Workplace Inefficiency — Can’t Blame It All on the Cats

I have to confess, there has been some general workplace inefficiency and bad time management going on here at the Bromley Lippincott Publishing office lately.

One big problem is the staff. I told Maximus the cat to fetch me some printer ink, and in his usual cat way, he interpreted this as, “Snooze all day.”

It seems whenever there is work to be done around here, there is an appalling lack of motivation amongst my mostly feline employees.

I caught Smoky the cat napping in the middle of the day, too. Shameless hussy.

Okay, okay. It’s not just the cats who have been slacking off. I’m way behind in a lot of my work at the moment, too. If you’re in the middle of doing a consult with me, I’ve been slow getting back to people this past week due to an illness at my end that pretty much, well, turned me into a feline, I had to sleep and rest so much. I only do my consults when I’m nice and clear so I can really focus on giving you good information. And with the mental fog I was in it was impossible to get much of anything done, not to mention other symptoms I’ve been dealing with.

I’m on the mend, although not out of the woods yet. So for the moment there will still be visits to my own cat basket for the occasional rest between rounds of working.

I hope to get back to everybody this week who has been kindly waiting to hear from me.

Thanks for your patience! Here’s sending you a few friendly purrs.



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