Working with (and Playing with) Energy

One of the weird things I find when I talk with people who are interested in things like spirituality, psychic development, and the “paranormal” is that so many of them respond like a deer caught in a car’s headlights, looking completely blank and going, “DUH?” when I ask them the following question:

“What did you do with energy today?”

See, they’ve been conditioned to believe that spirituality is something outside them, something that somebody else should take care of. (Like how people think that if they merely believe that Jesus was a nice dude, they don’t need to do anything else about enhancing their soul. Ask Jesus about this, he’ll tell you it’s not the way to go. Just believing that Jesus is your Savior or whatever doesn’t accomplish ANYTHING as far as your spiritual growth; in fact, he feels quite burdened and sad by people framing their spiritual lives in this way, since it only hurts them.)

Or people think that psychic abilities are something very strange and rare and unattainable. Surely, you’d have to sit on a mountain top with goats for, like, 50 years before you could learn how to use your psychic abilities — right?


It’s Your Job to Start Playing with, Manipulating, and Working with Energy

You can’t outsource the spiritual part of your life. You can’t sit around waiting for somebody else to come along and get your soul moving and growing and expanding.

That’s up to YOU.

In my upcoming User’s Guide to the Soul book (one of a gazillion I’m working on!) you’ll learn loads of ways to be using your spiritual energy, so you can learn to really FEEL it and enjoy it. And then after a while you’ll naturally progress into having your various energy centers (call them chakras if you want to) open up and become more dynamic and healthy. And along the way, you’ll start having many interesting moments of psychic perception because we’re ALL incredibly psychic. We just have to start playing around with energy to get them opening up and “activated.”

Although I hate to use the word “activate” because for so many years the New Age/sewage people have been talking about “activating your DNA” — usually by blasting with questionable energies (Reiki, anyone?) or by invoking devious and evil “ascended masters” or “ET’s” (who are in reality nasty ass interdimensional travelers who like to assume “control” over a person’s spiritual growth and psychic awakening).

But playing with energy is natural to you, believe it or not. You did it all the time as a kid up until the age of about five years old. Then going to school and being on a demanding, linear schedule, with forces of control assaulting you from every direction, put your spirit on lockdown.

So to open up spiritually and psychically, it’s helpful to reconnect with those lighter, more experimental, and joyful feelings of PLAY that you naturally tapped into as a child.

Attending some sour religious service or ultra-serious meditation gathering every week where everybody is all solemn and quiet isn’t going to help you learn to play with energy. If the “spiritual” people you’re hanging out with never joke or laugh or play, you’re with the wrong group. They’re on a false path, equating being spiritual with acting in a fake and self-restricting way. This only limits their energy.

Spiritual energy is EXPANSIVE, and it likes to help you giggle and breathe and zap out fun vibes from every direction. Have you ever attended a meditation gathering where any of those feelings were present? I’ll bet not!

The performing arts carry this right kind of energy. Being heavily involved with playing the piano, composing and singing music, improvising as a comedienne and as an actress, and doing loads of creative writing is what allowed my psychic abilities to pop open when I was about 16. Any environment where PLAY is the agenda, where FUN and creativity are on the menu, is going to enhance and tickle your psychic senses. Do this long enough, do this with enough intensity and heart, and your psychic abilities open up without any effort at all.

This is why the budgets for performing arts classes are so restricted and so few kids get to enjoy arts programs at school. The “system” wants to prevent kids from opening up their psychic abilities. Because if they do open up, their hearts and minds will open up, too, and they’ll see how corrupt and useless modern education is, and how we should all be doing a better job nurturing our children’s spiritual selves while ALSO giving them a good education about practical, Earth plane, stuff.

So again, it’s important to regularly ask yourself this:

“What am I doing with my energy today? What feelings, intentions, projections, visualizations, creations, or explorations am I engaged in?”

And as you experiment, it’s also good to do regular personal inventory and ask yourself:

“What am I doing that is WORKING for me — enhancing my life in some way?”

And also: “What am I doing that seems to be HARMING me or others?”

Because we come to this planet and take on these marvelous and flexible physical bodies to CREATE.

But part of creation is MISCREATION. We’re going to always need to be looking at what isn’t working so we can tweak and fix and fine-tune our creations and make them more OPTIMAL.

There is no such thing as a “mistake.” It’s just a non-optimal creation or a miscreation. And that’s part of the process.

Of course, it’s important to bring spiritual ethics to the equation. It’s nice to adopt a standpoint of not wanting to harm, limit, or steal energy from others. Build that into the equation and you’ll be on a marvelous path with your own creations.

And from there, anything can happen!



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