Happy Winter Solstice! (or Summer Solstice) Plus Cat in the Snow Video!

Are you ready to do some real magic? The ideal time to do it is during the solstice and equinox times. There’s a lot of powerful energy afoot at these times, as well as at the “mini-equinox” or “mini-solstice” times like the Imbolc (Groundhog Day), Lammas, Beltane, and Samhain/Halloween holidays. Those are the times sandwiched between the regulsar solstice and equinox periods.

It doesn’t matter what religion — or lack of religion — you follow, because this same energy is available to all of us as certain electromagnetic energies gain strength and power at these times, increasing our ability to imagine, create, and to manifest.

You can be spiritual without being at all religious and easily find your own way to tap into these great energies. And even if you’re a “non-believer,” if you pay attention, you’ll notice a certain — something — in the air, a unique type of electricity and intensity and, well, magical spark!

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere like me, the Winter Solstice or Yule holiday it’s all about adjusting to the colder temperatures and the coming winter. The exact time of the Winter Solstice is 12:11pm Eastern (New York) time today.

Winter solstices are all about pulling inward, taking stock of the past, examining mistakes and releasing or expelling toxic energies. It’s about keeping your inner light bright at the darkest time of the year.

Summer solstices are about expansion, play, invention, and socialization. It’s about opening up to positive synchronicities and seemingly “destined” fun events like meeting new people you really connect with, finding new opportunities for work and increased cash flow, and accessing healing energies of the “miraculous” type.

Either way, a lot of cool stuff (or, I guess, warm stuff if you live down South!) will be going on.

Speaking of cool, Maximus, our orange cat, had a lovely time frolicking out in the snow on December 10th, which was our first “real” snow here in New Jersey. We had about four inches of fluffy, pretty snow.

I made a short video of Maximus frolicking in the snow. I figured it was time to upload a cat video – I know you’ve been waiting for one! :)

It’s short and cute and will make you want to snuggle in with your favorite furry critter of choice:

Maximus the Cat in the Snow

Happy solstice wherever you live in the world!



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