down by something and feel like your energy is cloudy, or you have the sense that you’ve picked up a lot of what I call “psychic clutter” that is preventing you from experiencing good things in your life, you might want to consider getting a written consult with me. You’ll find more info about this at my Shop page. Just scroll to the bottom. If you’d like to purchase a consult, it’s always a good idea to get in touch with me first to check my availability and schedule.



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